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We went to the harbor theater tonight and saw The Mistakes Madeline Made. Boy, have we been missing out. These shows have now made it to the things-we-must-do-while-on-the-Cape list. The place is small, but the seats were exactly like a movie theater. A seven-row movie theater, but still, unexpected. Husband bought us front row seats, which turned out to be far less excruciating than I feared. Felt a bit strange to have the main character sobbing about six inches from your feet, but that was about the extent of my pain. Play was funny, acting was great, and for thirty bucks a pop, the prices can't be beat. We had a much better time than when we took in Spamalot. Think I'll stick to small productions from now on. Also was most grateful that actors were as good as they were. I hate having to sit through "I Can Do That!"-type performances. Think we'd become friends of W.H.A.T. even if it meant we wouldn't get a cool sticker in return.

After the show, we headed over to the Harbor Freeze, though I'm pretty sure I'm dating myself. Place hasn't been called that in many years, but it beats me what its new(ish) name is. We waited forever for a little soft serve, but had a little excitement thrown in when someone behind us said, "Ooh, that's Wallace Shawn from The Princess Bride." We looked over, and sure enough, there was Wallace heself, strolling around the Freeze. Kind of stood out, because everyone else wore shorts and t-shirts, and he was all decked out in black with this long striped scarf hanging around his neck, looking very much the Ac-tor. And he walked so slowly, with such little purpose, staring and smiling at the people on line, it seemed he wanted to be recognized. A woman ahead of us asked who he was again, and I described his character in PB, and she had a vague recollection. Has he been in anything else, she wanted to know, but all I could come up with was Manhattan and My Dinner with Andre, and if she couldn't remember The Princess Bride, there was no way she'd seen the others. Finally, I gave up and said, "He's been in everything. You've definitely seen him." Anyway, that was kind of neat. I've lost count on our Brush with Greatness, Cape Cod division, but I know he's at least the third famous person we've gawked at up here.

Um, what else? Sign on the house we bid on now says "Sale Pending". We called our realtor and told her. She said not to worry about it, that it just meant the sellers were done showing the house. She'll let us know tomorrow where we stand. Honestly, we were a little relieved when we thought we'd missed it. Big commitments are scary, scary.

Ooh, and I think ODD is back up. Hooray!!
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We drove into town this morning, where we spent too much money on t-shirts for our girl and ate too much food at George's Pizza. We also spoke to our real estate agent today. We've decided to put in a back-up bid on the 5 bedrm Cape near the bike path in Eastham. Technically, they've accepted another bid, but the would-be buyers are already out of contract, so we'll know within a couple of days if we have a chance. She said that the sellers would love for us to buy their house, though, because they thought our family was sweet and that our children were very well behaved and polite. Old folks always come up to us at restaurants, etc., and tell us how impressed they are with the children. I think that's because most people take one look at a group of kids and wish they were sitting in another area of the restaurant, but then when they're done eating and realize their meals were not disturbed by a bunch of whiny pitas, they feel compelled to say something.

We're prolly going to leave the kids with my sister on Wed and check out a performance by the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater. We've never been, and it seems like fun, so we thought we'd give it a shot. Mostly, I just want to see if I can get my hands on an "I support W.H.A.T." sticker for my car, but I fear I'll have to actually donate fifty dollars to get one. I'm on a quest to decorate our new car top carrier with only the grooviest stickers. How many people would have that one, eh? Also, Wellfleet Public Library? Pretty damn exciting, if you ask me. I wonder if we could get something special if we go to the free Shakespeare performance under the tent across from Mayo Beach. My husband said, "I thought you swore off Shakespeare", but I think I could suffer through another performance of the Tempest, if there was the promise of a sticker somewhere in there. Also, I just read this book called Dating Hamlet that I got from the library, and it's made me rethink my earlier position.

No news or opinions on ODD, huh, cats? I think archivists have a social and moral obligation to give people the chance to take over their sites if they get tired of running them. Not that I know a thing about maintaining websites, but I certainly could help finance them, if given a chance. I think we need a comprehensive site where all btvs stories are archived, whether we can get the authors' permission or not. In fact, I think that trying to maintain control over one's work after it's publicly posted seems to go against the very nature of fan fiction in the first place. Or is that just my desperation to keep every single word alive forever talking?
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House hunting has taken over the relaxing part of our vacation. We've spent the past few days looking at several homes in Eastham, one in Orleans, and one in Wellfleet. They range from large five bedrooms to little three bdrms, from fixer-uppers to homes in perfect condition. What draws us to one house over another? We thought location would matter more than anything, but have since learned that we can't accept busy, noisy roads just for a view. We're more apt to like huge handyman specials than smaller anything elses, but also feel as though a house that needs little to no work would be best for us. We're willing to sacrifice Wellfleet for Eastham homes that run about a hundred thousand dollars less. What to do, what to do? We're going to talk to the nice realtor lady and see if the bid someone else made on the five bedroom has fallen through, and then we'll prolly take in a few more homes before finalizing our decision. Is buying a second home worth the expense? We love it here. Would that change if we could come whenever we wanted? Dunno. But now's the time to do this, while our kids are young and interest rates are good. Land is probably the best investment you could ever make--God's not making any more. At least nothing we'd be able to use any time soon. But I am afraid. Always feel as though there's a right and a wrong decision, even though I know that's just not the way the world works.

And please, someone, tell me that Of Demons and Destiny is not gone for good. I'll be devastated if this is true. Who ran the site? How do we plead for its return?


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