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Walking Dead. Why is this season so stupid? I'm drawn to it but if it continues to bore, how much more can I take? S'not like Tony Head is there to compensate.

Washing washing loads of floody basement stuffs. Smells gross. Cannot wait until I'm saying, "Remember that time our hot water tank leaked all over our basement and we had to go through every single thing we ever owned? That sucked."

Tonight is parent/teacher conferences at both the middle and high school. I dread.

Homeland is still worth your time. Watch it, yeah?

I'm hungry. Dieting stinks. Being fat stinks worse. Still, I am hungry. And still, I am not thin.
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Hm. Don't think I care too much for this new timeline over on FB. Do I really want to know that Anthony Head read an article on Kirk Cameron's sad birthday photo? Fills me with all sorts of strange images - an actor's worst fears come to fruition, Tony reads headline in mild state of panic. And how far will this timeline thingy go? Will it tell me when he reads about viagra or hair loss remedies or cold sores or foot fungi? The latest men's fashions, perhaps? Or, even worse, that maybe he wakes up every morning and quick checks to see what new vids have been uploaded on Tube8 before starting his day? Good God. I think Facebook assumes too much. Do we really want to know all the intimate details of our flists interweb habits? Um, un-uh.

So. In lieu of a lovely family vacation in Italy, Joss decided to spend two weeks filming Much Ado in his house in LA, and Anthony Head, who was supposed to play Leonato, dropped out of the production only days before filming was to begin. Most sad making. Instead, I guess, he left to work on some 24 hour play jabba at the Old Vic. Does this bring him closer to getting that gig on Broadway that I've set my sites on for him? I think he ought to ask himself that every time he makes a career decision: will this please Jennifer? Does it bring me closer to making her dreams come true? Yes, yes. That could work for me.

Oh my God. And I nearly forgot to mention that I finally got around to watching Sherlock. Dudes. Fabulous! How could you all have failed to mention this? What? You did?
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I'm beginning to miss Merlin, even though it is ridiculous beyond words, but I'm trying to wait for it to come to Syfy, so's I have something to look forward to. Sometimes delaying gratification makes life oh so much sweeter.

I'm growing tired of all our clutter. Maybe it's time to just rent a dumpster and chuck it all. I wonder if there's anything I would truly miss. Hrm.

Today we are having a playdate with my parents and my sister's family. This means driving far and eating out at a super yummy restaurant. I'm trying to plan how to get through the day without turning it into a diet!fail disaster. I'm thinking soup and dessert and diet coke. It could work.

I have not cooked all weekend which is trouble because I bought many ingredients for several meals. I think I'll knock them out this morning and then freeze them for the week. My renewed housewifery efforts are already growing tiresome and I've only been at it a few weeks. That's all right, right? It takes time to adjust. I can do better.
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In my narcissistic delirium, I forgot to tell you what a wonderful time older son had with his hiking group on Saturday. Yay! Though yesterday he said to me, "I'm not happy." And I decided to say, "Why does everyone have to feel happy all the time? Happiness is overrated. Sometimes you're happy. Sometimes you're not, right? Why can't that be enough?" So. Yeah. I'm going less with the pep talks, more with the I'm OK, You're OK spiel.

TV! The Walking Dead has returned. Yay zombies! I don't care if it's not the greatest show ever or that they air waaay to many commercials throughout. I enjoy watching people struggling to survive against those horrible beasties.

Homeland ep 3. Hrm. )

I've been listening to a lot of big band era stuff in my little Honda lately. My those songs were yare.
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I guess you should just avoid tumblr altogether if you don't want tv shows spoiled for you. )

Um. I'm can't even.

Why is it pissing me off that I can find no live coverage of Occupy Wall Street? Where are the news organizations? I see their cameras, but no footage. :\
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You want to hear more thoughts on Homeland? Sure! It's well told, well acted, but somehow a bit too heavy-handed. The material? Dunno. Maybe if I had been a fan of 24 I'd sit back and enjoy the ride. I think I'll do just that and then decide how I feel overall. Still, it's butt better than anything else I've seen in forever, so. Yeah.

Erm, Tony Head on Craigy Ferg? Well, adorable, but can he ever really not be? I was left wanting more. His Jonathan Ross interview was a thousand times better and more in-depth and satisfying. For a guy who has been on Merlin, Free Agents, and Late Late all in the past month, I think he's only accumulated about 10 minutes of total screen time. :/ Also, watching him last night, I suddenly felt through. I don't know. Being a fan is such an empty experience.
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Ok. I have a new show to love: Homeland. I'm only through 1 1/2 eps but yes yes yes. That's how you get it done, son. Plus, Mandy Patinkin. <3!

And is it me or is Dexter just spinning its wheels? Murder murder murder. Ja ja ja. I miss Lundy.

