Dec. 5th, 2011

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Good morning, darlings.

Holiday season is here and I have no idea what I am getting anyone. This is a problem. I also need to come up with a decent photo of my kids so I won't have a complete christmas card fail like I did last year. So so much to do. So so so little desire to do it.

Have you heard the news? Buffy's made the big time.

We booked Disney last night. And we're flying there out of NY, so yay! Airline prices dropped, thank goodness. Now we're well on our way to earning enough credit card points to send my daughter to England for free next summer. That trip should only cost a small fortune, but isn't studying at Oxford for the summer worth it? Eh.

Now we have to still have to pay for her driving lessons, an SAT course, Italian lessons, viloin lessons, various standardized tests, hire an interview coach, finish setting up her tutoring website, try for the Oxford program, and we'll be all set. Oof. I'm already sick of college and she hasn't even applied yet.


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