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We now have a dog, a cat, two kittens (though one may be going to my sister), and a bunny. And I want more.

What. Is. Wrong. With. Me.

Friend called this morning, asking if I felt up for an impromptu Christmas shopping playdate, and for once I actually was free and could do it. Yay! We hit the mall, which was really, really crowded for 9:30 in the morning on a Tuesday. By 11, we were in Toys R Us and it was crazy crowded, too. Doesn't anybody have to work any more? After I bit, I began to bug, so we bailed. Left our full cart on the edge of an aisle and took off. Then we ate lunch, came home, and hung until we had to pick up our kids. Cool. Much more fun than cleaning all day like I had planned. Win!

Surreal moment of the day: Lady I held the elevator for told me I looked exactly like Elizabeth Edwards (I do not), and then Elizabeth Edwards died. Today. The very day this crazy woman told me I looked like her. Huh.

I'm sorry you suffered, Elizabeth. Some people get an unfair share of bad luck.
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First half on Merlin's final ep (aired last week) was like a perfectly formed Olympic dive, and this week's ep was cut for, well, you know )

Today! Bought a super new vacuum. Doesn't sound that thrilling unless you've been losing a battle against cat and dog hair for the past year like we have, so yay yay yay for a machine that finally does everything it promises. Consumer Reports, you rock.

We also popped up to the pet store and put a hold on a sweet little brown bunny for youngest for Christmas. His first choice was a ferret, with bunny holding a close second, but we can't really handle any more super smelly, energetic pets at the present time. Kittens are filling that role just perfectly for now.

What? Oh, you're still here. I'm going to bed, kiddos. I suggest you do the same. *believes everyone everywhere is secretly on EST, like me*

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Baby baby baby baby! Hooray!!

In other happy news, Anthony Head says Uther's reign is not over yet - do we believe him?

In icky news, dog just yuked all over the backseat of my car. My my my. Will the fun ever cease?

In dear-Lord-I-might-have-to-get-myself-back-on-a-plane news, Kevin Spacey is going to play Richard III next summer. Guys, why can't you do all of your work on *this* (the good side) of the Atlantic? I'ma scared to fly.
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So. Just got a call from my mom - looks like nephew's baby's gonna be born today. Yay for new people to love! I've already got a stack of books ready for his first Christmas. Canna wait.

Little gray kitten has escaped from his home in our dog's old giant crate and is currently hiding in my closet. He and his brother orange kitten are crying for each other, but gray won't let me catch him. Silly kitty. They're still so skittish even though they purr and snuggle and love to be petted. I don't get it. Hopefully, they'll chill and not stay wild kitties forever. That would be unpleasant.
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Mama cat came back looking for her kittens. Devastating to watch. So I won't. Maybe I'll start feeding her and she can become our outdoor cat. And maybe if I can, I'll catch her one day and take her to the vets to get spayed. Feels so irresponsible to let her make tons more kitties when there are so many unwanteds already in shelters. Plus, lotsa wild cats means fewer wild birds, and that's always sad making.

Made husband watch last night's Merlin ep. He does not seem to find ASH's swordplay as exciting as I did. But! He was very surprised to learn the truth about Morgana. And if *he* can see the flirting/potential between King and Ward, you know it's obvious. Um, no offense, hon.

What else? Loads of homework left to finish this weekend. Feels like my fourth time repeating third grade, and I've gotta say, it's getting kind of old.

Tee hee! Husband's napping beside me and I just noticed the kittens are curled up against his leg. Too stinking cute! Gotta grab my camera.
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Merlin, is it my imagination or are you becoming one of my favorite shows ever? Anthony Head sword fighting for the win! I think I'm in love.

