Oct. 9th, 2011

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I'm not sure how I feel about all the attention given to Steve Jobs. He was a visionary, his products are fun, but as a person, from everything I read, it sounds like he was a real shit. But he's dead now, so that's the end of that. Here are some Apple New Yorker cartoons.

Today is going to be a gorgeous day in New York. Like spring, but with no allergies, so we get to keep the windows open. That is, of course, if my neighbor doesn't decide to spend a fourth day working on engines or cutting wood with a chainsaw. Guy's killing me with all that noise. I can't think straight. And it sucks having to use the a/c to try and drown him out.

We're trying to decide how to deal with our money woez. I'm going to start driving husband to the station to save on parking fees and he's going to bring lunch once or twice a week. Cable's getting slashed. Phone's getting downgraded. We're also thinking of skipping Disney this year, maybe spending two weeks on the Cape instead of three. College is going to cripple us. We're trying our best to prepare. From 2013 to 2025, we are going to be broke.


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