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I'm beginning to miss Merlin, even though it is ridiculous beyond words, but I'm trying to wait for it to come to Syfy, so's I have something to look forward to. Sometimes delaying gratification makes life oh so much sweeter.

I'm growing tired of all our clutter. Maybe it's time to just rent a dumpster and chuck it all. I wonder if there's anything I would truly miss. Hrm.

Today we are having a playdate with my parents and my sister's family. This means driving far and eating out at a super yummy restaurant. I'm trying to plan how to get through the day without turning it into a diet!fail disaster. I'm thinking soup and dessert and diet coke. It could work.

I have not cooked all weekend which is trouble because I bought many ingredients for several meals. I think I'll knock them out this morning and then freeze them for the week. My renewed housewifery efforts are already growing tiresome and I've only been at it a few weeks. That's all right, right? It takes time to adjust. I can do better.
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I guess you should just avoid tumblr altogether if you don't want tv shows spoiled for you. )

Um. I'm can't even.

Why is it pissing me off that I can find no live coverage of Occupy Wall Street? Where are the news organizations? I see their cameras, but no footage. :\
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For the first time ever, I've read an article on the internet and laughed at the comments instead of cringed. Clever people, you give me hope.

Also, this vamp!Giles fic is worth your time. Read it. It is most pleasing.

Husband and I watched the latest installment of Camelot on Starz. Is it better than Merlin? Eh, it's different. More watchable, less make-me-want-to-slash-my-wrists-able, but it is sorely lacking our dear Mr Head. He'd be awesome as Merlin, I thinks, even though Feines is just swell. But the kid who plays Arthur is a weak and Guinevere is godawful, though Eva Green's Morgana is a thousand times better than Katie M's. Plus, she's French. And really, really pretty.
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First half on Merlin's final ep (aired last week) was like a perfectly formed Olympic dive, and this week's ep was cut for, well, you know )

Today! Bought a super new vacuum. Doesn't sound that thrilling unless you've been losing a battle against cat and dog hair for the past year like we have, so yay yay yay for a machine that finally does everything it promises. Consumer Reports, you rock.

We also popped up to the pet store and put a hold on a sweet little brown bunny for youngest for Christmas. His first choice was a ferret, with bunny holding a close second, but we can't really handle any more super smelly, energetic pets at the present time. Kittens are filling that role just perfectly for now.

What? Oh, you're still here. I'm going to bed, kiddos. I suggest you do the same. *believes everyone everywhere is secretly on EST, like me*

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Baby baby baby baby! Hooray!!

In other happy news, Anthony Head says Uther's reign is not over yet - do we believe him?

In icky news, dog just yuked all over the backseat of my car. My my my. Will the fun ever cease?

In dear-Lord-I-might-have-to-get-myself-back-on-a-plane news, Kevin Spacey is going to play Richard III next summer. Guys, why can't you do all of your work on *this* (the good side) of the Atlantic? I'ma scared to fly.
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I just watched the latest Merlin ep. Damn. )
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Mama cat came back looking for her kittens. Devastating to watch. So I won't. Maybe I'll start feeding her and she can become our outdoor cat. And maybe if I can, I'll catch her one day and take her to the vets to get spayed. Feels so irresponsible to let her make tons more kitties when there are so many unwanteds already in shelters. Plus, lotsa wild cats means fewer wild birds, and that's always sad making.

Made husband watch last night's Merlin ep. He does not seem to find ASH's swordplay as exciting as I did. But! He was very surprised to learn the truth about Morgana. And if *he* can see the flirting/potential between King and Ward, you know it's obvious. Um, no offense, hon.

What else? Loads of homework left to finish this weekend. Feels like my fourth time repeating third grade, and I've gotta say, it's getting kind of old.

Tee hee! Husband's napping beside me and I just noticed the kittens are curled up against his leg. Too stinking cute! Gotta grab my camera.
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Merlin, is it my imagination or are you becoming one of my favorite shows ever? Anthony Head sword fighting for the win! I think I'm in love.

Today! Wholly sidetracked when we discovered a small nest of kitties living beneath our wood pile - two kitties, known for now as cute and cuter. Caught one and took him to the vet who said he looks good. In a couple of weeks he'll be old enough to test for kitty diseases and begin getting vaccinations. We need to keep these little ones away from our other cat until we know they are healthy. Vet said it was good we were taking them in because leaving them would only mean more feral cats living in our yard. I didn't even know we had any. Their mom seems to be MIA.
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Merlin, Merlin, Merlin, three eps featuring fart jokes so far this season? My, my, my. How do your clever writers do it? Colin Morgan continues to be wunderbar, though, so I forgive you. Also, in last night's ep, Tony had that throaty congested tone that he'd so often sported in 4th season Buffy. A cold? Allergies? What is it, hon? Makes him sound too darn cute, though. Frog meets studly muffin for the win!

