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Good evening, bubbies!

We are miles away from being ready for our big party tomorrow and I'm not even close to freaking out. Happiness!

Are you all reading [ profile] il_mio_capitano's latest? Why not? Plotty goodness abounds!

Have you finished yet? No problem. I'll wait.

Exciting, isn't it?
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I hate twitter. Which I suppose means I hate myself on twitter. I thought it would be more fun if my friends were on it, but it is not. Should I delete my account? Mmm, probbly.

Today! Shop, clean, wrap, card, etcetera, etcetera. Alls I wanna do is read yummy fanfiction. Maybe that's when I lost my heart for holidaying. Discovering fanfic has gruined real life entirely.

How awesome is that?
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What have I been saying? Kids would rather starve. I heart validation. Plus, I don't believe school lunches are making kids fat. I blame violent video games, hip hop music lyrics, and white kids misinterpreting ebonics. Oh, and the news media. I've heard it's the root of all evil.

My daughter's favorite English teacher said in class the other day, "This is awful of me to say, but fat people are always at buffets" then let kids go on tirades against overweight peoples. Substitute the words black or Jew or gay and you have prejudice. Make fun of fatties and you're A-OK. Well done, Mr. F. Daughter was deeply disappointed in him and let him know. She's alright, that kid.

Younger son had his performance on Saturday. He is very possibly the cutest thing that ever lived, ever.

Older son is so much happier since he advocated for himself to get his classes changed, and since he got a kitten. Yay for a school district that is finally doing what they oughta. And yay for furry little purr monsters that bring joy, even if she does need to go to the vet every few days, cause she's not well. Turns out animals from shelters are often filled with ick. Who knew?

Our tree is up and lit, though undecorated, our Christmas village is unboxed, though uninstalled, our Christmas cards are bought, though unsent. I still have time, right? *gulp*
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A new Merlin/Uther unf for your early morning pleasure. What I wouldn't give for all prawn to be as good. But alas, most writers do not have the power to make it so.
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Today, I am going to make a big push to finish the closets I stupidly tore apart in my attempt to Make Things Better. Unfortunately, most of their contents are currently strewn about my living room. :/

Then, I am going to decorate my house, help son finish his science fair project, make sure other son's Scout's hw(!) is done, help him prepare for his performance on Saturday, order the rest of our Christmas presents, wrap, ready cards, mail them out, and finish everything else on my ridiculously long to do list. Right.
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Husband is sick enough to stay home today. Poor bubby camped overnight with the scouts on Saturday and froze half to death. This did not help the cold he was getting. But what an awesome dad, huh? So self sacrificey.

We have been insanely busy. None of our decorations are up. No cards are ready to be sent. I'm stressing. So much so that I woke up every hour last night in a panic about flying to Disney in two months. Really, self? You can't you start freaking a little closer to February? I've got too much to get done to start losing my shit this soon. Boo, worried brain, boo! Maybe I should Xanax myself to sleep at night.
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I have had a terrible awful no good very bad week. Fortunately, things are looking up. Thank Christ. Woez are tiresome.

I'd love to kibitz, but I must away. Time to help younger son build a wigwam. Yay!
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Good morning, darlings.

Holiday season is here and I have no idea what I am getting anyone. This is a problem. I also need to come up with a decent photo of my kids so I won't have a complete christmas card fail like I did last year. So so much to do. So so so little desire to do it.

Have you heard the news? Buffy's made the big time.

We booked Disney last night. And we're flying there out of NY, so yay! Airline prices dropped, thank goodness. Now we're well on our way to earning enough credit card points to send my daughter to England for free next summer. That trip should only cost a small fortune, but isn't studying at Oxford for the summer worth it? Eh.

Now we have to still have to pay for her driving lessons, an SAT course, Italian lessons, viloin lessons, various standardized tests, hire an interview coach, finish setting up her tutoring website, try for the Oxford program, and we'll be all set. Oof. I'm already sick of college and she hasn't even applied yet.
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Talk nothing but French.