Today! Wholly sidetracked when we discovered a small nest of kitties living beneath our wood pile - two kitties, known for now as cute and cuter. Caught one and took him to the vet who said he looks good. In a couple of weeks he'll be old enough to test for kitty diseases and begin getting vaccinations. We need to keep these little ones away from our other cat until we know they are healthy. Vet said it was good we were taking them in because leaving them would only mean more feral cats living in our yard. I didn't even know we had any. Their mom seems to be MIA.
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What news? Well, we had our dog home for one fun-filled diarrhea-ridden night in which we were forced to get up and rush him outdoors every couple of hours. In the morning, he refused to eat, so I brought him back to the vet. Turned out he had a small seepage from his surgical incision that was causing peritonitis, and the vet had to open him up again and remove part of his intestine. He looks better now and if all goes well we'll have him home again by Friday. Poor pup is suffering so. He's also now officially costing us an arm and a leg. I think we can pretty much kiss Italy goodbye. That or Christmas. A new car is also on hold indefinitely. And, at this point, I am very grateful we never got that second house, cause I think we'd be forced to foreclose.

Had a new phlebotomist today. In the five minutes I was with her, she'd told me that she's been searching for a place to live, because she'd been evicted after her son was murdered, and that her other son has sickle-cell and some other horrible-sounding disease that makes it impossible for him to work, and that her niece lives in a basement apartment that is so riddled with mold it is making her sick. And the whole time she's describing her tragic existence in this sweet, gentle, trusting-in-the-Lord kind of way that I found both compelling and depressing. She blew my first vein and had to dig around for my second, but what she lacked in skill, she made up for in kindness. When she told me she hoped to see me again next week, my first thought was, That would be nice before I realized, Christ, she's a butcher!

All right. I gotta get something done today. Triaging has left my attempts to keep abreast of my housewifely duties in disarray. Hrm. Was that even English?
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So, my dog is sick. Really, really, really sick. He spent most of the day at the vet, who ran a bunch of tests, came to few conclusions, then suggested we take da goober to an after hours vet care facility cause she was heading home. :/ Husband is at the 24/7 vet now, while I'm here trying to convince the kids Guthrie isn't dying. This is not an easy task because I honestly have no clue what the heck is going to happen to him. I love that stupid dog. He's such a good boy.
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I guess it was inevitable. Someone I went to school with and haven't spoken to since about second grade has asked to be my friend on facebook. I'm sure she's a lovely person, but I really do not want to have to friend her back, though I probably will. I hate to be rude. She's one of those people with nearly 500 friends - you know, a collector. The box is getting smaller. Soon I won't be able to feel free to post a thing there.

Our rabbit died today. We got him used and had him for five years ourselves, so I'm guessing he was at least 6 or 7 years old. Sweetest rodenty-type creature I've ever known. Every day, he'd sleep stretched out with his eyes wide open. I'd call to him or rattle his cage or watch carefully to see if he was still breathing, and every day he was, until today. It's weird, because we all really loved him, yet were not at all surprised - we were so used to thinking, "Oh my God, Max is dead," that when he finally was, we had already come to terms with our impending loss.

Took a long time to dig his grave. We had to choose a place where Guthrie couldn't accidentally dig him up, and the only out of the way spot was filled with giant tree roots. Tough to get through. My daughter helped dig once my back starting killing, and then my husband came home and had to finish the rest. Ugh! But we finally got him into the ground and said our goodbyes. :(

My husband and I have been watching Dexter, which, as it turns out, is a really good show as long as I avoid any seriously disturbing images. The camera usually cuts away at the bad parts and the killings are quick, so I can handle it. We've been watching them out of order and right now Keith Carradine is guesting. I have to say I'm finding him unbearably sexy. Ooh, and I have a mad serious girlcrush on Jennifer Carpenter. I love her quirky good looks, and the cursing? Oh yeah. She's just the grooviest.


Nov. 13th, 2008 09:28 pm
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Crazy week. Husband's been sick as a dawg with some coldy-fluey thang that's kept him from doing any work for two whole days straight. I think that's a new personal record for him, 'cause, lemme tell you, this guy never stops. He is mossless. Hm, what else? Oh, yes, I visited a whole slew of animal shelter kittens in hopes of finding another sweetie to call our own. They're all so ridiculously adorable, I wish I could adopt every last one. But I think I'm a soft touch. I even find myself wanting to buy little albino mice to rescue them from their eventual fate as some constrictor's lunch. If you've never seen two or three of those little buggers running on an exercise wheel at once, you don't know what you're missing. Srsly. Hours of entertainment. Like a little mini meecy circus. Buttons, one and all!

