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Happy Saturday, Flist! We spent the day a-cleaning and sorting and making good progress on our piles of shit, then I made my husband watch Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. He'd never seen it before, or at least had no memory of seeing, which is quite a bit more common for him than you'd imagine. I'm a little envious of his ability to completely forget entire segments of his life, because he gets the pleasure of experiencing things for the very first time, over and over and over again. How many times have I wished I could recapture the joy of seeing, say, Raiders of the Lost Ark or Hannah and Her Sisters for the first time again?

Husband took off while I watched Merlin. I liked it, even though Anthony Head had very little screen time. He did do a fabu job Re Acting to the tableau before he: *gasp* *wince* *stand up and look concerned* Kind of made me giggle. He's so stinkerpants cute. And now I'm gonna force hubby to watch Desk Set before we head to bed. I have the sneaking suspicion he would prefer Top Gear or baseball, cause you can take the boy out of Massachusetts, but you can't take Massachusetts out of the boy. But I'm in a Spencer Tracy state of mind. Where the heck is my copy of Inherit the Wind anyway? Tracy was never more brill than in that frighteningly relevant piece of work.
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I am writing, writing, hoping to stick to my secret self-imposed deadlines, trying to keep my inner critic safely hidden away inside its box.

Hubby and I took in Zombieland this afternoon. We both needed some time away from the house and our beloved children. Bloody movie, but really, what did we expect? I liked it much better than Shaun of the Dead, which frightened me more than I care to admit. Not enough yuks to balance the fear factor in that one, but ZL was different. Still, I regressed a bit after the film ended and made my husband reassure me there was no way zombies could ever ever happen in real life. And he did, without even cracking a smile. He's good like that.

In fact, he's such an awesome fellow, he's practically already booked our trip to London to see Tony Head in Six Degrees. We're thinking end of March would probably be the best time for us to go. Spring break comes early this year and the last week of the production would work out well, though I tell you, flist, I honestly feel sick to my stomach at the thought of going. I'm not sure I can force myself to get back on a plane. And I can pretty much guarantee I will die of embarrassment if I stand waiting by the stage door for an autograph. I never relish the role of fan. Makes me feel like a complete dick, but how could I possibly travel all that way and not give in to my inner squee? Man, I tells you, I am about the furthest thing from cool that exists in the entire universe. If we're really doing this, it is gonna be a long five months.
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Today! Woke up early, early as youngest son greeted the day with a hurl and I greeted it by scrubbing the mess off the walls and floor. Then husband and I made some progress sorting through our crap before watching Play It Again, Sam and Casablanca. I love the scene in Casablanca where Victor gets the band to play La Marseillaise to drown out the Germans. Always makes me tear up. And, you know, now that I'm watching the film as an older adult, I'm not wholly convinced Ilsa isn't just playing Rick for the papers.

Ah, enough of this fun. Gotta finish clearing off my dresser, so I can rearrange the furniture in my room. Exciting!
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My husband and I saw Julie and Julia this afternoon. Meryl's awesome, as always. Theater was packed with middle-agers and geriatrics, but I suppose that's my crowd now. Oughta just embrace that simple truth already. Film made me want to run out and buy Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, but I don't like cooking, I've never liked cooking, and no amount of butter is ever gonna change that, no matter how tasty it makes everything look and, well, taste. Besides, I'm on a strict diet from now until I drop some serious poundage and Boeuf a la Bourguignonne can wait. At least, I think it can, though somewhere in the distance I can hear dear Elsie whispering soft, sweet moos, just begging to be et.
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Meh. I just had to turn off Recount, because I couldn't watch it without crying. What a heartbreaker that election was. I still get pissed when I think of all the people I know who voted for Nader. No difference between Gore and Bush, really? Is there anyone left on the planet who would agree with that absurdity? Eh, probably the same people who cast their vote for Nader again this last time.

