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My daughter's quiz show thingy went off without a hitch. She was wonderful, as always. Worst part? They kept filming the audience. If I end up on TV, I will have to kill myself, so if I suddenly vanish sometime in February after the show airs, you'll know why.

I haven't been grocery shopping in weeks, and the fam is growing tired of living off of stale cereal and slightly turned milk. Might pop up to the store this morning after bloodwork. If I push the cart around fast enough, can I count it as my workout for the day?

This sweet tune is running through my head this morning. Catchy!
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The t-shirts for the show arrived yesterday and only came in one size: large. My daughter will look like she's wearing a nightgown onstage. She's opted for a black oxford instead.

I had to take younger son to the pediatrician yesterday. When I told the doc our girl had been chosen for this team because she's so smart, he said, "And I'm sure the fact that she's tall, blond, and beautiful didn't hurt." I'm pleased he noticed. She doesn't believe me when I tell her she's attractive. Thinks I only say it cause I'm her mom. Silly girl.

She's breaking up with her boyfriend. Turns out he isn't as smart as she'd thought (translation: he doesn't enjoy math and science talk like that boy from camp did). Also, he's coming on way too strong. Tells her he loves her and that she's his world. She's a little wigged. Can't say that I blame her, but I find myself feeling really bad for this boy. Poor kids.
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Oh, man. Just watched an ep of that Challenge show my girl will be appearing on. Shit. Our school will look beyond ridicolus in their t-shirts. Ugh.

Also, tonight is the best night of TV and if you're not watching Dexter, Bored to Death, and The Walking Dead you are mega-seriously missing out, m'dears.

That is all.
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Took most beloved daughter to hair salon today. She looks too cute for worms! She's filming on Tuesday. We fully expect her school to perform abysmally, since they've only spent about an hour practicing for this event. Also, the PTA is giving them t-shirts to wear. T-shirts! Have they ever seen the show? Everyone else will be wearing dress shirts and ties, but not our district. Just add it to the list. Reason #642,091 why we oughta just move already.

Um, what else? Oh, we've plans to hang with bff and fam this weekend. I am most excited, even though I don't have a decent thing to wear. Where are you, new clothes? I ordered you ages ago. I also ordered this for husband to give me for Christmas. Purty. So what if I never ever wear jewelry? I still covet. And this time I swear I will use these.

Ooh, clothes just arrived. Yay!
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Thursday. Gonna finish shopping for oldest nephew's girlfriend's baby shower gifts. Have I mentioned I am going to be a great aunt by the end of the month? Can't wait to dote. I love small people. And the fact that they're virtually mute for the first couple of years charms the socks off of me. Doe-eyed little sponges = <3 <3

My daughter has a boyfriend. She was afraid of how I might take the news because I had forbidden her to become one of those girls - you know the type - the ones who fall truly madly deeply in love at fifteen and can't eat or sleep or stop crying once their imbecilic boy-child tears their heart to shreds, rendering them useless in relationships for life. But she has a strong enough sense of self, I think, to survive the inevitable. And as long as she doesn't have sex until she's thirty, she'll do just fine.

God, is it November? I'm so not ready to start thinking about Christmas.
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My baby girl turned 15 today. How the heck am I old enough to have a tenth grader? Seems so wrong on so many levels, especially when you consider that my own emotional development is hardly past that age. In fact, my kid might even be older. In many ways, she's far more mature than I am, that's for sure.

I'ma pop over to her tennis match in a few, then we're going to have a wee bit of coffee and cake with everyone this evening. Should be

I'm gonna let you fill in the blank there. All righty. Must keep cleaning for la campagnie. Plus tard.
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First, the good daughter has been asked to be one of the students representing her high school in the Long Island Challenge, which is basically a bunch of smarty pants kids competing against each other on TV. She rocks! Have I reminded you of that in the past 24 hours? What's cool about it is that since she's only 14, we're potentially looking at 3 yrs on this team. Should look sweet on her cv.

And the arm is still in agony after a week of trying to rest and ice it, so there is no way I'm not going to have to see a doctor about this. :( Thank God I have health insurance, else I'd be majorly vshoovled.

And the worst...has been removed because it made me too upset to see it every time I hit my site.
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I finally got over to the music store today and dropped off my violin to be fixed. My daughter wants private lessons now to supplement the ones she takes at school and she needs something a little larger than the half-size she already owns. I think winning the orchestra award last year helped spur her interest. She had high school orientation today and she's decided she's going to go out for tennis instead of soccer. I'm surprised, because she loves soccer and has been playing since she was four. Oh well. I had a math teacher in hs who suggested I take up tennis because he said it was a great way to meet men. O.o Heh. At least she'll have that to fall back on now.

My head is throbbing this evening, so I think I'll cut this terribly exciting post short. Ciao, bubby babies.
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My daughter has decided to teach herself to play the real drums by following along on the practice option of Rock Band. I have now listened to the first 40 seconds of Roxanne 600x in the past two hours. Urg. She does sound pretty incredible, though. She's been playing expert on drums for the past few months, and somehow it is translating into real life drumming skillz. Man, she's so damn cute, I could squeeze the stuffing right outta her. Is there anything on this earth cooler than a girl drummer? Uh-uh.

