Sep. 15th, 2011

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Free Agents. Why does it take place in Portland? To give Hank Azaria an excuse to walk around in comfy clothes instead of business attire? Did I like it? Eh. It was all right. Wasn't funny, the camerawork was a little annoying, but the main characters were likable enough. Only thing is, these days it takes a lot for me to get hooked on a new show. Takes even more if the show is not made for cable television. So, it remains - the two minutes of film time Anthony Head received would be my only reason for tuning in again.

I already miss Merlin.

The one good thing about ASH wasting his talent in LA is that he's going to appear on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Friday. Should be fun since they're oldey timey friends. And because Craig is the only funny person left on late night teevee.


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