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So I get a call from the guy who runs the hiking program my son went on the other day. He said they were all talking about FB on the car ride home and he'd asked son if he had a FB account. Son said no, but he was on Twitter. Guy asked who he tweets with. Son said, "Pedophiles."

I had to assure the guy this was my son's idea of a joke - son thinks adults are whacked with their constant internet fretting - and he thought it was a funny response, like, of course, who else would he be talking to on the web except predators? Guy tried to see the humor in it. I'm not sure if he did.

My efforts to retrench have been thwarted by older son's sudden need for all new clothes. Thankfully, his older cousin's hand-me-downs have helped defray the cost, but I had to spend yesterday dashing from store to store, shopping in the men's departments, finding pants and shirts and coats that were suitable for the cold.

In other tragic my-kids-are-growing-up-too-fast news, older son now has one long lonely whisker growing on his chin. It joins the thin little Ronald Coleman thing going on on his top lip. Isn't 13 a little young to start needing a shave? Also, he's got an Adam's apple nearly as big as Ichabod Crane's. Yikes. My baby's been replaced by a man. And suddenly my little house is filled with all these adults.
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In my narcissistic delirium, I forgot to tell you what a wonderful time older son had with his hiking group on Saturday. Yay! Though yesterday he said to me, "I'm not happy." And I decided to say, "Why does everyone have to feel happy all the time? Happiness is overrated. Sometimes you're happy. Sometimes you're not, right? Why can't that be enough?" So. Yeah. I'm going less with the pep talks, more with the I'm OK, You're OK spiel.

TV! The Walking Dead has returned. Yay zombies! I don't care if it's not the greatest show ever or that they air waaay to many commercials throughout. I enjoy watching people struggling to survive against those horrible beasties.

Homeland ep 3. Hrm. )

I've been listening to a lot of big band era stuff in my little Honda lately. My those songs were yare.
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Oh, bubby babies. I wish I could say I got more accomplished today. I felt very busy, but my house looks suspiciously similar to how it did when I woke up, so somehow, I suppose I didn't get as much done as I felt I had.

The middle school has finally pushed me over the edge. No horror stories to report, just simple ineptitude, which is dangerous enough. I am strangely at peace. The time for hand wringing is at an end, and I've decided to just say, no, this is how it's going to be done, and if I have to write to every single teacher, every single night, I'm prepared to do so. What are they going to do - torment my kid - more?

Today was Cary Grant's 106th birthday, and you know what that means - TCM ran another marathon. *sigh* That man is the sweetest creature to have ever graced this earth. Mmm-mm. I only got to see Sylvia Scarlett this morning and a documentary on him tonight, but my if it wasn't just the fix I needed.

I finally switched over to my new Macbook Pro. It's lovely to work on a machine that doesn't get hung up every five minutes and doesn't have a big line running through the screen. I just need to transfer more of my good, good stuff and install some much-needed programs and I'll be all set. Yay.

How are you guys doing?
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School's back in session, which means older son came home with another horrible story about some dickhead saying or doing something mean to him. How on earth anyone survives middle school is a mystery to me. Also? Never have a kid with issues. If you do, you're pretty well fucked. Though not as brutally as they are.

In less makes-me-wanna-sob-all-day news, I have had an amazing week conquering my to-do list. Suck that, Life, you bastard.
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Feel illz this AM. Mrr. Must rally and head to PT even though I really really really really do not want to. But my arm does feel better after, so I guess I'll just suck it up and suffer through. Plus, the PT place has the option of charging me $30 cancellation fee if I don't give them 24 hr notice. How do I know a day in advance that I'm going to wake up feeling like I'm gonna hurl? Hm?

MS psychologist said she'd be calling to conference me into a meeting with the behavioral consultant first thing this morning. First thing in that school is 7:30 - it's now 9. I'm guessing she's blowing me off. Again. Woman seems super competent, but she can't keep a schedule to save her life. Kids today...

