Dec. 19th, 2011

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What have I been saying? Kids would rather starve. I heart validation. Plus, I don't believe school lunches are making kids fat. I blame violent video games, hip hop music lyrics, and white kids misinterpreting ebonics. Oh, and the news media. I've heard it's the root of all evil.

My daughter's favorite English teacher said in class the other day, "This is awful of me to say, but fat people are always at buffets" then let kids go on tirades against overweight peoples. Substitute the words black or Jew or gay and you have prejudice. Make fun of fatties and you're A-OK. Well done, Mr. F. Daughter was deeply disappointed in him and let him know. She's alright, that kid.

Younger son had his performance on Saturday. He is very possibly the cutest thing that ever lived, ever.

Older son is so much happier since he advocated for himself to get his classes changed, and since he got a kitten. Yay for a school district that is finally doing what they oughta. And yay for furry little purr monsters that bring joy, even if she does need to go to the vet every few days, cause she's not well. Turns out animals from shelters are often filled with ick. Who knew?

Our tree is up and lit, though undecorated, our Christmas village is unboxed, though uninstalled, our Christmas cards are bought, though unsent. I still have time, right? *gulp*


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