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Oh, Wisconsin, I feel for you.

At least here in New York, our democratic governor is going to tell us he loves us, whisper sweet nothings as he prepares us, with fingers and possibly generous amounts of lube.

I'm thinking my days on the sidelines may be coming to an end. Inkings of activism are stirring in my heart.

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Snow day! A respite from wrangling with the school district from h e double hockey sticks. *sigh* I loves snow days.

Booked Disney two days ago. That oughta fill me with glee, but mostly I am filled with dread. I don't like the idea of my children being x-rayed unnecessarily or manhandled by ex-priests, er, TSA agents. But, in all fairness, these agents probably don't *want* to be fondling children. They're just following orders. Hrm. Seems to me I've heard that excuse before. Oh, yeah. At Nuremberg.

I am happy there is finally some sense of public outrage over Palin's use of gun not-so metaphors. She scared the crap out of me when she was running with McCain, and has never stopped causing me anxiety. When she speaks, dystopian horror stories like The Handmaid's Tale don't seem so far fetched after all.

And, hey, did you read this? For those of you who held out hope, it sounds pretty official: Ripper is DOA. Also, how much do you love, love the picture of Head holding that sword? Guh!
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Should Progressives Have Chosen Clinton Over Obama? Hrm. Ya think? What a useless tool that empty suit turned out to be.

In other news, I am hungry and need to find something that is both satisfying and within my points for early supper/late lunch. What to choose...what to choose...

fret, fret

Apr. 18th, 2009 06:32 am
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I love that Obama is so different from most of our previous Presidents, but he's pushing through a lot of change very quickly and I'm worried that the lunatic fringe Right, organized and validated by corporations like Fox News, will try to revolt. Historically speaking, Americans are middle-of-the-roaders, who like change to come in drips and drabs. The economy tanking and polar ice caps melting and the constant threat of terrorism have left many feeling that we have no choice but to take radical measures, but at what cost? There are plenty of crazies out there who honestly believe this is the end of the world, and they are armed, Michigan Militia types, who've just been waiting for the right moment to come along. I think the ptb over at Fox should consider the potential consequences of yelling, "Fire!" in a crowded Neo-Nazi camp. It might not have the results they're hoping for.
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Yay Obama! O happy day! The historian in me is awestruck. The Democrat in me is ecstatic. The realist in me thinks our troubles are far from over, but at least we're in a much better position than we'd be in under another four years of Republican rule, so "Hoorays!" all around. Only a couple of things still undermine the pure joy of this moment for me: (1) Gays just lost the right to marry in CA. That is so fucking wrong, I have no words. (2) Every time I hear a prominent black American say that they can finally tell their children that they really can grow up to be anything they'd like, I think, "Not if your kid's a girl, buddy". But one day they will. And I suppose our little girls still have Oprah to aspire to. Hopefully it won't be too long before a king maker might also be crowned.
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Well, it's finally November, which means the election is almost over. Thank heaven! I find myself cautiously optimistic, despite the poll numbers favoring Obama. Please, please, please, please let him win, God. I don't think I could take another four years of torture. Not that I expect super amazing things to transpire under a Democratic presidency. My expectations are low. Just keeping things from getting worse will be enough of an improvement for me. Politics is a nasty business and change is slow. Was reading somewhere that our much-maligned President Carter had been greatly concerned about relying on foreign oil, and had set up several agencies to study alternative fuel supplies. He'd even had solar panels installed on the roof of the White House. Reagan promptly cut the budget, killing the alternative energy research and then had the solar panels summarily removed. That was thirty years ago, and we're right back where we started. Can't get much slower than that.
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Hey, CT legalized gay marriage. Hooray! Older son was surprised to learn today that gays couldn't marry in most of the country: "Why not?" Good question, kiddo. I'm ashamed that NY is not as enlightened as our northern neighbor, but as one of my sister's pointed out, historically, NY is rarely a forerunner. Sad sad, but true. I have faith that we'll come around. Injustice rots. One day the stench'll be too much to bear.
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Damn this campaign is ugly. Palin made a speech tying Barak to Ayers in Florida the other day, and someone in the crowd shouted, "Kill him!" Now they're yelling, "Terrorist!" and this woman doesn't stop and confront her audience? Why would we ever want someone like that to be VP? S'making me want to donate more money to the Dems. I know a woman who said that she couldn't vote for a black man, so she's abstaining this election. Good grief! With all the things that are wrong with the world today, how could anyone let those bastards win the White House?
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Oh, flist...I find campaigns and elections mentally and emotionally draining. Maybe the process just takes too long. And let me just get this out of the way and say right now that if McCain gets elected and then dies, and we're left with that ridiculously stupid Palin, I'm gonna personally slap every single person who voted for them upside the head. It's like, just when I think things can't get any worse, they somehow do. George Bush Sr seemed like the biggest jackass, and I thought I'd never survive his Presidency. Then W comes along, and I find myself wishing his father were Prez again, because at least he was somewhat competent. But now McCain, who didn't appear to be as overtly stupid as it turns out he is, has brought us this...this joke. Feels like I'm watching the last days of Rome as a republic. I know what's coming, and it burns. Fuck!
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Hmm. Not sure what to make of McCain's choice in running mate. Clever and yet odd all at once. Will people really be persuaded to vote for him now? Does he believe he can pull Hillary's supporters over to the dark side with the promise that a woman could potentially be President if he dies? I suppose it could work. Who knows what is in the minds of an electorate that could actually remain undecided. I'll never understand people. Several of my Democratic female friends are married to men who are devout Republicans. I cannot for the life of me figure out how you could marry someone who doesn't share your values. It's such a fundamental part of who you are. But one of these friends once told me, "I'm not like you. These things aren't important to me." Zoinks! Is that possible? How can what you believe in not be important to you?

