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We were promised loads of laughs in Merlin this week. Did it deliver? It makes no difference either way. I won't stop watching until Head's off the show. I'm just grateful he's no longer on The Invisibles. Heh. One of Tony's FB fans gave Invisibles a lovely plug the other day. Called it "funny, sensitive and a pleasure to watch." Zoinks! I'm not sure what she's on, but I'd like some, too. Germans. They always get the good stuff.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time today trying to sort through pics I failed to post on FB. Ever since we began using our Nikon again, we've taken hundreds of photos, which, like most things, is both cool and annoying.

Our dog looks good and should be coming home tomorrow. I'm super excited about this, and also kind of stressed. How will I ever be able to relax around him again? Feels like all I'm going to do is worry he might be eating something he shouldn't.

We picked about a gazillion apples last Sunday that I am actively not baking into pies or tarts or cakes. I am torn between feeling guilty about this and resenting the hell out of those damn apples. The bastards.

I have an overwhelming desire to go furniture shopping. I haven't felt this way in years. I'm sure there must be something I need that I can no longer live without. A new sideboard or something? Anything? Alls I know is Crate and Barrel is calling my name, though why I am drawn there, I cannot say. I never ever buy any of their stuff.
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It's getting more and more difficult to sit through Merlin. How many times can you watch the exact same episode? Pretty people, gorgeous scenery, and silly period costumes have given the series a little more staying power than a total crap show like The Invisibles, but my patience is wearing thin. Is it wrong to hope they kill off Uther, so I can finally stop watching?
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Woke up at 4:30 this morning feeling like I'd been run over by a truck. Wonderful husband returned home from the train station to help get the kids ready for school. He even drove them there and picked them up, because he really is superman. I spent the day huddled in bed napping and watching The Invisibles. I wanted Charade, because Cary Grant is the best medicine when I really need cinematic comfort, but I couldn't find my copy and I forgot that Netflix doesn't run on Macs. :( The Invisibles is a crappy show, so I didn't really find cuddly muddling to it that relaxing. The music in it drives me crazy, and the premise makes no sense whatsoever. Why would this couple move back from Spain for his health? Wouldn't a warm climate be better? And does that mean their daughter wasn't raised in England? Maybe I missed something crucial. But ASH is beautiful, and if I turn the volume down, the show is tolerable. The best part about it is Emily Head, imo. She's just adorable. Looks a lot like my best friend did at 19, which is kinda cool.


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