Eh. So much happened this week. I could regale you with thrilling tales of vet visits and asthma attacks and nit-picking (um, as in literally, not as in minute and unjustified criticisms, [though you may rest assure, several of those have occurred over the past few days as well]), but I think I'll be kind and spare you the gritty details. What? No, no, no. Think nothing of it. Really, your friendship is the only thanks I need. :)
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It's a sickness. I understand this, but it still doesn't change my compulsive need to pop over to Massapequa to snatch up a little kitten my girlfriend just called to tell me about that's up for adoption at her local pet store. Some animal shelter uses this store to help find homes for their wards. I Want The Kitty. Doesn't our six month old cat need a playmate? Husband says, "Are you kidding?" Um, nope. We could have a menagerie. We already have the world's nicest rabbit, cutest dog, and playful kitty. Alls we need is a little parakeet and a hamster and another kitten and some fishies and and and
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Our last day. Usually by now I am ready to return and face the realities vacation allows me to avoid, but this year, I don't want to leave. Three weeks doesn't feel like enough time. There's so much more that I want to do here. I won't miss eating out every day. That gets old pretty fast. We could cook, but we never do when we're here. One big meal and lots of snacking is standard Cape Cod fare. You know it's bad when your children are saying things like "Ice cream again?" Yes, ice cream, and you're gonna eat it or you won't get any supper later.

We spent too much time looking at houses, but the fact that we're leaving without owning one makes me a little sad. Probably because we'll have to keep driving up here whenever the realtor thinks she's found "the one", and that's gonna suck. I hope she understands what we like and don't like well enough to choose wisely before asking us to drive all this way. She's pretty sharp, so I am putting my faith in her. Plus, realtors on the Cape work for you. In NY, they only represent the seller, and they're always turning the screws, but here they seem more apt to really listen.

We have to pop over and pick up our pup this morning. Having him in a kennel has worked out far better than I'd expected. I miss him, but I don't miss the work of doggie ownership. S'like having a baby in many ways, and now that my children are finally older, it's a kind of a drag to have to take a step backwards.

What does it mean when nearly every aspect of your real life fills you with dread? I'm thinking that's not so good. I wish we were people who could just decide to live a more alternative lifestyle already. We have several friends who do, and they seem pretty happy, but that's never a true litmus test, is it? I mean, anybody can seem happy. Heck, if you weren't privy to my bellyaching, you might see me and say, "My, there goes a happy lady." Hm. Probably not.
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I've decided that when I get home, I'm going to hire myself a personal trainer and get into fantastico shape already. Enough is enough, eh? In the meantime, though, I can't seem to stop myself from packing on some extra vacationy poundage. Mrr. It's all that yummy ice cream that's to blame. I cannot resist the temptation of Ben and Jerry's and their damn Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz. Also, it is a well-known fact that Peppermint Stick shakes at PJ's are to die for. Thankfully, P.S. (as we in the know might call it on our lazier days) is a most coveted flavor and usually does not last for more than a few hours after delivery. When PJ's runs out, the only other place on the Outer Cape that carries Ppprmnt Stck (nthr lttl-knwn abbrvtn) that I know of is all the way out in P-Town at Turner's. Now some of you may think that driving fifteen some-odd miles for a little ice cream sounds pret-ty darn indulgent, but what you don't know is that Turner's sells the best fudge ever in the whole history of mankind. That said, it would be sinful (and yet so like an out of shape person, really) to pollute the planet with all of that carbon monoxide for just a quick bite of ice cream and then not pick up at least one small box of fudge. Can one really put a price on manna? And what gaineth a woman if she eatith this manna and loseth her girlish figure? I'm guessing about ten pounds, at this rate.

