Jul. 9th, 2010

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Flamenco dancing is my new passion! I spin and twirl and stomp, and, all the while, imagine I am a long lost member of the Addams family as I do so. Ah, Gomez, caro mio. Then, I pull the rose from my mouth (carefully), slither out of my fancy schmancy flamenco wear, and get on with my day. Suddenly, washing dishes and folding laundry doesn't seem half bad.

Hey, and I discovered Mary Ann/the Professor fan fiction. I always wanted those two to get together when I was a kid, and now, lo, here it be. It's not very good ff, per se, but hells, look at the material the writer's working with. Sherwood Shwartz was many things, but Joss Whedon wasn't one of them.

I've also discovered that I really enjoy Uther paired with just about anyone. He's so dreamy (and kinda mean), which makes him really quite virile, doesn't it? Meow! Give the man a goatee and I'd never leave my bed. Er. Ha ha. I kid.
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More Shatner/Nimoy silliness. Old man Jewish actor humor gets me every time!

Husband has decided I'm deceiving myself into believing Merlin's a better show than it really is, simply because I'm enjoying the naughty Uther fanfic so much. God, maybe it's true. I did still think the writing was pretty weak only a few weeks ago. :/ Can fan fiction make such a difference? Or, maybe Head's insistence that the writing on Merlin is actually good has finally taken hold. Is it possible I've been brainwashed by the man heself?

I think you'll really enjoy this song. Please to accept my offer of the at-home karaoke version. Good times! Not flamenco good, but definitely a close second. Or, possibly, third. Well, maybe not third, but well within the top ten ways to have fun by oneself, I am fairly certain.


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