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Ok. I have a new show to love: Homeland. I'm only through 1 1/2 eps but yes yes yes. That's how you get it done, son. Plus, Mandy Patinkin. <3!

And is it me or is Dexter just spinning its wheels? Murder murder murder. Ja ja ja. I miss Lundy.

I will say that Homeland has one major fault so far - it's opening sequence. Meh.
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Dexter returned last night. I've seen every ep of that show and only two have been really subpar. Unfortunately, last night's was one of them. Isn't there anything I like any more? Yeah. Slings and Arrows. I'm on my third run through and I am completely addicted. It's smart, and the acting is good, and you never feel like they're pandering, unless you're supposed to. Well done, clever Canadians!

Older son is home sick today. He, my daughter, and my husband all have colds. How long do you think it will be before I'm gasping and reaching for my nebulizer? In college, I had a mad crush on this guy who was a fanatic about staying away from sick people. At the time I thought, "What a dick!" But now I'm beginning to see the appeal.
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Hm. I think the reason I'm not loving [ profile] fandomsecrets is that I don't really understand why most of the posts are considered secrets in the first place. I pretty much just say whatever stupid shit is on my mind. Not really necessary to make a special site for honesty, is there?

I am ashamed how much I missed Merlin last week, considering it's one of the dumbest shows I have ever loved. I would give anything to see the writing kicked up a notch. It's like enjoying fanfic - an inexplicable pleasure, regardless of its quality.

I'm on Dexter overload. For days, I'd been pleased to have something new and interesting to watch, but I'm beginning to tire of it. The show is great, but probably needs to be taken in bite-sized chunks instead of feasted on for hours on end. I think I might have only been watching like crazy because I ship Lundy/Deb so hard. My older man/younger woman mentor/student fetish is nicely titillated, but hardly satisfied by their on-screen shenanigans. Moar plz!

I've been rereading lots of old fic over the past two days. I'm sad that so many Buffy writers have found their way to other fandoms now. It's cool they're into new stuff, but I wish they'd still dabble in the old now and then.
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I guess it was inevitable. Someone I went to school with and haven't spoken to since about second grade has asked to be my friend on facebook. I'm sure she's a lovely person, but I really do not want to have to friend her back, though I probably will. I hate to be rude. She's one of those people with nearly 500 friends - you know, a collector. The box is getting smaller. Soon I won't be able to feel free to post a thing there.

Our rabbit died today. We got him used and had him for five years ourselves, so I'm guessing he was at least 6 or 7 years old. Sweetest rodenty-type creature I've ever known. Every day, he'd sleep stretched out with his eyes wide open. I'd call to him or rattle his cage or watch carefully to see if he was still breathing, and every day he was, until today. It's weird, because we all really loved him, yet were not at all surprised - we were so used to thinking, "Oh my God, Max is dead," that when he finally was, we had already come to terms with our impending loss.

Took a long time to dig his grave. We had to choose a place where Guthrie couldn't accidentally dig him up, and the only out of the way spot was filled with giant tree roots. Tough to get through. My daughter helped dig once my back starting killing, and then my husband came home and had to finish the rest. Ugh! But we finally got him into the ground and said our goodbyes. :(

My husband and I have been watching Dexter, which, as it turns out, is a really good show as long as I avoid any seriously disturbing images. The camera usually cuts away at the bad parts and the killings are quick, so I can handle it. We've been watching them out of order and right now Keith Carradine is guesting. I have to say I'm finding him unbearably sexy. Ooh, and I have a mad serious girlcrush on Jennifer Carpenter. I love her quirky good looks, and the cursing? Oh yeah. She's just the grooviest.


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