And oh, we visited the dog today after skipping the past two, and I'm pleased to say he missed us--He really missed us. 'Bout time, I'd say, but I decided that I wouldn't lay a guilt-trip on him, and just allowed myself to bask in the puppy love. It was wonderful.
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My daughter fixed whatever was wrong with our internet service and her computer is working now. I'm not going to bother trying to get mine hooked up until my husband comes tomorrow with the essential Apple part I accidentally knocked off my computer before I left. Thing is, I knew I knocked it off and thought "Oh, I'll get that later", which is kind of funny when you think about it.

I spent the first 24 hours here at the Cape fretting over my pup. The people who own this house we rent have a strict no pet policy, and the kennel I'd planned on bringing him to looked like something out of Deliverance, so I was hemming and hawing. Should I just keep him here in his crate in the basement? What if the neighbors turn me in? What if they think that dog poops someone else left over on the path was my dog's and then they curse me when they step in it? After listening to me carry on about this for a few minutes, my brother-in-law made me call a half a dozen other kennels until I found one that could take the Guf.

The place is in Orleans and is very clean and the people there are very sweet and Guthrie seems happy enough. We visited him this morning and drove him over to a nearby parking lot by the best Chinese restaurant on the Cape (Hunan Gormet III, if you're ever out this way). We walked him and played a bit and petted him, and he was exactly the same as he always is. Kind of a let down, really. I'm not sure why, but I thought seeing us would mean so much more to him than it did, that he'd act more grateful somehow. I mean, we had just driven fifteen miles just to hang out with him, the least he could have done is pretended he'd missed us as much as we missed him, don't you think?

Um, what else? My parents had a bat hanging in the rafters above their bed at the cabin they're staying in, which is one of my worst nightmares come true. Snakes also scare the pants off of me, so when we had a black racer chasing a bird across our lawn the other day, I was bugging out for hours. Still, it was better than the time the black racer was in our house here on the pond, so I guess it could have been worse.
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My dog groomer/shower/breeder neighbor gave me an hour long impromptu doggy-training lesson last night in the middle of our street, and this morning, pup behaved perfectly. I didn't have to correct him once. And even when squirrels, bunnies, and a man on a bike passed, he stayed heeled with his head up. Helps that she lent me her choke collar and leash until I can get ones just like hers. Much better for training than the equipment I was using, apparently. This all makes me ridiculously happy. I really didn't want to have to resort to using an electric collar. Felt like I'd be betraying my pup's love and trust, no matter how many people tell me that it's not such a big deal.

My daughter's camp allows you to email your kid through this company that charges for the service. It's nice, cause that way she can receive a letter every day, but last night, their server went down. Why am I not surprised? Was working this morning, though, so hopefully this will not be an ongoing problem. I'm not going to feel very patient and understanding with that kind of lousy service for very long. Would be different if they weren't charging me an arm and a leg. Once I'm paying for something, I expect a lot.

Gotta go tend to the kitten now. I can hear him upstairs a-mewing. I've been letting him run around the house all day, but I'm nervous about my allergic boys. I need to buy some sort of HEPA filter thingy to help with the air quality in the house. Plus, I'm supposed to get the kitten used to bathing. Yeah. That's really gonna work out. Not.
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Our friends are coming today. I have to run around getting things ready for them. I think they'd appreciate fresh sheets and a well-vacuumed space, don't you? I also have to get kitty out of my daughter's room, cause that's where they will be sleeping. Means kitten'll have to spend most of his time in my room, which is not going to be easy, because he'll be jumping on our heads all night. My husband doesn't have a whole lotta patience for shinanigans these days, so I fear that if the kitten pounces on husband while he is sleeping, kitty will find himself being flung across the room. I just asked husband if he'd prefer to sleep in our son's room, away from the kitten tonight, and he snipped, "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Ah, I love when he's miserable at work. Adds a whole new and unexpected level of excitement to our otherwise dull and dreary lives.

