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We finally made it over to the public library yesterday, after about a week and a half of talking about it. There was a crowd gathered on the porch by the entrance, waiting for the doors to open. Turns out the library is quite the hot spot. Literally. Everyone was there for the computers or the wifi. We were there for the novelty and the middle school summer reading list and the free passes to Plymouth that I completely forgot to ask about. We left with two much-needed books for our soon-to-be eighth grader, three for the littlest, and two YA titles for me. Also helped support the library by picking up a neat canvas tote and sticker. They're trying to raise $30,000 to go solar. Why doesn't our library at home ever do progressive things like that? Something to bring up with the local ptb, perhaps.

We drove through a neighborhood in Eastham yesterday that overlooked a marsh and Rock Harbor that was to die for. And the houses only run about a million and a half. That shouldn't be too difficult to swing when I come back in my next life as David Sedaris. Or maybe if I scrimp and save, and sell my children to the highest bidder, I can have it in this lifetime, too.

Husband wants to look at houses again. He tells me he's going to call realtors today. Not sure why the idea of looking at things we cannot afford depresses me so. He sees it as good fun. I find it anxiety producing. As it is, I've been waking up at four every morning in a state a panic. Not cool. A definite sign that I am not exercising enough up here. Moving frees my brain, and the past week has been a bit on the lazy side. Maybe we'll hike the Fort Hill trail today, if it's not too sticky.

Came across this website after looking up le petit mort, and then following the links. "See also" has taken on a whole knew meaning on the net. Who on earth would have imagined there would be sites devoted to this crap? Fucked up.

(This post's title is brought to you by Scott Nash's Tuff Fluff, and by the number 3. Both big hits with the boys.)
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Keys could not be found, because they were in the boat bag in my husband's car that was parked all day at the train station.

Daughter and I ran to library tonight in hopes of finding the books and info I needed to help me get certain details for my story straight. Library's almost always a bust. Don't know why I even bother to go there. Then we ran over to Barnes and Noble and discovered a trove of info that I'd have to special order. Ain't gonna happen, but I've learned enough to make the internet search easier, so I'm pretty stoked.

Read this article about Anthony Head's fight to keep church expansion from desecrating his grandmother's grave. I certainly wouldn't want that to happen to my grandparents. Kind of defeats the whole concept of Rest in Peace. I love how the church is arguing that folks shouldn't consider the bodies to be anything more than a vessel. Interesting, no? I would like to pretend that the Heads have a prayer of winning this one, but I am doubtful.

My daughter wants to start writing Twilight fanfic, cause our local B&N is having a ff contest. "How hard could it be?" she wondered. Hrm.

Edit: Son loves this Carlin bit on religion.
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Pup is suffering terribly as a result of his surgery. Physically, he's in pain, and he looks as if he can't stand the ignominy of wearing that ridiculous cone around his head. It catches on everything, and he just has the most pathetic look on his face. We've traumatized our dog. I feel terrible for him. He's also having the most difficult time taking a whiz. Poor Guthrie. When we got Gomez and Zelda fixed, they recovered likity splikity. Maybe it's different for cats. I guess we'll see when my daughter's new little kitty gets neutered. I know. Don't say it.

Erm, what else? I have a trillion things to do in my capacity as Class Mom, Assistant Class Mom, and Real Life Mom in the next week and a half. And time is running out! Parties to plan and run, gifts to buy. Husband and I are taking this weekend trip in celebration of fifteen years of marital bliss--our first ever without the children since we had 'em. Then next week, our VA friends are stopping by for a night on their way to Massachusetts. Then we have to drive daughter up to sleep away camp on the 29th. I took her to buy boots and a duffel bag and a new bathing suit this afternoon. This trip is costing a small fortune, but I know she's going to have a wonderful time. I loved camp. Of course, I spent the whole time either riding horses or making out with cute boys. Would be kinda cool if she got to do the same. Is there anything on earth that is more fun than kissing? I can't think of any. Greatest pastime ever.

And, because I cannot help but pretend that everything that interests me may interest you, here are a few links for your pleasure: First up, a discourse on theodicy entitled Holiday in Hellmouth. Ah, religion! You never cease to astound me.

Next, Hertzberg's mini commentary on Hillary's campaign. Think one crucial mistake he makes is that although the overt brutality committed against blacks cannot be denied, the notion that women have not and do not suffer in much the same way is one of the greatest, most misunderstood myths propagated in the history of the mankind.

And finally, a somewhat amusing diatribe on insomnia. This lady is singing my song.


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