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I took the kids to see Wall-E today. Cool! Post-apocalyptic fun for the whole family! I'm starting to see a disturbing trend here. Last week I read that the aerosol used in inhalers for asthmatics will be unavailable after late December of this year, because they've been deemed non-essential. To whom? The folks who'll have to struggle to get life-saving medicine into their lungs through less reliable and less efficient methods would certainly consider it essential. Then nephew was over the other day, saying that overpopulation was the cause of the world's evils, and that we need to stop reproducing. Tragedy of the commons view of the world seems to be pretty popular these days, and it's making me nervous.

I'm concerned about the environment. Would like to ensure that my own kids have a future, but jumping on bandwagons can be dangerous. History is filled with horror stories born from people's tendency to panic and go unnecessarily overboard. Find myself wary of the fascistic thinking that could begin to creep in if we're not careful. Exactly who should stop reproducing? And who will be making these decisions? Nephew suggested we should limit ourselves to one per family like they do in China. I don't know. Even more troubling is the thought that one of these days I'm gonna find myself having more in common with civil libertarians than I do with my own liberal compatriots. Ignorance and misinformation could lead us down a slippery slope fast, my friends. Scary shit is on the horizon, and the ozone layer could potentially be the least of our problems.
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That's right. Overweight people are the scourge of the earth. Global warming and food shortages are the fault of fat people? Fucking outrageous. Somebody's going to have to help me keep track of all of the people I'm supposed to hate now. The list is getting far too long, and I can't keep up.
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Before I had children, I didn't spend much time thinking about the choices I'd have to make once I had them. I knew I would have them vaccinated, if I had sons they'd be circumcised, I would nurse for 6 months no matter how freaked out the idea made me of doing it all, and I would never co-sleep.

After my daughter was born, I began to see things differently. Suddenly all of my planning went out the window. And when I brought this perfect creature to the doctor for her first vaccinations, I was afraid. I knew it was extremely rare, but some children can have reactions to vaccines. I told her doctor that I was committed to getting her the shots anyway, but I wanted reassurance. He promised me that she'd be safe, that he couldn't give the injections if they ever had injured any of his patients, and that all five of his own precious babies had had them, so I went ahead and took the very slim risk that mine would be the one child in millions who die from vaccines. I didn't worry about autism, because I'd read enough to know that those theoretical links were tenuous at best. I spent my life living with a bio-chemist who read all the latest scientific journals and ranted endlessly about the misguided notions of lay folk. I was fortunate. My daughter survived her infancy, and when I had my boys, I didn't even think twice about getting them vaccinated.

When I read articles like this one, I find it kind of infuriating that I was willing to put the good of society above my own child's life, and these other people are not. The mother of one of my daughter's classmates caught the measles from a non-vaccinated child at her doctor's office a couple of years ago, even though she had had the vaccine as a child.

I don't understand why people don't see how important this is. My parents tell stories of their own childhood experiences with measles, mumps, etc. Stories of going to school one day, and discovering that one of your friends had died of polio over the weekend. People need to remember how these illnesses terrorized people for thousands of years, and how fortunate we all are to live in this day and age. In the past, the average lifespan was low for a reason--children died with alarming frequency. I feel like we really can't afford to forget this.
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Anthony Head posted this letter on his website and Whedonesque picked it up as a bit of news. Obligatory discussion/cheers ensued, with several supporters hoping terrible things befall those people involved in the supposed starving dog incident. Hrm.

If the ASH version of the story is true, and the dog suffered cruelly while people stood by and did nothing, it is appalling. Humans never fail to disappoint me with their lack of compassion--for all creatures, including one another.

Reading the comments of these online Whedon fans who were wishing horrors upon the artist makes me equally queasy. Why don't they see the connection between the impulse for retribution and the impulse of torturing an innocent creature for art's sake? The answer, of course, is that the people who participated in the dog incident, passively or actively, are no longer innocents and are no longer worthy of our compassion. The entire show Dexter is based on this premise. A serial killer torturing and murdering those in society who are most deserving of it. I couldn't sit through ten seconds of Dexter's perception of justice. It made me literally want to throw up.

Antenna wrote this AU version of Amends, and nearly everyone who commented referred to Ethan as sweet, even though he ties another character down and forcibly tattoos him like he did to poor Buffy on the show. This is not problematic? An eye for an eye, retribution, vengeance. How are these morally acceptable concepts? Killing is wrong, so we should kill someone for it? Torture is wrong, so we should torture people for it?

I don't understand. And I can be as nutty and as worked up as anyone over wrongs. Something should be done! Someone should pay! But when anyone is victimized--animals, children, adults, criminals, terrorists--we all are. There is no insulation from responsibility. Society, humanity is only as strong as our weakest link. I don't know. This kind of stuff really bothers me.
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I am becoming concerned that the ptb in the Democratic Party are trying to kill a Clinton nomination. I find it appalling that they would disenfranchise entire states, because of squabbles. Methinks it's the boy's club mentality. And fuck that sexist prick Kennedy. I still haven't forgiven him for that William Kennedy Smith case. Do you realize that black men had the right to vote since about 1866, 54 years before women did? Fifty plus years! Women are still incredibly oppressed. And that includes you, even if you don't believe it. Women are systematically brainwashed throughout their lives to see themselves as second class citizens. Look around. Pay attention. It's everywhere, all the time. From something as apparently unimportant as the books we read to our children to religion, politics, the workplace, marriage. They're all institutionalized tools of oppression. You can dismiss me as a wingnut, but it is absolutely the truth. We're just so used to making excuses and rationalizations for them all, we've become inured to it. And there's no way anyone could convince me that Obama is better qualified for the job of President than she is, which is all it really boils down to, for me. Plus, he can't win. Neither can Hillary, I suppose. Freckin reckin John McCain.
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Oh, dear flist, I am so excited for all of your award-winning fics and pics. You are a most talented group. Well done!