I am stupid busy. Can't wait until I have time to kick back and read Otter's latest BG l'histoire.

And I'm sleepy. And every last centimetre kills. Alors.
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I just woke up from a nightmare in which my daughter married a much older man after only knowing him a few days. God save us from daughters who make poor relationship decisions. I don't think I'll survive having one who turns to mush when it comes to men.

Aaaand it's I-feel-like-reccing-something Thursday, so here's [ profile] glossolalia's Paint It Black. Giles has to turn his head until his darkness goes.
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So, I'm cleaning out my pantry and I come across something suspicious and brown on the ground and I pick it up with a paper towel and it turns to dust and I'm like, wait, was that some sort of large roundish rat turd? so then I wash thoroughly and rush to my computer to look up images of rat turds and more images and more images until I find one that I think might look like the suspicious brown disintegrated thing, hrm, and then read about hanta virus and how to clean without breathing in any poisonous dust by wearing gloves and spraying the area thoroughly with cleanser and letting the wetness soak into the dust for five minutes before wiping it up, making sure to wash gloved hands and then ungloved hands after, and so I did.
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I wanna write drunk!Giles prompts. My mind is blank. Must be Tuesday.
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Scouts rumble mumble. School freckin reckin. Holidays oofanagen. Diet flaily fail.

Did I mention I quit drinking? You know why? Because after indulging and feeling hungover over and over all weekend, I sit here going, mmm, Jameson would taste awfully good in this diet coke I'm drinking. I have the willpower of a geranium. Best not to do it at all. At least then my poor baby liver has a shot at making it out alive.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] antennapedia! Hope you have a fabulous day. :D
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Am I drunk? Hehe.
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Trying my best not to feel super pissy. It's only 4 in the morning - what is there to be upset about?

I guess the fact that I'm sitting here doing nothing and can feel hives itching to break out is getting to me. Why am I so allergic to everything? It's those damn dust mites, pooping everywhere, making me suffer. Death to dust mites!

Also, I had two bad days on my diet this week and it's only Wednesday and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Uh oh.

Also also, since we can't afford the outrageous airfare to Disney this year, we are thinking of driving. This vexes me. What if I get another DVT from a 20 hour trip? Eep.

Also also also, I am in so much pain whenever I exercise these days, how am I going to racewalk miles through Disney World in a few months? :/

Also also also also, I hate when people act like dicks. Why do they feel the need?
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I just have to say that if you have this at home already, you shouldn't also get to have this. Is it just me or is their friend/handyman/tenant gorgeous too?
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I know everyone is up in arms over Congress considering pizza a vegetable, which is not exactly what they say, btw, but that's moot. My kids almost never eat pizza in school, but I know what it's like to have very picky eaters and I'm telling you, if the government makes schools take away any more palatable foods than they already have, my kids won't eat a thing. Literally. They would rather starve. So let them keep their fucking pizza, okay?

This doesn't have to be another Republicans are bad/so is big business argument. I'm a diehard liberal, but I'll never understand or support the food nazi element of our side. You can lead kids to organically grown fiddleheads, but you can't make them eat.


Nov. 21st, 2011 08:40 am
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Did you all watch the Woody Allen documentary on PBS last night? Good, wasn't it?

Walking Dead continues to suck. Is this because AMC sacked Frank Darabont? Show's beyond boring. Chatter chatter chatter about NOTHING! "Don't you hate living in a world with zombies?" "Yeah." *facepalm*

Have you read [ profile] antennapedia's Thusia commentary yet? Have sex, avert apocalypse (or doos it?) at its finest. World needs more.
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Is it possible for a fic to be both good and bad? Yes it is. But usually I stop the minute I can't take another completely implausible sentence. My mistake.

Uh oh. Just got to the prawn. I take it back. I was right to quit.


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