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Weather was much, much better today. I see now that if this trip been a little less rainy and freezing, we would have had a much better time. Kids did pretty well, considering, but boys were jonesing for their video games. Spent an inordinate amount of time poking each other. Good times! When we were at Legoland or the Imperial War Museum, they were happy. The rest of the time, they were two little pitas. Daughter rose to the occasion, unless she wasn't getting her own way. Fucking kids...I love them to pieces!
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London is a cool town. I love the architecture and the history and the statues and the museums and the traffic flow, but I do not love feeling confused and cold and tired and hungry and as if I'm about to be run over every second. Finding a restaurant to eat at every day is a production I could live without. I'm ready for home.
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You can say it, I don't mind. I'm a nutjob.

Fucking Anthony Head stood ten feet away from me and I sat with a shit-eating grin on my face for the entire play. The acting was super and the play nice and tight. Lotsa laughs. Afterwards, kids asked if they could please meet him and I was all "Sure!" then stood there like a numbskull and let husband do all the talking. Got a cute photo of the kids with Head. Next year's Christmas card? Mebbe.

Will post more about the experience when I'm a little less buzzed. On beer. Not ASH. He was sweet, tall, and running late for a train. Worth traveling 3500 miles for? Yeah, I guess.


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