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Was flipping channels and came across an old episode of ST:TNG. God, I forget how much I love that show. It started off so weak, but the last few seasons have to be some of the best teevee I've ever seen. I'm such a huge fan of the original, I never thought anything could compare, but this series blows the first away. Although, I do find myself wondering how I ever managed to follow any of its plot lines. Now every time Patrick Stewart speaks, all I hear is: "I'm a sex god. I'm a sex god. I'm a sex god" over and over in that amazing voice of his. Hmm. It's too bad, really. I could be hearing him say far racier things than that, but my imagination, it limits me.
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Just got back from the city after seeing Patrick Stewart in Macbeth, and I am going to flat out say that I don't like watching Shakespeare's work, blasphemer that I be. It makes my head ache. It's like seeing a play performed in Italian...I get the gist, but how much happier would I be without the guesswork involved in deciphering fast-paced iambic pentameter? The production itself was interesting, and I can honestly say that at 67, Mr. Stewart remains swoon-worthy--a sexy show-stealing stage presence personified. But, dudes, if you're setting Macbeth somewhere in like WWII Soviet Union, with loud, irritating machine gun battles and moving image backdrops, what would it hurt to update the dialogue? I know. You don't have to say it. Shakespeare is all about the language. The beauty and cleverness and rhyme-ability. I get it, I do. But after having suffered through three stage productions of it, I've pretty much had my fill, and will officially and happily declare myself Bard-free for the rest of my life. Time to just say no the next time I am tempted into seeing another. Maybe I'd see the RSC at the Barbican for old times' sake, but that is probably the only thing that could get me to go back for more. I am the ugly American. I am without couth. But I think it's time to take a stand and come out of the closet and admit that I don't enjoy this stuff any more, and possibly never did.


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