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2010-07-09 08:54 pm
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love may come and tap you on the shoulder

More Shatner/Nimoy silliness. Old man Jewish actor humor gets me every time!

Husband has decided I'm deceiving myself into believing Merlin's a better show than it really is, simply because I'm enjoying the naughty Uther fanfic so much. God, maybe it's true. I did still think the writing was pretty weak only a few weeks ago. :/ Can fan fiction make such a difference? Or, maybe Head's insistence that the writing on Merlin is actually good has finally taken hold. Is it possible I've been brainwashed by the man heself?

I think you'll really enjoy this song. Please to accept my offer of the at-home karaoke version. Good times! Not flamenco good, but definitely a close second. Or, possibly, third. Well, maybe not third, but well within the top ten ways to have fun by oneself, I am fairly certain.
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2009-06-12 09:14 am
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master blaster

The new Star Trek movie has turned my kids into serious Trek aficionados. Older son spent a week home sick with the not!flu and watched episode after episode of the original series. I thought he'd be bored out of his mind, but he loves it. Daughter sat in on a few eps and asked if we could check out some ST:TNG as well. Now she's hooked and wants to watch it every chance she gets. She says, "I can't believe I'm such a geek!" But she comes from a long line of Star Trek fans. She could hardly have escaped. It's in her blood.

All righty, then. What's on the agenda for today? Errands, laundry, exercise, fic rec, write. Same old, same old. One day blurs into the next when you're having fun.

Ennui's et my brains!

Ooh, I know how to break up the monotony: Dance!
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2009-05-08 10:44 pm

and all the world is football shaped

I'm fannishly squeeing over the new Star Trek movie tonight. Everyone needs to drop what they're doing and go see it at once, and I need to break out the dvds and start an original Trek marathon lovefest this Mother's Day weekend. Ooh, but I have company coming. Drats! Freckin reckin in-laws, spoiling my fun.

In other news, BG stories have been coming along quite nicely since the Everything I Write Is Worthless breakdown I suffered through earlier in the week. I wish I weren't slothily slow. I'd like to be able to post them soonish, but I'm probably going to need to save them as a guarantee I'll have something ready for Summer of Giles. I can't even begin to fathom why I thought it would be a good idea to sign up for two days this year. I don't know how you prolific writers post story after story. I am most envious.

I'm currently binging on this fabu XTC song. My brain's got it set on repeat, and I think the only way it can be purged will be to listen to it incessantly until I pass out cold this evening.

Gah. And I just realized it's Friday and I've failed at reccing again. Maybe I need to change my day.
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2009-04-06 09:36 pm

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra

Was flipping channels and came across an old episode of ST:TNG. God, I forget how much I love that show. It started off so weak, but the last few seasons have to be some of the best teevee I've ever seen. I'm such a huge fan of the original, I never thought anything could compare, but this series blows the first away. Although, I do find myself wondering how I ever managed to follow any of its plot lines. Now every time Patrick Stewart speaks, all I hear is: "I'm a sex god. I'm a sex god. I'm a sex god" over and over in that amazing voice of his. Hmm. It's too bad, really. I could be hearing him say far racier things than that, but my imagination, it limits me.