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Tony Head on FB: So sorry to not have been posting, yada yada.
Suck-uppy fans: That's all right, you're so busy, we're lucky you pay attention to us at all! *giggle* *giggle*

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"A smile starts on the lips, a grin spreads to the eyes, a chuckle comes from the belly, but a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, overflows and bubbles all around......"

Aargh! Don't you just want to beat my Facebook friend 'til she bleeds? Who writes shit like that?

Ye gods, that sounds awfully hostile. Yikes!

I'm having serious difficulty enjoying Buffy lately. Every time Giles comes onscreen, I feel a little queasy. Have decided the reason I don't want to see/meet Anthony Head is that I'm afraid it will ruin the magic for me. It's hard when you adore a fictional character. Reality can be such a bitch. Plus, you know, being a fan? *shudders*
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So. You should really all skip the Twitter following and sign up for Head's Facebook page instead, even if more than a few of his other fans (the ones who aren't us) are kind of, hrm...what's the word I'm looking for? Yeah. But if you lurve him, it's cool to have him as a fb friend because he will chat with you. Personally, I have yet to attempt to strike up a convo, because, really, what on earth would I say? Still, you might be able to think of something clever on the spot. And if clever is too much to ask, he does seem to enjoy the fannish squee. I guess we all do to some extent. Um, not that I have anyone squeeing over me, but people saying nice things always feels good. Also? He answers direct messages directly. Neat-o.
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Hmm. Mom's doctor came into see her today and said the doctor from the ER was incompetent and shouldn't have told her she wasn't having heart problems. She is, but he says he can fix her. I can't imagine how, but my husband's grandfather lived five years with only 15% of his heart working properly, so maybe things aren't as bad as they seem. I'm not going back to the hospital today. My sisters and my Dad'll be there. Husband has taken kids to the school to shoot some hoops, and I'm gonna work on my story while I have a chance.

I just read my daughter's facebook page (the real reason I'd joined), and I see that she's taken some kind of quiz that lists bad things she may have done. She didn't have to admit which ones, just how many. She scored kind of high. Should I be worried? I think of her as such a good kid, but I don't want to be naive. Honestly, by the time I was her age, I'd done nearly twice as many naughty things as she has. But I had a pile of older siblings and friends to lead me astray. My sisters used to feed me beer when I was seven, so I would pass out cold, and they could enjoy a bit of private time with their boyfriends. Nice.


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