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One of my nephews just joined the Marines. Thinks he's gonna play the clarinet in the Marine Corp band. How much you wanna bet he's shipped off to Afghanistan or Iraq right after basic training instead?

Had an awful dream last night that involved Paul Newman, Joann Woodward, my parents' anniversary, loads of alcohol, and me ending up naked on YouTube. Kept trying to come with a way I could kill myself and still raise my kids.

Have not had any time to myself in nearly a week and am desperate for some. Am using my ultra-powerful brain waves and the power of positive thinking to keep everyone well and in school today.
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'Nother bad dream. I'll spare you the details, lest I bore you to tears. One of those weird ones where pediatrician owns a restaurant/hospital then morphs into my beloved teacher friend. Horrible angst ensues. Getting tired of this. Very, very tired.

We went to my parents' house last night. They made us a lovely supper, and then we played Quiddler. Tons of fun. Everyone must run out and buy this instant. Spending time with the folks is always wonderful. They're probably our favorite couple to hang with. Sounds odd, but they're awesome when in friend-mode.

I'm working through the kinks of my story. Hopefully, I will finish it today. Please let it be done already.

Ooh, and it's [ profile] adarog's birthday today. I hope you have a wonderful day!
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Second night of nightmares in a row. We'd left my beloved grandmother in a nursing home for 10 years and never visited her once. We thought she was completely out of it and wouldn't know the difference. When we finally went in to see her, it was obvious that although she was unable to speak, she was aware of everything that was going on. The facility was disgusting, and I immediately began preparing to take her home with me. In real life, Grammie's been dead for twenty years and there's not a chance we would have ever, ever done this to her, but it felt so real, it was frightening. God, to be trapped like that, unable to communicate. I can think of little worse.
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I just woke up from the strangest dream. Everybody on LJ had this computer software that allowed them to participate in this bizarre online sex chatroom IMing with ASH. I, of course, had no idea what was going on and was like, "Huh?" Not even getting some virtual ASH action in my dreams...Three guesses who his favorite LJ user was to chat with.


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