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Oh, bubby babies. I wish I could say I got more accomplished today. I felt very busy, but my house looks suspiciously similar to how it did when I woke up, so somehow, I suppose I didn't get as much done as I felt I had.

The middle school has finally pushed me over the edge. No horror stories to report, just simple ineptitude, which is dangerous enough. I am strangely at peace. The time for hand wringing is at an end, and I've decided to just say, no, this is how it's going to be done, and if I have to write to every single teacher, every single night, I'm prepared to do so. What are they going to do - torment my kid - more?

Today was Cary Grant's 106th birthday, and you know what that means - TCM ran another marathon. *sigh* That man is the sweetest creature to have ever graced this earth. Mmm-mm. I only got to see Sylvia Scarlett this morning and a documentary on him tonight, but my if it wasn't just the fix I needed.

I finally switched over to my new Macbook Pro. It's lovely to work on a machine that doesn't get hung up every five minutes and doesn't have a big line running through the screen. I just need to transfer more of my good, good stuff and install some much-needed programs and I'll be all set. Yay.

How are you guys doing?
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My computer is back, looking all shiny and new, and my hard drive has remained intact, though for some reason it appears I have to reinstall Plants v Zombies. Not exactly sure why. I will be backing up everything as soon as I can locate that external passport thingy I bought months ago. It seems to have sneaked off somewhere.

Went to the eye doctor finally after a year of threatening to do so. He insists I am only mildly blind, gave a script for long distance and suggested I continue using over-the-counter reading glasses for close up. My husband's reaction: "Oh, great. Now you'll be one of those people who dangles your glasses around your neck on one of those chains." :/ Heh. You'd think he'd appreciate a little accessorizing.

Ooh, and I just read a preview of my Sweet Charity fic by [ profile] antennapedia. Lordy, lordy, lordy, I love her work. Um, have I mentioned that before?
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Kind of spammed you yesterday, so today I thought I'd skip posting and give you a well-deserved break. See how well I follow through on my plans?

I feel a little sorry for the Apple people who had to deal with me after I came back from my tri-annual doctor's appt yesterday. My internist is a kind man, but he was pretty hard on me for gaining back all of the weight I had lost. I knew it was coming, but I didn't expect to leave his office feeling like I'd just been told I had cancer. I was weepy before I got the call about my Mac, and their decision to void my warranty pushed me over the edge. But even though I kept choking up, I believe my logical arguments are what swayed them the most. I didn't threaten or stomp about, I was just like, You've got me over a barrel - how is that fair? And they were responsive, so I need to put the incident to rest already. My shrink would be telling me, "Let it go, let it go" as he often does. And rightly so. I do have a tendency to perseverate on things that make me feel bad.

Okay, so. Letting go. What's on the docket for today? Bloodwork, buying the kids new clothes and sneakers, popping over to Costco, vacuuming, cooking, doing dishes, washing clothes, playing with my pup, and sticking to my diet and exercise regimen, even if it kills me.

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Okay, kids, so I just spent the past hour sobbing on the phone with Apple repairs. They called to tell me it would cost over $1200 to fix my Mac, that the dents from the cat voided my warranty and somehow must have caused the logic board to fry. I was heartbroken over the fact that I would never be able to buy another thing from their company if they refused to stand behind their product. "But I love my computer," I wept. I can hardly stop from tearing up as I write this. They were kind, even though I must have sounded insane. Finally, they put a supervisor on the phone, who was lovely and who agreed that the Apple Store guy had misrepresented the potential costs. She made me an offer I couldn't refuse, which made me cry even harder, because I was so happy they let me continue to love my MacBook the way that I do.

I feel completely wrung out from this experience. My head is throbbing. Was it worth it? I don't know. I'd recommend them as I company, but I don't think I'd ever bother buying another extended warranty. It's too painful.
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So I take my MacBook over to the Apple store this morning and before I leave it, I mention that the disc drive stopped working last month. The guy tells me they might have to charge me to fix it, because my computer is dented around that area. This baffles me since I've never ever dropped the thing. The only marks on it were caused by my daughter's cat. He tries to sit on my computer every so often and I chase him away. Once his back foot scratched near my little Apple symbol and another time he pushed off and left a small dent on top. He is getting kind of hefty. Could he have actually damaged anything?
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My Mac died. Well, not died died, but it's in a coma, so it is no longer usable. :( I brought it to the Apple store, but the earliest IT can take a look is Monday morning. Both my husband and our friend think the problem looks motherboard-related, so I'm hopeful everything I've written over the past two years is not lost forever. I haven't backed up anything in ages, and had, in fact, bought an external hard drive before Cape Cod, and never got the chance to figure out how to use it before vacation. Since I've been back it's been all about getting ready for/hosting the company, so I've still never taken the hd out out of the box. Now I am filled with regret and self-recrimination, but that won't bring back my shite, so I think I'll save the abuse 'til I know what I'm up against.

Friend-visit was fun. We went to the Aviation Museum and had these guys who worked for Grumman on the Apollo space program give us a semi-private tour. We got to see an actual LEM that had been intended for the moon til the project was scrapped last-minute. C-c-coolio, cats. I love space talk!

Ah! Husband is finally off his conference call, so I'm gonna see what he wants to do fer kicks this afternoon. I'm hoping for something air-conditiony. It's hawt!


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