Heh. When we first got together, I remember telling my husband that if he wanted to become a practicing Catholic again, it'd be fine with me. I refused to get married in a church or convert or raise my children with religion, but if he found it was what he needed, he was welcome to it. We went to a few Catholic weddings soon after, and I turned to him after the third one and told him that I was sorry, but there was no way I could stay with him of he suddenly found religion again. He laughed and told me that he knew that already, that I was only kidding myself when I thought I could be cool with it. Even as a twenty-two yr old, he could see right through me. I really had believed that I could be all open and accepting, and I can be, I guess, with friends, but not with the person I'm going to be spending the rest of my life with. Baffles me how you could overlook such fundamental differences of opinion.

Obama and McCain are vastly different. You're either for something or against it--what's to decide? Look for the one who shares most of your values and then choose. S'not all that difficult, really.
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So Obama has chosen Biden. Hm. Kept reading things like "Obama's going to choose his running second second..." Glad to see that excitement come to an end. I've watched these politicians closely for years. In college, I was addicted to This Week with David Brinkley and CSPAN. And then more recently, before I quit watching most TV, I found it nearly impossible to not have CNN on all day. Now, I compulsively check the headlines on the internet and read almost every article in The New Yorker, so I'm not completely in the dark. But I have to be careful which stories I choose; if they're too scary, they can send me into a tailspin of anxiety that leaves me gasping for breath. Spinach Irradiated? Listeria Outbreaks in Canada? Obama Fatigue? It's a frightening world out there. I'm seriously considering learning to grow my own food using only hydroponics and masking tape. Would probably be best if the family could do all our learning and work from home as well. Ooh, and instead of buying a house on the Cape, we could look into getting some sort of bubble (non-plastic, of course) to protect us from the super bacteria that are desperately trying to break down our defenses and worm their way into our home, and our intestines.

But yay for Obama/Biden! Think it's too soon to get a bumper sticker? They can't have had them printed up already, can they? I mean, Obama only chose Biden last night, right?
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Nephews are always playing Norwegian Wood, and now the song is stuck in my head and I don't seem to own a copy of it. Why on earth not? It's feckin' perfect. Drats. The cool new thing we've discovered on YouTube are the vids of people teaching layfolk how to play various songs. Daughter has been working on beginning riff of Guns N Roses' Sweet Child of Mine. She genuinely enjoys listening to Axl Rose. His singing makes me want to drive an ice pick into my eardrums, so I can be free of the ghastly whine. Even beats annoying Rush lead singer as Worst Voice Evar. And middle son of course has to love Rush. I'm in music hell. Never should have dumped Raffi and the Wiggles for this lot. Oy!

Stories are at a standstill, but I've got lots I'm working through in my head. Have failed miserably at flistian feedback this summer. Thought I'd catch up on all of my reading on the Cape, but dial-up foiled my plans. Plus, I really enjoyed taking a break from the ff. I read actual books. Several of them, in fact. And they were good.

Shrink wants me to take a course this semester, but I've done nothing about signing up for one. Also thinks I should volunteer for Obama. Dunno. He's not stirring me the way Al did, but I will be miserable under Republican leadership, so I'm sure it is worth pursuing. Thing is, I have a major aversion to zealots. Well, unless they are BG fans, of course. Then they're cool. We're becoming an endangered species, I fear. Possibly shifting toward the Critically Endangered list, as fandom grows restless and moves onto bigger, though definitely not better, shows and pairings. I'm finding it difficult to reread the same stories for the billionth time. I scour the net, searching for new fics high and low, but they are too few and far between. Mrr.
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Took my son to see his well-educated, bright, liberal, Reformed Jewish dentist today. Dentist told me she did not know what she was going to do about the upcoming election. She thinks McCain's an honest man and Obama is not. She doesn't care that he's a Muslim, she just wants him to be honest about it. She said if I read his book, I would know that he says if any shit ever goes down, he'd be on the side of the Muslims. She's also upset that he wants to negotiate with Iran. She supported Hillary, but now she's at a loss. I told her that my greatest concern was the future of the Supreme Court. She said that concerned her, too, but isn't sure how she'll be able to vote for Obama.