I will say that Homeland has one major fault so far - it's opening sequence. Meh.
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I just watched the 2nd and 3rd episodes of Free Agents and I actually smiled. A lot. I'd say it's getting better. Now if someone would just sneak up behind its editor, cover his mouth with a chloroform-soaked cloth, and drive him to, say, the top of a volcanic mountain somewhere in a remote part of the Andes - like that place they went that time in Top Gear where they could hardly breathe and had to turn around because they thought they might die - and abandon him there, the producers could hire someone competent to re-edit and they'd have the potential for a darn fine show. Oh and also, what the heck is Free Agents doing on at 8:30? There are small children up at that time. What rocket scientist runs programming at NBC these days? Obviously a relative of the editor or whichever numbskull is ultimately to blame for that hatchet job they do on the footage each week. Oy.

I can honestly say that I will be sad to see it go. But not the editing. Cause that's fer shit.

Update: Saw ep 4. Show is definitely improving with age. Even seemed less choppy than usual. Someone must have already dragged that guy to Chile.
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For the first time ever, I've read an article on the internet and laughed at the comments instead of cringed. Clever people, you give me hope.

Also, this vamp!Giles fic is worth your time. Read it. It is most pleasing.

Husband and I watched the latest installment of Camelot on Starz. Is it better than Merlin? Eh, it's different. More watchable, less make-me-want-to-slash-my-wrists-able, but it is sorely lacking our dear Mr Head. He'd be awesome as Merlin, I thinks, even though Feines is just swell. But the kid who plays Arthur is a weak and Guinevere is godawful, though Eva Green's Morgana is a thousand times better than Katie M's. Plus, she's French. And really, really pretty.
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Oh, man. Just watched an ep of that Challenge show my girl will be appearing on. Shit. Our school will look beyond ridicolus in their t-shirts. Ugh.

Also, tonight is the best night of TV and if you're not watching Dexter, Bored to Death, and The Walking Dead you are mega-seriously missing out, m'dears.

That is all.
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Merlin, Merlin, Merlin, three eps featuring fart jokes so far this season? My, my, my. How do your clever writers do it? Colin Morgan continues to be wunderbar, though, so I forgive you. Also, in last night's ep, Tony had that throaty congested tone that he'd so often sported in 4th season Buffy. A cold? Allergies? What is it, hon? Makes him sound too darn cute, though. Frog meets studly muffin for the win!

After jujitsu, we are going to make with the driving and head upstate to pick pumpkins and enjoy the fabulous fall foliage. Husband's now scouting out close upstate areas in which to buy a second home. Lord, have mercy. This is never going to end. My shrink's decided it's more about the hunting than the owning - husband's atavistic urges driving the SUV into the wilds beyond our fair city's limits - but I'm not so sure. Feels more like a compulsive need to torture me. Husband says, "Not everything's about you." What? My psyche begs to differ.
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Just spent the morning re-reading [ profile] glimmergirl's Buffy/Giles stories. *sigh* If I could write a single sentence even close to as perfect as one of hers, I could die happy.


Also re-watched the last Saturday's Merlin. Hrm. There are so many things wrong with this show, I don't know where to begin, but I'll admit this ep was one of the better ones. I do think it would be best, though, if Tony Head and cut for spoilers ) Just sayin'.

All right. Enough fun und games. Must make things happen. Things that won't just happen without at least some effort on my part. You know, boring things.
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Happy Saturday, Flist! We spent the day a-cleaning and sorting and making good progress on our piles of shit, then I made my husband watch Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. He'd never seen it before, or at least had no memory of seeing, which is quite a bit more common for him than you'd imagine. I'm a little envious of his ability to completely forget entire segments of his life, because he gets the pleasure of experiencing things for the very first time, over and over and over again. How many times have I wished I could recapture the joy of seeing, say, Raiders of the Lost Ark or Hannah and Her Sisters for the first time again?

Husband took off while I watched Merlin. I liked it, even though Anthony Head had very little screen time. He did do a fabu job Re Acting to the tableau before he: *gasp* *wince* *stand up and look concerned* Kind of made me giggle. He's so stinkerpants cute. And now I'm gonna force hubby to watch Desk Set before we head to bed. I have the sneaking suspicion he would prefer Top Gear or baseball, cause you can take the boy out of Massachusetts, but you can't take Massachusetts out of the boy. But I'm in a Spencer Tracy state of mind. Where the heck is my copy of Inherit the Wind anyway? Tracy was never more brill than in that frighteningly relevant piece of work.
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What was I saying earlier about not liking anything I've been watching? Dudes, House hit this one out of the park. Perfect!
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Dexter returned last night. I've seen every ep of that show and only two have been really subpar. Unfortunately, last night's was one of them. Isn't there anything I like any more? Yeah. Slings and Arrows. I'm on my third run through and I am completely addicted. It's smart, and the acting is good, and you never feel like they're pandering, unless you're supposed to. Well done, clever Canadians!