Speaking of which, I had an interesting discussion with my brilliant nephew last night about entropy, existence, e=mc^2, etcetera. He's way, way smarter than me. I ended up saying things like, "How the fuck should I know? I don't speak dolphin." While he, more eloquently, expressed ideas like, "the point of my argument was to deconstruct what consciousness is commonly thought of, not to argue what is making the decision." Mrr. I can has peach?
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TCM's celebrating Katherine Hepburn's birthday today. Holiday, Bringing Up Baby, The Philadelphia Story all in a row. Heaven, m'dears. Heaven!
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I'm fannishly squeeing over the new Star Trek movie tonight. Everyone needs to drop what they're doing and go see it at once, and I need to break out the dvds and start an original Trek marathon lovefest this Mother's Day weekend. Ooh, but I have company coming. Drats! Freckin reckin in-laws, spoiling my fun.

In other news, BG stories have been coming along quite nicely since the Everything I Write Is Worthless breakdown I suffered through earlier in the week. I wish I weren't slothily slow. I'd like to be able to post them soonish, but I'm probably going to need to save them as a guarantee I'll have something ready for Summer of Giles. I can't even begin to fathom why I thought it would be a good idea to sign up for two days this year. I don't know how you prolific writers post story after story. I am most envious.

I'm currently binging on this fabu XTC song. My brain's got it set on repeat, and I think the only way it can be purged will be to listen to it incessantly until I pass out cold this evening.

Gah. And I just realized it's Friday and I've failed at reccing again. Maybe I need to change my day.
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I finally broke down and watched one and a half episodes of Merlin today. I liked it, even though I found Head's scenery chewing a little bit of a distraction. I'm hoping he gives his chompers a rest in later eps, but somehow I doubt he will. He does look like he's enjoying himself in that costume, though, and I enjoy watching him enjoy himself, so it's a win despite the leftover tapestry crumbs on his chain mail. And Colin Morgan is just the cutest little thing ever. Made myself sift through parts of Excalibur on Netflix for contrast. Nicol Williamson just cannot pull off cuddly. I love John Boorman, but I'll never understand him. Hope and Glory is perfection, and Zardoz and Excalibur are insane. Anyway, I guess I'm going to have to find some way to get my computer hooked up to our big screen so the whole family can enjoy watching Merlin together. Wouldn't be too comfortable for the five of us to huddle 'round my laptop. I suppose I could just make the others wait until the summer to get hooked on it. June is only a couple of months away.

Also, I finally found someone on Twitter who is interesting enough to follow and it's Brent Spiner, of all people. He's funny. Who knew?
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My husband and I went to see Duplicity this morning. Not the super stellar movie Kurt Loder suggested it would be, but it was definitely entertaining. And Clive Owen is even more beautiful at twenty feet tall than he is at several inches, so I didn't regret paying the big bucks to see him in the theater.

I couldn't stop thinking about Elegy, though. We'd watched that one at home last night. I was surprised I was able to find Ben Kingsley even remotely attractive in it, because, honestly, I can only picture him as Ghandi, and, although I admire the man, he does not rank high on my Historical Hotties list. But Kingsley was fine as the older professor pursuing his student. Fed right into one of my favorite kinks. And with the bonus of an English accent and a goatee, I was happy. But I will say that I felt the actors held back in certain scenes, making decisions the characters would not, and that detracted from the overall film for me. Possibly more than it should have, but I don't like when things don't ring true. Ooh, but I seriously dug Dennis Hopper, and I'm sure his goatee had only a little to do with that.
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Gar rar rar rar.

