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This website that we have to use to email daughter has a photo gallery. There are four pics of her. Three are of her back, but one is a close-up of her swimming and she's wearing this great big smile. I'm hopeful this means she's actually happy. I send her a note every night, but it's tough to have no clue what she's up to and how she's feeling. Boy, do I miss her like crazy, even though I've been very busy having fun with the boys. My oldest is thrilled that school is finally over. The change in his attitude from last week to this week is like night and day. He's genuinely happy again.

I took boys for yearly well visit at the pediatrician today. Doctor started asking youngest all sorts of questions--quizzing him on what he'd learned in kindergarten. Then he asked him, "What color was George Washington's white horse?" Son laughed and said "White." Doc then tells older son that a plane carrying Mexicans is flying from Mexico City to NY crashes and asks him where they bury the survivors. Older son says that you wouldn't bury survivors. I was secretly pleased that they got the answers right, cause honestly, I was sitting there thinking, "Hmm...Where would they bury the survivors?" D'oh!

We saw Get Smart yesterday. Older son and I giggled a whole lot throughout, but most of the other audience members did not. S'funny, cause I keep seeing these flicks that I'm really enjoying while I'm in the theater, but the minute I'm home, I can't remember almost a thing about them. What can I say? Silly, light fluff makeses me happy.

Spoke with old teacher friend at length last night. To me, he is still the sun and the moon and the stars, even though I have absolutely no desire to jump his bones like I did in my youth. My husband doesn't get it. Does not see why on earth I adore this guy like I do. Dunno. We just click. Like two peas in a pod. Like two halves of a whole. Like...Yeah, I agree. Enough already. Time for bed.

Buona notte, miei amici!
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My head, she is pounding. Sleep eluded me. Youngest and kitten spent the night in our bed; 'nuff said. Friends are wonderful, and I love visiting with them. I feel bad that I'm not a better hostess and that my house isn't less cluttered, but they were as sweet and understanding as ever. Friend's husband turned to his wife at one point and said, "I think we've found someone as neurotic as you" and friend said, "No, I think she's worse." That she would be me, of course. And who am I to argue? Her OCD issues leave her running a tight ship, and mine leave me hardly afloat. Still, it's nice to feel loved despite my multitude of flaws.

Fence guys came and tortured me for about five hours. I am never hiring anyone to do anything ever again. I can't take it. I say, "This gate is crooked." They say, "No, it's not" and then proceed to try and show me with a measuring tape that I am wrong. I say, "It is crooked--see the measurements are not the same." They say, "Yes they are, see?" and then bend the tape measure, so that everything appears even. I say, "You're bending the tape measure." They say, "No we're not." Finally, friend's husband told me that although I was right and the fence was crooked, he didn't think it looked that bad. He's a rocket scientist. He says there are acceptable degrees of imperfection, so I gave in and paid them in full. And even though I feel like I've been snookered, I am not going to care. I am not going to care. I am not going to care. I am not going to care.

Now, I have to finish getting daughter ready. Ooh, and it's also my fic rec day. All righty then.
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Our friends are coming today. I have to run around getting things ready for them. I think they'd appreciate fresh sheets and a well-vacuumed space, don't you? I also have to get kitty out of my daughter's room, cause that's where they will be sleeping. Means kitten'll have to spend most of his time in my room, which is not going to be easy, because he'll be jumping on our heads all night. My husband doesn't have a whole lotta patience for shinanigans these days, so I fear that if the kitten pounces on husband while he is sleeping, kitty will find himself being flung across the room. I just asked husband if he'd prefer to sleep in our son's room, away from the kitten tonight, and he snipped, "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Ah, I love when he's miserable at work. Adds a whole new and unexpected level of excitement to our otherwise dull and dreary lives.