After jujitsu, we are going to make with the driving and head upstate to pick pumpkins and enjoy the fabulous fall foliage. Husband's now scouting out close upstate areas in which to buy a second home. Lord, have mercy. This is never going to end. My shrink's decided it's more about the hunting than the owning - husband's atavistic urges driving the SUV into the wilds beyond our fair city's limits - but I'm not so sure. Feels more like a compulsive need to torture me. Husband says, "Not everything's about you." What? My psyche begs to differ.
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Just spent the morning re-reading [ profile] glimmergirl's Buffy/Giles stories. *sigh* If I could write a single sentence even close to as perfect as one of hers, I could die happy.


Also re-watched the last Saturday's Merlin. Hrm. There are so many things wrong with this show, I don't know where to begin, but I'll admit this ep was one of the better ones. I do think it would be best, though, if Tony Head and cut for spoilers ) Just sayin'.

All right. Enough fun und games. Must make things happen. Things that won't just happen without at least some effort on my part. You know, boring things.
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Happy Saturday, Flist! We spent the day a-cleaning and sorting and making good progress on our piles of shit, then I made my husband watch Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. He'd never seen it before, or at least had no memory of seeing, which is quite a bit more common for him than you'd imagine. I'm a little envious of his ability to completely forget entire segments of his life, because he gets the pleasure of experiencing things for the very first time, over and over and over again. How many times have I wished I could recapture the joy of seeing, say, Raiders of the Lost Ark or Hannah and Her Sisters for the first time again?

Husband took off while I watched Merlin. I liked it, even though Anthony Head had very little screen time. He did do a fabu job Re Acting to the tableau before he: *gasp* *wince* *stand up and look concerned* Kind of made me giggle. He's so stinkerpants cute. And now I'm gonna force hubby to watch Desk Set before we head to bed. I have the sneaking suspicion he would prefer Top Gear or baseball, cause you can take the boy out of Massachusetts, but you can't take Massachusetts out of the boy. But I'm in a Spencer Tracy state of mind. Where the heck is my copy of Inherit the Wind anyway? Tracy was never more brill than in that frighteningly relevant piece of work.
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We were promised loads of laughs in Merlin this week. Did it deliver? It makes no difference either way. I won't stop watching until Head's off the show. I'm just grateful he's no longer on The Invisibles. Heh. One of Tony's FB fans gave Invisibles a lovely plug the other day. Called it "funny, sensitive and a pleasure to watch." Zoinks! I'm not sure what she's on, but I'd like some, too. Germans. They always get the good stuff.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time today trying to sort through pics I failed to post on FB. Ever since we began using our Nikon again, we've taken hundreds of photos, which, like most things, is both cool and annoying.

Our dog looks good and should be coming home tomorrow. I'm super excited about this, and also kind of stressed. How will I ever be able to relax around him again? Feels like all I'm going to do is worry he might be eating something he shouldn't.

We picked about a gazillion apples last Sunday that I am actively not baking into pies or tarts or cakes. I am torn between feeling guilty about this and resenting the hell out of those damn apples. The bastards.

I have an overwhelming desire to go furniture shopping. I haven't felt this way in years. I'm sure there must be something I need that I can no longer live without. A new sideboard or something? Anything? Alls I know is Crate and Barrel is calling my name, though why I am drawn there, I cannot say. I never ever buy any of their stuff.
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Good grief. I can see how this season of Merlin's going to go ) Kills me, too, because this show has such potential. The producers are just too limited, and no amount of wishing is going to change that. What will be will be.

I watched this clip of Head and McGrath earlier, and I can't decide if Head is actually dissing redheads in it and how offended I should be if he is. Eh, probably not that much. There. That was easy. I feel better already.

Bonus viewing: these two bits on The Onion crack me the heck up.
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We were shopping at Costco today and this guy wanted to buy Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.
His wife: "Absolutely not. That cereal is nothing but sugar."
Husband reads ingredients: "No, there's less than 10 grams."
Wife: "You're not buying it. It's no good."
Stranger walks past: "You better listen to your wife. That cereal causes cancer in children."
My kids: "Cereal causes cancer in children?!"