I am plugging and chugging along, trying to balance all my silly have-to's with my really want-to's. So far, the have-to's have firmly planted their end of the see-saw on the ground, leaving the want-to's dangling and swinging their legs wildly. The have-to's enjoy teasing the want-to's by slowly raising themselves up before thumping back down hard, making the want-to's asses ache with each jolt. Fuckers.

I am checking off my to-do list, which grows larger by the minute. A woman's work is never done. My husband's been complaining that no matter how much he straightens, everything's a mess again. I tell him "Welcome to my life! Housework sucks, you rat bastard!" No matter how many times you make the damn bed, someone always sleeps in it. The laundry is a never-decreasing pile, and people like to dirty my dishes by expecting to eat off them every day. Selfish, selfish. The groceries won't buy themselves, although they try, I must give them credit.

What's a girl to do? I think I'll go play with my puppy. (That is not a euphemism for something naughty, though I wish it were.)


Aug. 21st, 2007 10:32 am
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Dissatisfied. Hrmph. Somebody sent me something in an effort to cheer me up. I didn't need cheering, and now I've plummeted into the pits of despair. I have been here so many times; it's like visiting a really shitty old friend. Blech. NF.

I am pretty hard on myself. I demand perfection and fall so far short, I am doomed to misery. But that's part of the game, innit? Proof that you really do suck, else you'd be happy and kinder to yourself.

People, strangers, you don't understand. I don't wallow for the pity. Don't want no pep talks. Don't look for stroking: "No, no. You really aren't terrible." I wouldn't believe you anyway, and the efforts would make me think less of you. I wallow because I enjoy the view. Try sticking your head up your own ass. It's quite nice, really. Comforting almost. Certainly familiar, at any rate.
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I went to my youngest son's kindergarten orientation last week. The director spoke to the parents at length about what to expect from your child's full-day kindergarten experience. One of her main focuses was the food your child would be allowed to bring to school. They take their lunches and snacks very seriously there. Your child can bring jello or fresh fruit to school, but not cookies or chips or anything they may actually want to eat. Our district is already a peanut-free environment, due to the high number of children with peanut allergies. Of course, my five year old lives on pb&j, but that's okay. We've survived with my two older kids being denied their favorite foods in school, my youngest will get through it. But what really rubs me the wrong way is how much the district wants to interfere with all of the food choices. No cupcakes for birthdays, for example. Fridays have been deemed "special snack" day, where the school will announce the color of snack that's allowed on those days. The director went on to explain how childhood obesity is on the rise, and how we have to do everything in our power to fight this trend. Oh, really? And how is sugar mixed with gelatin supposed to be healthier for our children than a snack made with flour, eggs, sugar, and butter--like cookies. Maybe kids are overweight, because they're forced to sit in school for six hours when they're five years old. Maybe it's because parents are too frightened to let their kids run free like we used to back in the day. (We get notices sent home from the district every once in a while, telling us that a sex-offender has moved into the neighborhood, courtesy of Megan's Law.) They only give the kids two days of gym at this place. Maybe that's a reason. Or, the fact that in NY, once it looks a little chilly or overcast, the kids have to have recess indoors, sometimes watching a film, instead of running around. I refuse to believe that eating a couple of cookies for snack, or a cupcake occasionally on someone's birthday is the reason. We ate whatever we wanted as kids, and practically nobody was overweight. We ran and rode and played kickball and dodge ball and spud and tag every afternoon after school. We had half-day kindergarten. We raced around like maniacs at recess. We knew to stay away from creepy old men who asked children to get in their car with them. And we didn't have to worry about state tests and no child left behind crap that has children spending ridiculous amounts of time doing homework after school, instead of playing, as god intended. That's all. I'll step off my soapbox now.


Jun. 4th, 2007 04:11 pm
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Now, had my post on Saturday actually gone through and not vanished into cyberspace or wherever the heck things go that disappear on the internet, I could have sounded happy, and full of hope.  But, instead, it's Monday and my fic writing sucks again and my house is in desperate need of a good scrubbing and my children need everything taken care of all of the time and my husband is going to be at work all night once again and my babysitter is a no-show and I have plans to see an old dear friend on Wed who I'm dreading seeing because I feel and look awful even with my new haircut and my freshly dyed eyelashes, which I agreed to get in a rare moment of pure vanity, and I didn't get to walk today, because it was pouring and now I'm stuck riding my exercise bike.  On the plus side, only four more hours until the kids will go to bed and I'll be free again for a short while until I pass out from the sheer exhaustion of doing nothing worthwhile.  Well, I feel a bit better.  Ranting is a valid form of therapy. 


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