Last full day of school for the boys and last, last day for daughter, so I am most pleased. Just have to get my happy-to-visit-with-good-friends vibe going for the next 30 hours, send in end-of-the-year teacher gifts, and then finish getting ready for camp. I can do this.
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Just Googled my college friend (the archaeologist I was telling you about the other day), and she was rated as a 10 for hotness on the Rate My Professors website. One of her students described her as very hot, but goofy: "think the 'Band Camp' girl from American Pie crossed with Indiana Jones." I wonder if she reads this shit. That is too funny. She's actually nothing like Alyson Hannigan. She is drop-dead gorgeous and a complete science nerd. More like Fred's supposed to be, I guess. Looks a lot more like Fred, too. I hate having crushes on people, but she's so stinking adorable, I can't resist. I love everything about her. She even has beautiful handwriting. *sigh* Although, you know, now that I think about it, I kind of have a crush on all of my girlfriends. In a non-sexy way, though, because I, like Anya in Antenna's last story, score about a -3 on the Kinsey scale. Still, I do adore them.
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My husband and I met 18 yrs ago this spring. He was part of this groovy group of kids that hung out together in our dorm. There were a pile of boys in this group and only one other girl besides myself. This other girl was the most beautiful, clever person I'd ever met. I fell in love with her at first conversation. She and my husband and I used to eat lunch together every day. In fact, she's the one who first suggested I give husband a second look, after I'd told her of my crush on our other friend Steve. She said that Steve was a dope and that husband was the one she'd go for if she weren't already dating someone else. She told me she thought husband liked me, because he was always watching me, hadn't I noticed? Um, nope. Husband was good-looking, blonde, blue-eyed, 6 ft tall, broad-shouldered, smart, funny, and we were completely simpatico from the moment we met. I didn't love him, though. He had a mullet, or as he said when he saw an old photo of himself years later: "I looked like a heavy metal fuck." He was also a practicing Catholic and a little too devoted to his mother for my taste. But after she mentioned him as someone she'd like, I began to view him less critically. We did have a great deal in common, and he did seem to really like me--he couldn't be that bad. Six weeks later when husband broke up with me after we'd only been dating for two weeks, this same friend said that I was better off, because he was too religious and too much of a mama's boy. Hrm. She wasn't wrong, but he was still only nineteen. Neither of us could predict how much husband would grow up over the next couple of years.

Our daughter is named after her.

I got an email from her today. We knew each other for one semester before she transfered from UMass to a college closer to home nearly twenty years ago, and I still find myself getting all giddy over her. She's as clever as ever. She has her PhD in archeology and she's going abroad on a dig in a few weeks. Le sigh.

fret, fret

Feb. 14th, 2008 09:12 pm
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My parents took me to lunch today for my birthday. Couple weeks late, but we finally got a day where no one was home sick or going to a doctor's appointment. They are convinced that Hillary still has a chance, and they're still donating to her campaign. I think I might volunteer to make calls for her. And, I guess I'll give her that money I promised the DNC. My parents have quit supporting They're sure McCain is definitely going to win if he's up against Obama. Can't say I disagree. Just pray that all the folks who are supporting him are not screwing us royally. I cannot believe we can have such an amazingly horrible president, and his party could still win the next election. It's so frustrating. Republicans just need to sit back and watch us destroy ourselves. Many ways to move forward and only one way to stand still, I guess. It was ever thus.

I'm dying to talk to my old teacher friend about watching my girl play basketball. Maybe I should ask him to see a game with me. That would probably depress the hell out of me. We've both changed so much. But when I see her coach and I see her, it brings me right back. I am not growing old gracefully. I despise aging. The gray hairs don't bother me, but the saggy bits do. I really need to get more serious about working out. I could probably get in shape enough to play basketball in adult league one day. I wonder what kind of older women would play in such a league. Serious athletes, I suppose. I'm not sure this body will ever do what I want it to again. Weird having to continually redefine yourself in your mind. The boy's track coach once told me I ran like a boy. I turned to my English teacher friend/basketball/track coach and asked him what the heck that meant. He told me it was supposed to be a compliment. Meant I was good. Oh, if they could see me now. I run like an old lady who looks like she's gonna keel over after about 100 feet. Sad, sad.

And the ficathon is almost here and I'm still flailing about. Gotta get this done in the next couple of days, so I can still have a chance to rewrite 50 times. No excuse for not having it done already. I am going to finish this if it kills me.


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