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We watched last night's Colbert Report over dinner tonight, and, I gotta say, the Jane Austen/baseball bit he does within the first ten minutes is the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Clever bahstid. Here's the link. You please to watch. Laughter guaranteed, or I give you your ten minutes back.

And, to celebrate the fact that it is past 11pm on a Friday and I am still awake, I will also link you to the song I've had stuck in my head all day. As you may concede, I have impeccable taste. Who on earth doesn't love Jane Austen and The Housemartins?
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Having a weird day. Busy, though not enough to make a real impact on my Dumb Things list. Had a good session with my therapist this morning. The guy's wicked smaht. Insight has its bennies. And Lord knows, I'm eager to change. Mostly. I'm still making inexcusable excuses, so progress is slow. And expensive. Keep thinking that if I just wish for something long and hard enough, I won't have to do any of the actual work involved in getting me there. I don't ask for much, just want to lose weight without sticking to my points, want to be fit without having to exercise every day, want a clean house without lifting a finger, want a perfect dog without having to train him properly. Am gradually learning to accept that none of these things will ever happen unless I make them so. Am also coming to grips with the sad and sorry fact that I am never ever ever gonna fuck Anthony Head. O disappointment, thy name is reality!

On a completely unrelated note, older son really digs the bass and the drums, so we've been listening to a lot of Femmes lately. This song's da bomb, cats and kittens. Check it.
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We finally made it over to the public library yesterday, after about a week and a half of talking about it. There was a crowd gathered on the porch by the entrance, waiting for the doors to open. Turns out the library is quite the hot spot. Literally. Everyone was there for the computers or the wifi. We were there for the novelty and the middle school summer reading list and the free passes to Plymouth that I completely forgot to ask about. We left with two much-needed books for our soon-to-be eighth grader, three for the littlest, and two YA titles for me. Also helped support the library by picking up a neat canvas tote and sticker. They're trying to raise $30,000 to go solar. Why doesn't our library at home ever do progressive things like that? Something to bring up with the local ptb, perhaps.

We drove through a neighborhood in Eastham yesterday that overlooked a marsh and Rock Harbor that was to die for. And the houses only run about a million and a half. That shouldn't be too difficult to swing when I come back in my next life as David Sedaris. Or maybe if I scrimp and save, and sell my children to the highest bidder, I can have it in this lifetime, too.

Husband wants to look at houses again. He tells me he's going to call realtors today. Not sure why the idea of looking at things we cannot afford depresses me so. He sees it as good fun. I find it anxiety producing. As it is, I've been waking up at four every morning in a state a panic. Not cool. A definite sign that I am not exercising enough up here. Moving frees my brain, and the past week has been a bit on the lazy side. Maybe we'll hike the Fort Hill trail today, if it's not too sticky.

Came across this website after looking up le petit mort, and then following the links. "See also" has taken on a whole knew meaning on the net. Who on earth would have imagined there would be sites devoted to this crap? Fucked up.

(This post's title is brought to you by Scott Nash's Tuff Fluff, and by the number 3. Both big hits with the boys.)


May. 17th, 2008 01:30 pm
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because these lines from Bob Hicok's poem are awesome:
“Osiris, we beseech thee, rise and give us baseball”
is how we might sound were we Egyptian in April

because this makes me giggle

because I'm fairly certain that this picture is blurry and can't for the life of me figure out why Anthony Head would use it

because this song rocks my socks off

back to me

May. 14th, 2008 12:56 pm
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Two children home today with various ailments and my throat's killing me. One has a fever and an ear infection, other may have strep. Again. Took him to the ENT this morning to find out wtf is going on. ENT loves me. I don't think in a sexual way. More like in a he just can't stop pawing and fawning over me kind of way. Like he might a cute pet, maybe? I've had very odd relationships with male doctors throughout my life. My son's been with me on office visits and has asked if the doctors wanted to marry me. Even husband noticed the one time he came with. I cannot explain it, but it's been this way for me since I was wee little. Had the same experience with male teachers. And tour guides, strangely enough.

Anyway, this guy says to me today, "You have wonderful common sense. Tell me, who are you voting for?" I said I liked Hillary, but she's not gonna make it. He said that he wasn't certain she was out. I asked if he liked her. He said, "I'm not sure who I'm voting for yet, that's why I asked you. You are so sensible." All right. That's just weird. Is he going to make his decision by polling his patients? Then he kept shaking my hand and holding it and patting my back. This is when son wanted to know if this doctor loved me like the other one does. I'm telling you, there is no explanation for this behavior. I am not attractive. Maybe it's the red hair and freckles (people love the look or hate it) or maybe it's just the incredible workings of my keen mind. *snickers* Dunno. Either way, it always surprises me when it happens, then leaves me feeling kind of good, because someone, somewhere seems to appreciate me. I'm a simple person.

Here's a new YouTube link for you. Love the song. Chose this vid over similar ones, cause it's the most benign. Edit: Ooh, I like this one even better.