Watched Merlin tonight. It was as ham-handed as ever. I liked it. :)
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God. Dreamed I was peeing. Woke up in a panic. Wasn't. Even though it's been more than 34 yrs, I don't think I'll ever lose the terror of having been a bedwetter.

Popped over to FB. Cheerfully wished my good friend Happy Birthday. Started reading my news feed and was force-fed remembrances. Fucking September 11th. Heh. Unlike last year, it's not raining here in NY today. How are we supposed to interpret that?

All right, skippies. New day, sun is shining, blah bitty blah blah blah. Youngest is taking his first acting class today. I'm torn between hoping he'll have a great time and fearing he'll have a great time. Husband told him he doesn't have to wait until he's an adult to become an actor. Son became very excited. Huh?!! Can you think of anything more distasteful than child actors or stage parents? Um, that's cause there isn't.

Read this review of Merlin yesterday: "We must admit, we've got a bit of a problem with Merlin - it's not very good. But the Beeb's reinvention of a great legend makes for unfathomably watchable television all the same...The formula is much the same as before. Arthur makes fun of Merlin; trouble happens; Merlin saves the day with magic; nobody finds out; Arthur thinks Merlin is an idiot. Repeat ad nauseum."

Pretty well sums it up, don't you think? That said, I canna wait for tonight's ep! Mmm...Uther
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I've got more Uther smut to rec. Humina humina.

The Mermaid Is Singing (Uther/Morgana, PWP)
The Last Beautiful Thing (Uther/Morgana, long, sad, well done)
Slow Like Honey and Heavy with Mood (Uther/Morgana, smutty mcsmut smut)
The Only Immortality You and I Might Share (Uther/Morgana, dirty!bad!wrong! au)
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More Shatner/Nimoy silliness. Old man Jewish actor humor gets me every time!

Husband has decided I'm deceiving myself into believing Merlin's a better show than it really is, simply because I'm enjoying the naughty Uther fanfic so much. God, maybe it's true. I did still think the writing was pretty weak only a few weeks ago. :/ Can fan fiction make such a difference? Or, maybe Head's insistence that the writing on Merlin is actually good has finally taken hold. Is it possible I've been brainwashed by the man heself?

I think you'll really enjoy this song. Please to accept my offer of the at-home karaoke version. Good times! Not flamenco good, but definitely a close second. Or, possibly, third. Well, maybe not third, but well within the top ten ways to have fun by oneself, I am fairly certain.
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Flamenco dancing is my new passion! I spin and twirl and stomp, and, all the while, imagine I am a long lost member of the Addams family as I do so. Ah, Gomez, caro mio. Then, I pull the rose from my mouth (carefully), slither out of my fancy schmancy flamenco wear, and get on with my day. Suddenly, washing dishes and folding laundry doesn't seem half bad.

Hey, and I discovered Mary Ann/the Professor fan fiction. I always wanted those two to get together when I was a kid, and now, lo, here it be. It's not very good ff, per se, but hells, look at the material the writer's working with. Sherwood Shwartz was many things, but Joss Whedon wasn't one of them.

I've also discovered that I really enjoy Uther paired with just about anyone. He's so dreamy (and kinda mean), which makes him really quite virile, doesn't it? Meow! Give the man a goatee and I'd never leave my bed. Er. Ha ha. I kid.
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Have found the Merlin pairing that pleases me most: Uther/Merlin. And I'll take them in any form - noncon, con, au, modern au, g-rated, pr0ntastic - I don't care. They're so pretty together in my head.

I love Jane Espenson. She tweets: "When small children name their first pet, they should be reminded to think about the later implications for their porn name." Isn't that from a meme or lame quiz-y thing?

Also dig Wil Wheaton, who tweeted: "It offends me to my core that there's a bullshit '2012 end of the world' book shelved in Science."

And the person at NASA who responded: "@wilw We share your frustration and often have to write about such things to slow the rumor mill"

Smart people make me happy. :) < See? Emoticons are so wonderfully expressive, aren't they?
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I've been rewatching Merlin's first season and, I have to say, I like it much better than I did originally. Will the second season hold up as well or was it truly as dopey and pointless as it seemed? Hmm. It is a beautiful production and the people in it are all so pretty, and, good Lord, Anthony Head, stomping about in that leather and billowing cape, is to die for. He's too stinking cute for worms! And, even better, he hasn't once reminded me of Rupert Giles, which just points to his fine, fine actorly skills. He's so much more than just a pretty face. *sigh*


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