Oct. 14th, 2011

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You want to hear more thoughts on Homeland? Sure! It's well told, well acted, but somehow a bit too heavy-handed. The material? Dunno. Maybe if I had been a fan of 24 I'd sit back and enjoy the ride. I think I'll do just that and then decide how I feel overall. Still, it's butt better than anything else I've seen in forever, so. Yeah.

Erm, Tony Head on Craigy Ferg? Well, adorable, but can he ever really not be? I was left wanting more. His Jonathan Ross interview was a thousand times better and more in-depth and satisfying. For a guy who has been on Merlin, Free Agents, and Late Late all in the past month, I think he's only accumulated about 10 minutes of total screen time. :/ Also, watching him last night, I suddenly felt through. I don't know. Being a fan is such an empty experience.


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