Older son is home sick today. He, my daughter, and my husband all have colds. How long do you think it will be before I'm gasping and reaching for my nebulizer? In college, I had a mad crush on this guy who was a fanatic about staying away from sick people. At the time I thought, "What a dick!" But now I'm beginning to see the appeal.
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We were promised loads of laughs in Merlin this week. Did it deliver? It makes no difference either way. I won't stop watching until Head's off the show. I'm just grateful he's no longer on The Invisibles. Heh. One of Tony's FB fans gave Invisibles a lovely plug the other day. Called it "funny, sensitive and a pleasure to watch." Zoinks! I'm not sure what she's on, but I'd like some, too. Germans. They always get the good stuff.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time today trying to sort through pics I failed to post on FB. Ever since we began using our Nikon again, we've taken hundreds of photos, which, like most things, is both cool and annoying.

Our dog looks good and should be coming home tomorrow. I'm super excited about this, and also kind of stressed. How will I ever be able to relax around him again? Feels like all I'm going to do is worry he might be eating something he shouldn't.

We picked about a gazillion apples last Sunday that I am actively not baking into pies or tarts or cakes. I am torn between feeling guilty about this and resenting the hell out of those damn apples. The bastards.

I have an overwhelming desire to go furniture shopping. I haven't felt this way in years. I'm sure there must be something I need that I can no longer live without. A new sideboard or something? Anything? Alls I know is Crate and Barrel is calling my name, though why I am drawn there, I cannot say. I never ever buy any of their stuff.
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Saw a doctor yesterday. After x-raying my shoulder he is convinced my woez are caused by a malformed shoulder bone. Most people's stick straight out or curve slightly down, but mine points nearly straight down. "How old are you?" he asked. I told him. "You're the right age," he said. Now that I'm over 40, I can expect all sorts of muscular mishaps apparently. Terrific! Although, hearing this bothered me far less than when my obgyn announced that at 34 I was old, gynecologically speaking. Wha? But it turns out that didn't matter either. I was done having kids. I am not, on the other hand, through using this shoulder. I was still hoping to reach for and carry things for at least another 40 years. Doctor says not to worry. If it continues to bother me, we can always shave down the bone. :/ In the meantime, however, a cortisone shot should do me. Swell! Takes days to work, though. Oh.

Did any of you watch House last night? Why do I get the feeling those folks are pandering to fan fiction writers? I did dig watching House use his laptop, though. Hehe.
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Good grief. I can see how this season of Merlin's going to go ) Kills me, too, because this show has such potential. The producers are just too limited, and no amount of wishing is going to change that. What will be will be.

I watched this clip of Head and McGrath earlier, and I can't decide if Head is actually dissing redheads in it and how offended I should be if he is. Eh, probably not that much. There. That was easy. I feel better already.

Bonus viewing: these two bits on The Onion crack me the heck up.
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We were shopping at Costco today and this guy wanted to buy Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.
His wife: "Absolutely not. That cereal is nothing but sugar."
Husband reads ingredients: "No, there's less than 10 grams."
Wife: "You're not buying it. It's no good."
Stranger walks past: "You better listen to your wife. That cereal causes cancer in children."
My kids: "Cereal causes cancer in children?!"

Watched Merlin tonight. It was as ham-handed as ever. I liked it. :)
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God. Dreamed I was peeing. Woke up in a panic. Wasn't. Even though it's been more than 34 yrs, I don't think I'll ever lose the terror of having been a bedwetter.

Popped over to FB. Cheerfully wished my good friend Happy Birthday. Started reading my news feed and was force-fed remembrances. Fucking September 11th. Heh. Unlike last year, it's not raining here in NY today. How are we supposed to interpret that?

All right, skippies. New day, sun is shining, blah bitty blah blah blah. Youngest is taking his first acting class today. I'm torn between hoping he'll have a great time and fearing he'll have a great time. Husband told him he doesn't have to wait until he's an adult to become an actor. Son became very excited. Huh?!! Can you think of anything more distasteful than child actors or stage parents? Um, that's cause there isn't.

Read this review of Merlin yesterday: "We must admit, we've got a bit of a problem with Merlin - it's not very good. But the Beeb's reinvention of a great legend makes for unfathomably watchable television all the same...The formula is much the same as before. Arthur makes fun of Merlin; trouble happens; Merlin saves the day with magic; nobody finds out; Arthur thinks Merlin is an idiot. Repeat ad nauseum."

Pretty well sums it up, don't you think? That said, I canna wait for tonight's ep! Mmm...Uther


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