Mar. 23rd, 2011

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So. Anthony Head is once again offering up a chance for one lucky (and profligate) fan to cough up hundreds of dollars for a 20 minute convo with the man heself. Money goes to charity - a human cause this time and one I can get behind because it's all about the crazies which, as you know, is kinda my hobby.

FB friends enthusiastically "liked" his offer, but then when it came right down to it, most "had no money" or thought it was a "cool idea" but "couldn't think of anything to talk about for that long". Though, my all-time favorite had to be "maybe if Sarah was offering I'd bid". Tee hee!

Will I try to win this time? Eh. Don't think so. I stood five feet from the guy less than a year ago and couldn't bring myself to say a word. Kinda feel like I had my chance und blew it. But I do like to entertain myself by thinking about the kinds of questions I'd ask if I were to bid. What about you? Any thoughts on what you'd wanna say if you had 20 mins to speak to the man wot played our beloved Giles?


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