Last full day of school for the boys and last, last day for daughter, so I am most pleased. Just have to get my happy-to-visit-with-good-friends vibe going for the next 30 hours, send in end-of-the-year teacher gifts, and then finish getting ready for camp. I can do this.
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Had to take pup back to the vet today. Little rat bastid popped his lampshade thingy open and ate two stitches out before I stopped him. Vet stapled his boo boo closed, and then gave me benedryl pills and antibiotics and some sort of ointment. He's already on painkillers. Vet wants me to rig some sort of undershirt onesie contraption as well as tape some cloth to the edge of the plastic cone to prevent further irritation of his, um, bits. Complete pain in the ass. And we're going away, which leaves my enfeebled parents to have to tend to this shit. Damn. I can just see them wrestling with this giant dog to rub ointment on his genitals. Oy! I wish we hadn't planned to go away this weekend. Just too much going on right now, but we're pretty much stuck. Hotel is ridiculously overpriced and theater tix are as well. We cannot get our money back at this point, and you know we never ever go away. S'making me all anxious.
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Pup is suffering terribly as a result of his surgery. Physically, he's in pain, and he looks as if he can't stand the ignominy of wearing that ridiculous cone around his head. It catches on everything, and he just has the most pathetic look on his face. We've traumatized our dog. I feel terrible for him. He's also having the most difficult time taking a whiz. Poor Guthrie. When we got Gomez and Zelda fixed, they recovered likity splikity. Maybe it's different for cats. I guess we'll see when my daughter's new little kitty gets neutered. I know. Don't say it.

Erm, what else? I have a trillion things to do in my capacity as Class Mom, Assistant Class Mom, and Real Life Mom in the next week and a half. And time is running out! Parties to plan and run, gifts to buy. Husband and I are taking this weekend trip in celebration of fifteen years of marital bliss--our first ever without the children since we had 'em. Then next week, our VA friends are stopping by for a night on their way to Massachusetts. Then we have to drive daughter up to sleep away camp on the 29th. I took her to buy boots and a duffel bag and a new bathing suit this afternoon. This trip is costing a small fortune, but I know she's going to have a wonderful time. I loved camp. Of course, I spent the whole time either riding horses or making out with cute boys. Would be kinda cool if she got to do the same. Is there anything on earth that is more fun than kissing? I can't think of any. Greatest pastime ever.

And, because I cannot help but pretend that everything that interests me may interest you, here are a few links for your pleasure: First up, a discourse on theodicy entitled Holiday in Hellmouth. Ah, religion! You never cease to astound me.

Next, Hertzberg's mini commentary on Hillary's campaign. Think one crucial mistake he makes is that although the overt brutality committed against blacks cannot be denied, the notion that women have not and do not suffer in much the same way is one of the greatest, most misunderstood myths propagated in the history of the mankind.

And finally, a somewhat amusing diatribe on insomnia. This lady is singing my song.
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Two of my sisters have adopted the cutest little wee baby kittens I have ever seen, and it is killing me that I can't get one. :(

over wait

Mar. 14th, 2008 12:57 pm
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Just got back from walking the pup, who will be 7 months old tomorrow, btw. Time for a trip to the vet. Anyway, two things:

1. Is it weird that my dog is thrilled by every leaf and squirrel we see, but pays absolutely no attention to the dogs going berserk in their yards as we pass by? He's such a mix of hyper and mellow. Strange.

2. I'm pretty sure I passed two men receiving, um, ministrations in their cars at noon on our local streets. One, I could understand. It happens. Teens, maybe, with no place to go. But the second guy was older and in a pickup truck a block and a half away from the first car. So now I'm thinking that maybe this is a pay for service deal. Which is pretty disturbing, I guess. I've seen random used condoms throughout the past couple of years of walking these mean streets, but I just figured it was teens again. Gross teens, but whatever. Odd. Unsettling. Not sure what to think. Maybe just a happy coincidence? Dunno.

Now, since you are all waiting anxiously for every bit of news and every random thought that passes through my very opinionated head, I am off to make my Giles fic rec. Sit tight. I know you wait with bated breath.


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