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Sep. 9th, 2010 07:59 am
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Today! Kids are home for two days - hip hip. Thank heavens we live in NY, where we get the Jewish holidays off. Quite a surprise when I'd moved to MA and discovered that not everybody in this country was so lucky. I'd like to see more religious holidays observed. Isn't there a special day for Muslims or Hindus or Buddhists? Every day my kids are not at school is a day I don't have to worry, so hoorah. Which sounds really bad, now that I think about it. Hrm.

I've been reading a bunch about that monkey down in Florida who wants to burn Korans. See why I think old Abe shoulda just let the South secede? We'd all be so much better off. But, then, we have our own simian battles over Ground Zero right here in NY. I'm in the strange position of feeling, who the fuck cares where they build a mosque - makes me no never mind, and disliking all religions equally. Does the world really need another place where people get to justify their own self-righteousness? If it weren't for the holidays (yay no school!), I would be just as happy if all this mishegas faded away. Someday, if we survive long enough, I hope humans outgrow the need for religion. You know, like in Star Trek.

All righty. Must leap up and go about the day. Son's having a marathon playdate from 10-3 and my house is, um, not exactly visitable.


Dec. 5th, 2008 01:15 pm
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Found this article about atheists putting up signs beside Nativity scenes fairly amusing. Thank heaven Samaritans desecrate or steal them for the Greater Good. The article mentions that atheist groups have also put up signs that read: "Why believe in God? Just be good for goodness sake!" S'funny cause my older son just told me last night that he wished he knew for certain whether or not God exists. I asked him why, and he said that if God did exist, he'd listen to me more, because he'd want to get into heaven. Aha, that's the trouble now, innit? Find it fascinating that people wouldn't simply choose to live their lives in a fair and decent manner simply because it's the right thing to do. Have we learned nothing? Are we still so primitive? Hrm.

It is Friday, which means I need to dig out my rec list. Most of the stories I've been enjoying all week wouldn't really be appropriate to recommend on a nice family-oriented site like [ profile] giles_fic_recs. Dunno why, but sometimes the nastiest shit appeals to me. Heh. Go figure.
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Hmm. Not sure what to make of McCain's choice in running mate. Clever and yet odd all at once. Will people really be persuaded to vote for him now? Does he believe he can pull Hillary's supporters over to the dark side with the promise that a woman could potentially be President if he dies? I suppose it could work. Who knows what is in the minds of an electorate that could actually remain undecided. I'll never understand people. Several of my Democratic female friends are married to men who are devout Republicans. I cannot for the life of me figure out how you could marry someone who doesn't share your values. It's such a fundamental part of who you are. But one of these friends once told me, "I'm not like you. These things aren't important to me." Zoinks! Is that possible? How can what you believe in not be important to you?

Heh. When we first got together, I remember telling my husband that if he wanted to become a practicing Catholic again, it'd be fine with me. I refused to get married in a church or convert or raise my children with religion, but if he found it was what he needed, he was welcome to it. We went to a few Catholic weddings soon after, and I turned to him after the third one and told him that I was sorry, but there was no way I could stay with him of he suddenly found religion again. He laughed and told me that he knew that already, that I was only kidding myself when I thought I could be cool with it. Even as a twenty-two yr old, he could see right through me. I really had believed that I could be all open and accepting, and I can be, I guess, with friends, but not with the person I'm going to be spending the rest of my life with. Baffles me how you could overlook such fundamental differences of opinion.

Obama and McCain are vastly different. You're either for something or against it--what's to decide? Look for the one who shares most of your values and then choose. S'not all that difficult, really.
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Took my son to see his well-educated, bright, liberal, Reformed Jewish dentist today. Dentist told me she did not know what she was going to do about the upcoming election. She thinks McCain's an honest man and Obama is not. She doesn't care that he's a Muslim, she just wants him to be honest about it. She said if I read his book, I would know that he says if any shit ever goes down, he'd be on the side of the Muslims. She's also upset that he wants to negotiate with Iran. She supported Hillary, but now she's at a loss. I told her that my greatest concern was the future of the Supreme Court. She said that concerned her, too, but isn't sure how she'll be able to vote for Obama.

