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Shall I regale you with exciting tales of the trials and tribulations of setting up our trip to London? Spent hours and hours on the phone booking and unbooking and rebooking, but finally have our hotel and flight and ride from the airport ready to go. Now I need to go online and buy tix to Six Degrees. How many times do you think we should see it? I was considering three. Once with the whole fam, maybe twice with husband. Dunno. Seems like I oughta go at least 2x, but 3 does sound a bit excessive now that I'm writing it. I'm sure I won't grow tired of it, but my husband, though mostly a patient man, might get a little cranky if I push him too hard. He wants to see other plays too. The noyve. Not sure why we'd wanna do that when Anthony Head is right across the river, but if marriage teaches you anything, it's compromise, so I'll do my best to try and be generous, painful though that may be.

I've been busy, busy and have also booked a trip to Disney for winter recess. Just need to set up the flight and we'll be good. Do you know it costs as much to fly to Orlando in Feb as it does to fly to London in March? Cra-zy.

Aight. Must go set up the Christmas village, pick up youngest from playdate, and figure out who we should leave our kids with tonight. We're meeting friends for dinner. At a real restaurant. I've heard tell of this strange practice - couples actually doing stuff together without their children. I'll let you know what it's like.
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Well, yeah...

I have been up since 3am, and I am running on fumes, metaphorically speaking, of course.

We spent lovely day visiting with Vermont friends in Eastham at their house by the bay. The day was gorgeous--windy and sunny. Perfect bay experience. And these people are so smart and interesting. And nice. I know people think that's a weak word, and some balk at the use of it, but I love nice people. They're so damn pleasant to be with. She is a nurse midwife and he is a doctor and her sister is a chiropractor. They eat food off the rental cottage floor and declare germs to be the best things for you. Their children balance precariously on high ledges, and no one even blinks. She meditates every morning. They read the Times. He's a big fan of the Red Sox, yet not meat-heady like the folks I went to college with. The day ended with songs of Mendocino and wondering where we're bound. Satisfying.

Now, I'm tired, and the day's almost done. I'm resisting the urge to worry about all I have to do once I'm home. I wish I'd finished more of the reading I began here. I wish I'd written a single word of my story. But, overall, I am pleased.
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After another exhausting day of shopping in P-town, where I literally melted into a puddle of goo from the extreme humidity, we now must clean and straighten for company. Turns out much-envied Vermont friends have dropped down to Cape. We are to entertain this afternoon. I just want to nap and read and maybe go for a swim. I do not want to vacuum, etc., on vaca. NF.

But, I really like these people, and I haven't seen them in 8 years or so. It will be nice to visit with them, I guess. I always have a better time than I expect. Maybe that's because I always expect everything to suck. Then, I'm pleasantly surprised when it doesn't. That's the trick--low expectations.

Ooh, and I've got a favor to ask of you. If anyone can, could you pop over to [ profile] giles_fic_recs and see if you can click on the Push and Pulling story I posted there on Friday. There seems to be a problem with it for some folks. Thanks.
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I spent the day with my family in Provincetown. Fun, fun, fun. My sister-in-law will only take her teens there during the day, lest they are exposed to some of the more unique folks in town. She believes people have the right to their alternative lifestyles, she just doesn't think her children should be exposed to them. Hmm. Not us. We'd take them to drag shows if it suited us. We happen to go to P-town during the day, because we are so sleep deprived. The young'uns are driving us bonkers all night with their constant visits, questions, and concerns. We're barely making it to nine o'clock.

My friend from Virginia told me that she envied the way we dealt with our children. We're so open and talk so freely. She said she's afraid that if her kids are exposed to things, it might lead to experimentation. Oh, no! I think the better informed people are, the more apt they are to make healthier choices.

Of course, my parents paid very little attention to me, and allowed my sisters to take me to see Rocky Horror over and over when I was seven. Did it harm me? I'm not sure. Is it unusual for little kids to lust after monosyllabic bronzed Adonises in gold lame' Speedos?
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Dudes, His Dark Materials=serious love. My daughter says I just haven't read enough if I think they're the best books ever. Pfft! Know-it-alls.

I haven't been able to write a word since I got here. I was hoping the Cape would inspire me. I think it's only made my asthma worse. Ah, well...

My journal entries have been boring as hell, so I've decided that when I want to post that crap, I'll write it and set it to private setting. Most likely.

I have ambivalence about friend-locking entries and journals and the cutting of flist. I love reading other people's posts, even if they're just about every day stuff, but I can't beg to stay on a list, you know? I really like the people I've friended, though I understand if they need me gone. I'll probably end up here all alone. It won't be the first time I've had that experience--and I'm sure it won't be the last. ;)

Hope you are all well!

Ooh, and I'm adding this link to The New Yorker article that got me to read Pullman in the first place.
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When they were young and used to camp at Cape Cod, my parents would travel would a whole pile of their friends. There would be dozens of adults and kids and there'd be bonfires on the beach and sing-a-longs. By the time I was born eight years after my next closest sibling, most of the families had splintered off. Many of the couples got divorced when I was little, although some years, one or two of the single parents would take a vacation with their children and visit us at the Cape. We'd still have the fires and songs, and I loved it, but apparently it was nothing like the old days.

One of these friends just stopped by our house here at the lake. I haven't seen this woman in ages. Her ex-husband, whom I adored, just died of Alzheimer's last year. She and her daughters are living up in Vermont. Of course, everything they're doing sounds so groovy, it makes me positively green with envy.

Why don't I just take control of my life and make things happen already?

But then, what am I really missing? I could join a sodding book club, but it would most likely bore me to tears. And I hate gardening. Bugs and dirt are icky. I don't knit or do anything crafty, though I have attempted quilting and haven't fully given up on that idea.

What are they doing up in Vermont that sounds so good then? Well, they are in Vermont, which does sound a heck of a lot better than where I live. Maybe a move to the country is all I need then. My husband thinks I don't like nature, but he's wrong. I'm just frightened of it. Ticks and bears and snakes and rabid raccoons and bats are scary. Other than those things, the country sounds great.
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I guess NetZero is working well up here, because my daughter has hooked her laptop up nicely. I haven't bothered to try and use mine since a fuse blew in my bedroom the first night. I went to the box to change it, but the actual connection in the box had disintegrated. The salt air wreaks havoc on metal around these parts. I ran an extension cord from the kitchen to my room to run a fan and the lamp by the side of my bed. I've been reading The Golden Compass and have not missed tv or internet at all. I do miss a comfortable bed and air conditioning, though. Electrician is expected Thursday. Hopefully all will be fixed before my husband arrives. He will be most cranky without his daily dose of Buffy.

My brother-in-law's wife has been up here with her children and we've spent a bit of time with them. They've come over to swim in the pond and we went mini golfing tonight. We don't get to see them often, which is really too bad because we all get along really well.

My parents and my next-door sister from home are up here as well. We haven't seen too much of them yet. This afternoon my sister, her son, and a friend were here and then my sister-in-law and her two children stopped over. It was just like being at home. Chaos and company abound. By the last week there will be about twenty of us here in Wellfleet. We all live near each other at home, and then we all go on vacation together. Did I ever tell you how we often sing when we're all together? Like the bleeding von Traps, harmonizing amongst the hills (or dunes) of the Cape. Lots o'fun. And corny as hell.


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