May. 3rd, 2008 10:08 pm
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More links for you to enjoy, because these cartoons amused me, this poem is fantastic, and David Sedaris rocks.
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We are in the process of signing our girl up for sleep away camp. I'm excited and nervous. Not for her. She's completely capable of handling anything, I have no doubt. But my baby is growing up. Eep! YMCAs are lovely, and I'm positive she'll have a fantastic time. I'm gonna miss her like crazy, though. She's such a great kid. Who'll play lead guitar for us? She's the only one in our Rock Band who plays on expert.

Dig this awesome clip of Pete Seeger accompanying Donovan singing Colours. Makes me happy whenever I watch it.
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Okay, this is completely and utterly offensive. Horrible. Terrible. Whatever you do, don't watch it.

Watch this. Much better. Much, much better.
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I am digging my renewed subscription to The New Yorker. This cartoon, this poem, and this article bring me great joy. Although, to be fair, I haven't read through the whole zine yet, so there is the chance I'll come across things that make me even happier. I like to read magazines from back to front. Fascinating, yes?

Youngest had a high fever and vomited throughout the night, so, once again, I am running on empty. Somehow I managed to get a lot accomplished today anyway. Tomorrow I'm sure I'll be brain dead. Three effs, baby.
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All righty kitty-kins. Some vids most of you have prolly seen, but I offer them up for your Giles viewing pleasure.

Stacy's Dad, Million Dollar Buffy, Don't Stand So Close to Me

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Wellthentherenow. We have had a most fulfilling day. No one wanted to go, but we dragged our sorry bottoms to NYC for a quick (two hour) run through the museum. Interesting crowd. Mostly tourists with no place to go today. We'd been invited to my oldest sister's house for lamb (disgusting), but I told her we'd really rather not come. The bunny stuff is cute, but since I do not actually believe in all of the Christian gobbledigook, I see no reason to pretend the day is anything more than an excuse to enjoy the loveliness of spring. Plus, my family gets together nearly every two weeks for someone's birthday, so it's kind of nice to not see them once in a while. Love them to bits, just need a little space sometimes.

John Adams is continuing tonight and this is most excellent. I'm such a history whore. Need to look into taking some college courses again. I'd love to meet other people who get as stupidexcited about this crap as I do. My dad and brother-in-law just aren't giving me the level of discussion I seek.

I leave you with this wonderful rendition of Jesus Was Way Cool by King Missile. It runs through my head all day every Easter.
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My kids and I can't stop watching this. But we love Star Wars. And Robot Chicken. Funny, funny.
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I'm feeling a bit better and am now in complete ramble mode. Since I already blather on endlessly with few responses anyway, I think I'll indulge myself.

This Tim Curry quote cracked me up: (Speaking to a crowd at a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" convention) "It's so comforting to know that there are so many people in this world sicker than I am."

Check him out on YouTube.
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I have really mixed feelings about my first ficathon experience. I'm glad I forced myself to do something way beyond my comfort zone, but I'm not sure I'm pleased with the results. I'm still angsting over the last few lines. And now I see the person I was writing for has dropped out. Hrm. Had one beta reader vanish on me. Then I had another who made wonderful suggestions that I couldn't really follow too well, because I waited too long to ask someone else to read it. Guess I'll have to be satisfied with a sacrifice bunt.

This song is bringing me much happiness this morning.
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My back has been killing me for a week now. Between the hotel bed and the shoveling and handling my extremely impish pup, I have strained the muscles that have given me troubles on and off since college. And I can't take the meds I used to, cause of my stoopit blood thinner. (freckin' reckin') Also, I am, how do you say, grody to the max, cause I am unshowered today. (grumble, grumble)

That's it for the whiny part of my post...hmm...or is it?

I'm having difficulty keeping up with housework since my back's giving me troubles, but also because I really, really despise cleaning. So boring, I want to pluck my eyes straight out me head. Would much rather spend the day reading prawn, er, working on my ficathon story. Ultimately, I believe beta was correct in initial assessment. More must be added and I need to finish it already.

Oh, and the other thing that's been kind of hellish of late is that everyone in my house has been taking turns getting up at all different times throughout the night. And last night, when littlest joined us at 1:30am, husband had left Lies My Parents Told Me on extra loud, so I couldn't fall back to sleep. Quite disorienting to wake up to that ep. Does not make me happy to see Giles betray Buffy again. It makes no sense that the Scoobies trusted her judgment for all those years when it came to everything, and suddenly in the seventh season, stop. Why, I ask you, why? And, of course, it turns out she's right about everything, as always. Stupid Scoobies. I made up for angsty ep by watching Starstruck on cable. I loves that silly film. Dig my favorite song from it. Never thought I'd miss the 80's.

And last, but not least, I would like to wish [ profile] ladyforash the happiest of days on this, the day of her birth. Happy Birthday!!
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Was going to post littlest's funny Clillary Hilton comments today, but I fear kid stories are just off-putting.

Husband is taking tomorrow off, so hip hip, though it's s'pposed to snow. :( Good day for cleaning the house and working on my story. It's...progressing. The problem I have is that I'm just incapable of writing. Words fail me. It's a small technicality, and one I expect to overcome any day now. Yes, indeedy do. An-y day.

In the meantime, find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.
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Vid rots, but song is the kipper's knickers.


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