My sisters said that all the Orthodox and Conservatives they work with were saying similar things. Obama is not going to get the Jewish vote. At least not in New York. How is he gonna do with the Christers? The racists? The poor uneducated masses? I'm so upset that the Republicans are going to get another chance to push us further into a hole. Argh! And then I read these stories about lunatic Oregonians who will no longer be supporting Obama, because he's not far enough to the left. How incredibly thick can people be? Like it or not, we live in a two party system. You cannot line up in droves for this guy during the primaries and then abandon him when it comes to the general election. Nader and his supporters said that there was no difference between Bush and Gore, and look where that stunning logic got us. Good grief! Why won't people please, please use their heads!
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Had lunch with my best friend and an old friend of ours who'd grown up on the opposite end of the street from us. She still lives on our old road, in the house she grew up in. It's so bizarre to see people you haven't seen in over twenty years. Conversation consisted mostly of playing catch-up. We were very close when we were little. In fact, she was the first person to tell me about God. I was three and she was five, and she scared the bejeebers outta me, to be honest. Told me that if I didn't let her tickle my feet, God would get me. I asked, "What's God?" We were driving through Manhattan in the back of my parents of station wagon at the time, and she pointed to this enormous and terrifying statue of an eagle, and told me "That's God. God is everywhere, and He watches everything you do." I was terrified, and let her tickle my feet, even though I hated every second of it. Later that day, I was in the basement with my mother watching her do the laundry and I asked her "What's God?" My mother went into this long explanation about who God is and how some people believe in Him and some people don't. And I asked her if she believed in Him, and she gave me the old "I'm an agnostic, because it's impossible to know for certain if God exists or not." I literally spent the next 12 years obsessing over that thought. Heh. Dopey kid.

Anyway, lunch was great fun, and then I got a new power cord for my mac, because if I didn't hold the wire in the exact right position, my laptop would switch into battery mode, and then suddenly run out of juice and shut down without warning. New cord seems to have done the trick, because now everything's working just fine, except for the fact that my battery charge only reads 99%. Did it used to get to 100? I can't remember. Prolly will need a new battery as well one of these days, which is possibly covered under my warranty, according to the nice lady at the Apple store.

Story is meh. I wanted so much more from it, but I think I'm going to view this as a learning experience, and will consider myself richer for having survived another stab at posting, if nothing else.
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Keys could not be found, because they were in the boat bag in my husband's car that was parked all day at the train station.

Daughter and I ran to library tonight in hopes of finding the books and info I needed to help me get certain details for my story straight. Library's almost always a bust. Don't know why I even bother to go there. Then we ran over to Barnes and Noble and discovered a trove of info that I'd have to special order. Ain't gonna happen, but I've learned enough to make the internet search easier, so I'm pretty stoked.

Read this article about Anthony Head's fight to keep church expansion from desecrating his grandmother's grave. I certainly wouldn't want that to happen to my grandparents. Kind of defeats the whole concept of Rest in Peace. I love how the church is arguing that folks shouldn't consider the bodies to be anything more than a vessel. Interesting, no? I would like to pretend that the Heads have a prayer of winning this one, but I am doubtful.

My daughter wants to start writing Twilight fanfic, cause our local B&N is having a ff contest. "How hard could it be?" she wondered. Hrm.

Edit: Son loves this Carlin bit on religion.
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Pup is suffering terribly as a result of his surgery. Physically, he's in pain, and he looks as if he can't stand the ignominy of wearing that ridiculous cone around his head. It catches on everything, and he just has the most pathetic look on his face. We've traumatized our dog. I feel terrible for him. He's also having the most difficult time taking a whiz. Poor Guthrie. When we got Gomez and Zelda fixed, they recovered likity splikity. Maybe it's different for cats. I guess we'll see when my daughter's new little kitty gets neutered. I know. Don't say it.