Does watching movies like Gigi and Charade count as research? I'm trying to get myself in a mood, but my guess is fewer films and more writing is prolly the best course of action. Also think abstinence is the order of the day. Makes me edgy. But, you know, in a good way.
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I just suffered through An American in Paris. Did it really win Best Picture? Blech. Loved the Gershwin, but that was about it. I decided to watch it as part of my research for my smut-turned-something-else American Slayer in Paris story, but it was less than useless. Maybe it's time to turn to Cary Grant for inspiration. He never disappoints. Or maybe I just need to see some good old-fashioned Humphrey Bogart/Vichy action. William Powell might do the trick. Hmm. Must think.
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Husband and I saw Watchmen this morning. We were the only people in the theater who laughed. I'm not really sure how to interpret that. The film had more gore than usually suits us, but as seasoned delicate flowers we are used to spending a good deal of time wincing and covering our eyes. And I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is America's answer to Javier Bardem, if, you know, Bardem were a question instead of an actor. Ooh, now I really can't wait until Lost Girls comes out.
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God, I suddenly have this overwhelming desire to rent all of the Italian realism films I studied in college, though I doubt my husband would appreciate me hijacking Netflix on him. He's eagerly awaiting new episodes of House. Don't think La Dolce Vita or The Bicycle Thief would scratch that same itch. Ooh, but I need to sneak one into the queue. Maybe a quick spot of Rome, Open City and then back Plainsboro, NJ, it is.
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Just got back from Quantum of Solace. Mm-mmm, Daniel Craig is yummy, though he is a bit on the skinny side. He's got that tall, thin, large-headed Englishman look like our lovely Mr Giles. I thought we were promised a little full frontal in this Bond, but, alas, people seem to have accepted the Zardozian mantra: "The gun is good. The penis is evil." More's the pity.

If you need anything from Land's End this holiday season, may I suggest you hop on over to your local Sears today. 40% off only the finest fleece and flannel, m'dears. Gonna drag my daughter over for a new coat in a few, because I must do something to maintain this Bond-induced adrenaline high, and shopping's about as much excitement as I can handle. All righty. Must dash.
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Geez Louise, I'm feeling awfully cranky again this afternoon. Wouldn't it be nice if I could blame it on Life Changes or whatever the fuck euphemism people are now using for menopause? Strange thing to be looking forward to, I realize, but if I'm not gonna be having any more kids, I would gladly give up being tortured once a month for days on end.

Eh, I know. Piss piss moan moan.

My back's been giving me hell for the past week, and I think that's prolly adding to my misery. Also, husband and I are bidding on a house in Eastham once again, and the whole process makes me feel kind of sick to my stomach. How much do I not want to be doing this, flist? The minute we decide to make a large financial commitment, I begin feeling trapped and edgy. I gear my entire existence towards feeling unfettered. S'hard to change that. I like to pick up and go, sans plan, you know? Now, I see a future of sinking every extra penny into a second, crappier home. Ooh, special. I know it's hard to have sympathy for me. That's why I have to work so hard at it myself. It's a dirty job...

Oh, and, by the way, if for some ungodly reason you find yourself wondering if you should add the Sex in the City movie to your Netflix queue, don't bother. It sucked. Even worse than the show, if you can imagine. Drives me up the wall to see these supposed strong, successful, independent women kowtowing to all the men in their lives. You've come a long way, baby. Erm. Or not.

On a happier note, this song's replaced the Seussical soundtrack I had stuck on repeat for 72 hrs straight, and, for this, I am eternally grateful.
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Have a new girl crush on Rebecca Hall. Went to see Woody's latest, and she plays Vicky. Cute as a button. Her character is American, but I took one look at her mouth and thought, she's gotta be English. An American actress would never have such bad teeth. Still, she's completely adorable with little freckles across her nose, kind of like Karen Allen. I think this is the first time I've seen a Scarlett Johansson film where she's one of the least attractive people on screen. How is that possible? I usually love her to bits. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem were fantastic. I definitely could have enjoyed this film just as easily in the comfort of my own home, though. Really liked the Spanish guitar music. Used to have this great tape my ex-brother-in-law had made me when I was in college, but I seem to have misplaced it. Need to get me some more then. Any recs, flist?

Only one week left before school begins. Summer was way too short this year. Hrmph.
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I took the kids to see Wall-E today. Cool! Post-apocalyptic fun for the whole family! I'm starting to see a disturbing trend here. Last week I read that the aerosol used in inhalers for asthmatics will be unavailable after late December of this year, because they've been deemed non-essential. To whom? The folks who'll have to struggle to get life-saving medicine into their lungs through less reliable and less efficient methods would certainly consider it essential. Then nephew was over the other day, saying that overpopulation was the cause of the world's evils, and that we need to stop reproducing. Tragedy of the commons view of the world seems to be pretty popular these days, and it's making me nervous.