My sisters said that all the Orthodox and Conservatives they work with were saying similar things. Obama is not going to get the Jewish vote. At least not in New York. How is he gonna do with the Christers? The racists? The poor uneducated masses? I'm so upset that the Republicans are going to get another chance to push us further into a hole. Argh! And then I read these stories about lunatic Oregonians who will no longer be supporting Obama, because he's not far enough to the left. How incredibly thick can people be? Like it or not, we live in a two party system. You cannot line up in droves for this guy during the primaries and then abandon him when it comes to the general election. Nader and his supporters said that there was no difference between Bush and Gore, and look where that stunning logic got us. Good grief! Why won't people please, please use their heads!
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I get these news alerts from the Times (NY, that is) and when I opened my email this morning, I read, "Osama Lands in Afghanistan on War Zone Tour". My first thought was "If we know where he is, why wouldn't we capture him?" Then I reread the headline and realized it said, "Obama Lands in Afghanistan on War Zone Tour". I'm pretty much going blind, and was also suffering from my usual blurry morning vision, but still. Yikes!
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Reason I love Joss #7,566,402 behind the cut for potential Dr. Horrible spoiler )

Oh, and reason #80,907,231 that Al Gore should have been President: He's got a brain.
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Pup is suffering terribly as a result of his surgery. Physically, he's in pain, and he looks as if he can't stand the ignominy of wearing that ridiculous cone around his head. It catches on everything, and he just has the most pathetic look on his face. We've traumatized our dog. I feel terrible for him. He's also having the most difficult time taking a whiz. Poor Guthrie. When we got Gomez and Zelda fixed, they recovered likity splikity. Maybe it's different for cats. I guess we'll see when my daughter's new little kitty gets neutered. I know. Don't say it.

Erm, what else? I have a trillion things to do in my capacity as Class Mom, Assistant Class Mom, and Real Life Mom in the next week and a half. And time is running out! Parties to plan and run, gifts to buy. Husband and I are taking this weekend trip in celebration of fifteen years of marital bliss--our first ever without the children since we had 'em. Then next week, our VA friends are stopping by for a night on their way to Massachusetts. Then we have to drive daughter up to sleep away camp on the 29th. I took her to buy boots and a duffel bag and a new bathing suit this afternoon. This trip is costing a small fortune, but I know she's going to have a wonderful time. I loved camp. Of course, I spent the whole time either riding horses or making out with cute boys. Would be kinda cool if she got to do the same. Is there anything on earth that is more fun than kissing? I can't think of any. Greatest pastime ever.

And, because I cannot help but pretend that everything that interests me may interest you, here are a few links for your pleasure: First up, a discourse on theodicy entitled Holiday in Hellmouth. Ah, religion! You never cease to astound me.

Next, Hertzberg's mini commentary on Hillary's campaign. Think one crucial mistake he makes is that although the overt brutality committed against blacks cannot be denied, the notion that women have not and do not suffer in much the same way is one of the greatest, most misunderstood myths propagated in the history of the mankind.

And finally, a somewhat amusing diatribe on insomnia. This lady is singing my song.
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I'm happy that the primaries are finally over. Learned some interesting things from this experience. It seemed there were many reasons why Barack came out on top. Sexism was only a part of it, I think. If Hillary had been a more likable person, would it have made a difference? She and Bill definitely pissed off a lot of high-ranking DNC people fairly early in the race. And the clear racial divide felt reminiscent of the OJ Simpson trial. Interesting stuff. I'm ready to back Obama. I'm ready to pony up and fork out some dough and hang up my signs and paste on my bumper stickers. I'll do whatever I can to make sure we don't have another Republican in the White House. Very excited at the prospect of a first African American President. Cool, cool.
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Hrm. Just read Hillary has 271.5 superdelegates. Do I even want to know what a half-delegate is? The fact that the whole country doesn't hold primaries on the same day everywhere, and that superdelegates can hold so much power makes no sense to me. Neither does the fact that large states are completely marginalized. I could really get myself in a tizzy over politics, but I will refrain. Change, if it is ever to occur, will be slow and painful, as nature intended. I can only wonder why people insist on clinging to the archaic and out-dated. But when have humans ever done anything even remotely logical, flawed species that we be. Arg!
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This is what I was afraid of.
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I am just going to continue offering links to things that nobody probably ever reads or watches, because I think they're interesting. This little Times article articulates some of what I've been ranting about in my feminist diatribes here on LJ. I'm being a bore, but wtf. It's a journal. I'm allowed to blather and you're welcome to ignore, though discussion is encouraged. Convince me with a good argument. I'm open to new ideas, even if I come across as opinionated and obnoxious. I am, but I can also learn and grow. I was not always the staunch feminist I am today. Seems like such a disconnect since I have chosen a traditional female role of staying home with the kids instead of working outside the home. One of the weird things I've learned these past few years is that working moms and stay-at-homers pretty much hate each other, which is truly beyond insane. And people who don't have kids and people who do seem to resent the hell out of each other, too. But I think that people choosing to do or be whatever they like is the real goal of equality, don't you?

I guess none of you watched John Adams last night. Laura Linney was marvelous. And, I just learned that Sarah Polley is going to be in it as well. I'm such a dork, but I'm thrilled to pieces. My two favorite actresses in a show about my favorite President. Glee!


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