Erm, what else? I have a trillion things to do in my capacity as Class Mom, Assistant Class Mom, and Real Life Mom in the next week and a half. And time is running out! Parties to plan and run, gifts to buy. Husband and I are taking this weekend trip in celebration of fifteen years of marital bliss--our first ever without the children since we had 'em. Then next week, our VA friends are stopping by for a night on their way to Massachusetts. Then we have to drive daughter up to sleep away camp on the 29th. I took her to buy boots and a duffel bag and a new bathing suit this afternoon. This trip is costing a small fortune, but I know she's going to have a wonderful time. I loved camp. Of course, I spent the whole time either riding horses or making out with cute boys. Would be kinda cool if she got to do the same. Is there anything on earth that is more fun than kissing? I can't think of any. Greatest pastime ever.

And, because I cannot help but pretend that everything that interests me may interest you, here are a few links for your pleasure: First up, a discourse on theodicy entitled Holiday in Hellmouth. Ah, religion! You never cease to astound me.

Next, Hertzberg's mini commentary on Hillary's campaign. Think one crucial mistake he makes is that although the overt brutality committed against blacks cannot be denied, the notion that women have not and do not suffer in much the same way is one of the greatest, most misunderstood myths propagated in the history of the mankind.

And finally, a somewhat amusing diatribe on insomnia. This lady is singing my song.
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Wellthentherenow. We have had a most fulfilling day. No one wanted to go, but we dragged our sorry bottoms to NYC for a quick (two hour) run through the museum. Interesting crowd. Mostly tourists with no place to go today. We'd been invited to my oldest sister's house for lamb (disgusting), but I told her we'd really rather not come. The bunny stuff is cute, but since I do not actually believe in all of the Christian gobbledigook, I see no reason to pretend the day is anything more than an excuse to enjoy the loveliness of spring. Plus, my family gets together nearly every two weeks for someone's birthday, so it's kind of nice to not see them once in a while. Love them to bits, just need a little space sometimes.

John Adams is continuing tonight and this is most excellent. I'm such a history whore. Need to look into taking some college courses again. I'd love to meet other people who get as stupidexcited about this crap as I do. My dad and brother-in-law just aren't giving me the level of discussion I seek.

I leave you with this wonderful rendition of Jesus Was Way Cool by King Missile. It runs through my head all day every Easter.
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I ran into a woman I've known for 10 years over at the bloodwork place this morning. She was a bigwig on the PTA and at the cooperative nursery school we sent our children to. We have a friendly, stop and chat relationship. Anyway, today she's at the place having a glucose test, cause of an unexpected pregnancy. She starts telling me all about how it's God's will. Not an unusual convo for these parts. But then she tells me about how she had her palm read twenty-something years ago and that the fortune-teller had predicted a fourth pregnancy. And then she says her sister called into a psychic hotline and chatted with their deceased mother and how this pg had been foretold by her mom. And then she brought up Ouija boards, like all the things she's telling me are completely normal.

When people talk about this stuff, I'm always left wondering if they really believe what they are saying. She's an educated woman. I don't really understand it. And she's also quite religious. Catholic, I would imagine, since about 99% of the population around here are. Doesn't this hocus pocus somehow go against Christian teachings? How does the church feel about seers? Isn't that stuff sort of paganistic? Hrm. Regardless, I am happy for her. She's good people.

My daughter went on this class trip to the Poconos Environmental Educational Center last year, and someone had brought a Ouija Board. My daughter said that a bunch of girls freaked over this and climbed on a top bunk and began chanting something to keep the evil spirits away. "Chanting?" I asked. She said, "Yeah, it was weird." "Were they praying?" "I don't know," she said, "but they all knew the words: hail something or other."

When my daughter was little, we pulled into a parking space at the grocery store, and she looked over into the car parked next to us, pointed to a Baby Jesus with Mary statue that rested on its dashboard, and said, "Look, Mom, it's Sacagawea!"


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