Son's outside therapist spoke to her, then asked me how old MS psychologist was - because she sounds like a young 'un - a teen with a sultry voice and a soft core porn lisp. I can't look at her or talk to her without thinking that she could be one of those women. Is it just me, or do all young people look suspiciously like you might have seen them on the internets doing something naughty? Er, not that I've ever seen anyone doing anything naughty. Ever. They just have that vibe about them.

All righty. Enough chatter. If I can move without being sick, I'ma throw my clothes on and hop in the car. A plan!
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I'm trying to work out why I wake up every night anxious about our upcoming trip to London. This is the kind of situation in which my therapist might come in handy IF HE HADN'T DISAPPEARED FOR THE PAST SIX WEEKS! My calendar says he's back tomorrow. I have no idea if this means that's the day he's returning to the US or if we have a session. Note to self: take better notes.

Me mater is back in the hospital. She's having complications and needs to have another surgery tomorrow to sort things out. Um, yay?

I have a gabillion kajillion things I'm supposed to take care of and so far I've only accomplished a dozen. Mostly, I just want to clean my house, because it's irritating as hell to be tripping over these suitcases/Disney crap day after day.

I seriously need to work up the strength to fight with my school district for my older son once again. I'll have to find a polite way to let them know my butt's getting sore from all the smoke they're blowing up it. Thoughts of hiring a lawyer dance around my head and then make me instantly sleepy. Better than sheep, they are.

Eh, that's about all the kvetching I have in me for now. I'm bushed.

Ooh, and did you see this? Holy crap!
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I picked up my older son at school today and realized he looks just like Bradley James. They even have the same haircut and everything. Of course, my kid's prettier.

Merlin's growing on me, even though it's as dopey as sin.

Ooh, and I discovered something funny on Head's facebook page. He wrote: We have finished in France - back to Cardiff next week and have nearly finished the second series - best wishes Sarah

Huh. Whaddaya think that means?
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We had son's CSE meeting today, and had no trouble coming to an agreement over how to handle his transition to middle school. This was refreshing. All of the support service providers seemed grateful for the Asperger's diagnosis. I guess it will help, even though I'm still not convinced it is accurate. But, if it makes it easier for him to get more services, why should I care?

Husband and I are walking away from yet another potential home on the Cape. We settled on a 3 season condo in Wellfleet that was well within our price range, but, it turns out, banks don't want to offer 30 yr fixed rates on them any more. Husband's finally met his emotional torture quotient and wants to take a break from house hunting, which is more than fine with me. You all know how much I believe in fate. We'll just have to console ourselves with banalities: If it is meant to be, it's meant to be. Besides, we'll never be able to afford anything as nice as the house we're already renting by the lake, and we're happy there.

I've been oggling this clip of our Mr. Head all day. Inna he cute?
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Today we had a full committee meeting regarding our son's testing modifications. Felt good about the arguments we'd made and in the end we basically got what we'd wanted, but afterwards, when the adrenaline high I'd been riding faded, I was left wondering what the hell we'd just spent an hour and twenty minutes fighting for. I think that, for the most part, everyone in the meeting genuinely wants what's best for our boy, but it's unbelievably difficult to figure out exactly what that is. Kids should come with handbooks. Person-specific, clear and concise instructions that say when you see that, do this. The emotional toll it takes to love someone as much as you love your children, and to feel as though there is no way to protect them, no obvious way to guide them, or to know just what would be best to help them to grow into strong, healthy adults, is beyond measure. Fuck if my parents don't deserve a little more slack than they've been given over the years. This is bloody hard work. And thankless. Did I mention that? Aargh!
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My ten yr old came home from school miserable today. Apparently, the kids in his class had to decorate a special box and write their biggest secret wish on the inside of the lid. One of the boys in his class peeked at my son's secret and he was really upset about it. I asked him what he'd written and he brought me the box and showed me. It said, "I wish I was happy." God, that boy breaks my heart. Ugh.

Random link: My daughter turned me on to this song, and it's just catchy enough to be stuck in my head all day long. Allow me turn you on, too -- check out Teenagers a la BtVS.


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