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Son loved acting class. Wants more. Witness me being totally cool, supportive mom, even if it leaves me feeling a little queasy. My daughter wants to know how I could let him pursue something like acting. Says it's a stupid job. I point to Kahlil Gibran: Your children are not your children... I'm only the bow. Not really my place to stand in anyone's way, is it?
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God. Dreamed I was peeing. Woke up in a panic. Wasn't. Even though it's been more than 34 yrs, I don't think I'll ever lose the terror of having been a bedwetter.

Popped over to FB. Cheerfully wished my good friend Happy Birthday. Started reading my news feed and was force-fed remembrances. Fucking September 11th. Heh. Unlike last year, it's not raining here in NY today. How are we supposed to interpret that?

All right, skippies. New day, sun is shining, blah bitty blah blah blah. Youngest is taking his first acting class today. I'm torn between hoping he'll have a great time and fearing he'll have a great time. Husband told him he doesn't have to wait until he's an adult to become an actor. Son became very excited. Huh?!! Can you think of anything more distasteful than child actors or stage parents? Um, that's cause there isn't.

Read this review of Merlin yesterday: "We must admit, we've got a bit of a problem with Merlin - it's not very good. But the Beeb's reinvention of a great legend makes for unfathomably watchable television all the same...The formula is much the same as before. Arthur makes fun of Merlin; trouble happens; Merlin saves the day with magic; nobody finds out; Arthur thinks Merlin is an idiot. Repeat ad nauseum."

Pretty well sums it up, don't you think? That said, I canna wait for tonight's ep! Mmm...Uther
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Caught part of the Olivier Awards this afternoon. Tony Head is cute as a button. There, I've said it! Award shows still bore me to tears, though.

Spent hours at the mall trying to buy new shoes for our youngest. None of the stores seemed to carry his size. I've been souring the internets for the Air Jordans he loved, but they are not to be found. Have no choice but to pop into Payless or Kohl's some time this week to ensure he will not be trotting up and down the streets of London in his current ill-fitting sneaks.

I have many, many, many things to get done before we go and am desperately trying to keep my head about me. On top of everything else, we're returning on Easter, which means I'll have to set up the baskets and gifts here before I go. Son would be gravely disappointed if he came home to find the Easter Bunny forsakes little children who spend the holiday trans-Atlantic-ing it.
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Had younger son's parent/teacher conference tonight. Teacher thinks he's great, we know he's great, everything's great. Cool! Can I tell you how wonderful it is to have a kid without problems? Bliss, my dears, bliss. I have absolutely no worries when it comes to this one. He's confident, smart, beautiful, knows his own mind. I mean, I'm not super crazy about his commitment to vegetarianism, but I have to admire his sticktoitiveness. He's been at it for four years. And I don't like that he thinks he wants to be an actor, but he's young, and it is a step up from wanting to be a zebra, I suppose.
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Hehe. Saw the headline and couldn't resist.

Another snow day. My youngest is never gonna get to give his performance as JFK. His play is being postponed for a second time. Monday's our last shot, I think. He'll be very disappointed if he doesn't get to show off his skillz. His dream is to be an actor. Ugh. Where did I go wrong?
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Super busy day. Ran and ran, and, Lord, did it feel good. I was super, supergirl. And I love, love, love these spring-like days. Best season of all. Except when littlest's eyes are sealed shut and puffy from the worst case of pollen allergies I've ever seen. Hm. Which reminds me. Must get him to the allergist early this year, so we can try meds before it begins.

Poor bubby had to get a partial root canal today. Had an interesting discussion about politics with his dentist. She started to talk about the election, and I got a little nervous I was going to have to endure a mini Republican lecture, cause, hey, this is Long Island. But she loves Hillary, too. We ended up discussing Africa and oil reserves and the positive and negative aspects of the weak dollar, and, man, did it feel good to have someone intelligent to talk to about things that weren't child-related. Heaven, m'dears! My brain needed it more than I realized.

And, I took really good care of my children and my dog and myself today, but not my husband, apparently, since I never finished folding the pile of clothes on his side of the bed and he has just come home exhausted and cranky and it's not even pissing me off, because I had a really fulfilling day. So there.
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Oh, buggity boop! I am getting tired and have much, much left to accomplish on this eve of my littlest's sixth birthday. We need to ready party supplies and goody bags and presents still. And I am making like a bee on story that is prolly nearly 1000 words longer than yesterday, and still no where near completion. Husband approves, but is getting antsy. Thinks it's a little too talky for his taste. It's a fine balancing act I'm attempting: rhythm, tone, silly, sexy. Takes a while. Maybe someone more...efficient?.. would be up to a post-coital chat by now. But not I. Gives me fits! I'm at 7200 words, though, which is an all-time high for me. Normally, I would have thrown in the towel by now, so hooray! I say.

Back to the salt mines.


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