I'm concerned about the environment. Would like to ensure that my own kids have a future, but jumping on bandwagons can be dangerous. History is filled with horror stories born from people's tendency to panic and go unnecessarily overboard. Find myself wary of the fascistic thinking that could begin to creep in if we're not careful. Exactly who should stop reproducing? And who will be making these decisions? Nephew suggested we should limit ourselves to one per family like they do in China. I don't know. Even more troubling is the thought that one of these days I'm gonna find myself having more in common with civil libertarians than I do with my own liberal compatriots. Ignorance and misinformation could lead us down a slippery slope fast, my friends. Scary shit is on the horizon, and the ozone layer could potentially be the least of our problems.
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This website that we have to use to email daughter has a photo gallery. There are four pics of her. Three are of her back, but one is a close-up of her swimming and she's wearing this great big smile. I'm hopeful this means she's actually happy. I send her a note every night, but it's tough to have no clue what she's up to and how she's feeling. Boy, do I miss her like crazy, even though I've been very busy having fun with the boys. My oldest is thrilled that school is finally over. The change in his attitude from last week to this week is like night and day. He's genuinely happy again.

I took boys for yearly well visit at the pediatrician today. Doctor started asking youngest all sorts of questions--quizzing him on what he'd learned in kindergarten. Then he asked him, "What color was George Washington's white horse?" Son laughed and said "White." Doc then tells older son that a plane carrying Mexicans is flying from Mexico City to NY crashes and asks him where they bury the survivors. Older son says that you wouldn't bury survivors. I was secretly pleased that they got the answers right, cause honestly, I was sitting there thinking, "Hmm...Where would they bury the survivors?" D'oh!

We saw Get Smart yesterday. Older son and I giggled a whole lot throughout, but most of the other audience members did not. S'funny, cause I keep seeing these flicks that I'm really enjoying while I'm in the theater, but the minute I'm home, I can't remember almost a thing about them. What can I say? Silly, light fluff makeses me happy.

Spoke with old teacher friend at length last night. To me, he is still the sun and the moon and the stars, even though I have absolutely no desire to jump his bones like I did in my youth. My husband doesn't get it. Does not see why on earth I adore this guy like I do. Dunno. We just click. Like two peas in a pod. Like two halves of a whole. Like...Yeah, I agree. Enough already. Time for bed.

Buona notte, miei amici!
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I have absolutely no idea where the day went. I was quite busy this morning, and then the next thing I knew, it was time to pick up the kids. A thousand and one musts to accomplish in the next few days, so efficiency is of the utmost importance, and yet I spent a couple of hours of the day reading really bizarre old fics, which was a complete waste, because I'm ages behind on my [ profile] summer_of_giles reading and commenting. I haven't written a word of my own potential contribution in three days, though I have been working through some of the plot points in my head. Doesn't do me a stitch of good until they're on paper, because the rewriting takes me forever and a day. I recently read somewhere that one of the biggest mistakes novice writers make is that they edit out the wrong stuff. They cut emotion and they're not supposed to, though for the life of me, I cannot remember what. My mind. Like a steel trap. And don't let anyone ever tell you different. All right. I gotta go and make a new list. That will be the first step in a journey that is, um, like really, really long.
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Saw Kung Fu Panda this afternoon. Youngest spent all week telling me that it was opening on Friday, and that we would be going. Well, all right, then. Push and you get whatever you want, I guess. But what do I care? S'not like we had something better to do. And now that these films open at megaplexes with shows starting every half an hour, it's made it so much easier to go to the movies. There are five of us, we showed up ten minutes before the film began, and still got choice seats on opening day. C-c-coolio. Best of all, the film was very funny. I laughed my head off. We all did. More than the folks around us, I think, but they seemed pretty pleased overall. Best animated film I've seen in just about forever. The M-L's give it ten thumbs up.


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