Have decided to skip reccing today. No good reason, just not in the mood. Can I tell you how pathetic it feels to still care about the site when nearly no one else does? But I want it to survive. And I want people to continue to love it as much as I do.

Spent the day feeling like I'm coming down with another cold. Normally this would depress me, but today it is just making me want to nap or cuddle up with a good book. I've been sorting through my shelves and I came across an unread copy of The Handmaid's Tale. Lord knows how long I've owned it. I have no memory of buying it, but its Costco price tag tells me it must have been an impulse buy one summer when I was looking for something to bring to the Cape. Buy most books in July, just before we go. We may take another stab at looking at houses there this weekend. Now that we're definitely moving our boat from the Sound to Cape Cod Bay, we've fallen back in love with the idea of owning a piece of land on which to store it. Must be flat and cleared, and have a year-round house with at least three bdrms, a fireplace, and 2 bths so we won't have to take turns. Also, there's a Must Not Be Frightening rule that gives me full veto power if I think it's gonna creep me out to go up alone (read: with three kids, a dog, a cat, and a bunny). I scare easily.
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Hrm. I see I missed fic reccing again. Sadness! Fell asleep at 7:30 last night. I had a pretty horrible cold all week, so I guess it's understandable. Still, passing out early is becoming quite the exciting Friday night ritual. Good grief! Makes me feel like I'm ninety.

We drove our daughter to Teaneck NJ tonight. She's having a little reunion with her best camp buds. They text one another all the time, so they've remained pretty close, despite the fact they only knew each other for a short time. In December, they'll prolly reunite again for one of the girl's Bat Mitzvah. It's the same day we're sleeping over at the Museum of Natural History, so I'm a bit reticent to send her to this shindig all alone and then meet up with her later, but I think it will be an experience she'll remember forever. She's completely unlike me--she'd have no problem going to a party all day and staying up half the night, frolicking amongst the fossilized and the taxidermied. Sounds perfectly dreadful, but if it makes her happy... Lord knows, I aims to please.


Ooh, and I've been digging this song for the past couple of days. I cannot seem to get it outta my head. Must. Own. Now.
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We had a very busy weekend. Drove 300+ miles on Friday to get our girl, who loved camp, wants to go back next year for a full month, and didn't miss us in the least. Then Saturday we attempted to sail, but the gear shift wasn't working properly, so we found ourselves completely adrift in the middle of a very crowded marina. Kind of nerve-wracking, but we were rescued by the Lloyd Harbor Harbor Master, who happened to be passing by. He took our information, which I assumed he needed to write up a report, but husband says that he thinks we'll be getting a hefty bill in the mail for his efforts. Seems kind of wrong to me, but I guess that's how things are. Husband tells me that the HM isn't a tow service, and that we might still get a fine as well, cause husband left his registration in the car instead of having it with him on the boat. Hrm. Well, that's stinky. And today we threw together a last-minute bbq which was kind of fun. I like visiting with my family. Always interesting conversations when we're with them. And since brilliant, idealistic 21 yr old nephew was over, there was much debate. Good fun. Nothing more entertaining than arguing with intelligent people, imo.

I am feeling a little paralyzed over my story. First part's fine. Second part is in need of a major overhaul, but is basically complete. Third part is done, just in need of tweaking. But the fourth and arguably most important part is in shambles. I've got an outline, but I want it to be better than it's going to be. Drats. What can I do? I am limited in both ability and imagination, though in all fairness, I think I should give credit where credit is due: I am fairly good at panicking. Feel I'm making real progress in mastering the art of the complete and utter breakdown, and that's nothing to be scoffed at.
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Took my daughter for a much needed pre-camp haircut. She looks loverly. She decided it was time for a radical new 'do, so she let Sean, our highly skilled hairdresser, choose whatever he thought would look best. Trouble with her having long hair was that she never wore it up, and between the hair and her glasses, you couldn't see beautiful face anymore. This cut is good, cause it's hip without being too sophisticated. She's still twelve, and I'd like to keep her looking somewhat her age while I still can. Men are beginning to notice her and I find it very unsettling. Thankfully, she's still slightly on the boys-are-gross side of things. We sat near the entrance/exit of the circus performers a couple of weeks ago, and several of them paid a little too much attention to her for my comfort level. And if she thinks I'm gonna take her to Italy one of these days like she keeps asking, she's pazza. I remember what those men were like there -- drop-dead gorgeous and completely incapable of grasping the concept "no thanks". Hrm. Maybe going to camp to learn to ride horsies and kiss boys doesn't sound like such a good idea after all.
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Ha! I was looking up Boomtown Rats on YouTube and found this 30 second clip of House playing "I Don't Like Mondays." Fucking hilarious. My, my, my. Silly things make me happy.

I am to drop little girls off at the mall soon. They will be left alone for two hours. I've laid down about a hundred ground rules that I am praying they will follow. They're all really bright, conscientious kids, so I am hopeful all will go smoothly. Every time we let a little more go, I am left feeling both anxious and proud. My baby is getting so big! My ex-brother-in-law was at the twins' b-day bbq last Sunday, and he thought, "Who is that woman?" when he first caught a glimpse of my daughter. Yikes! Wah.


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