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Has everyone seen this cover art of Angel & Faith comic #6? Is Giles coming back--as a young man? Is bringing Ripper back a lame-ass contrived effort that will finally enable him to hook up with Faith? If it is, I'd rather he stayed dead. These comics read like bad fan fiction, yo. Boo. Boooooo.

Second scouts meeting today and I've already lost son's notebook and the assignment sheet that tells us what his hw is each week, etc. How is this possible? I've been so good.

It's Friday and husband isn't coming until late. I hate husband. I'll bet you anything he'll then work all weekend, too. Boo. Boooooo. I'm feeling terribly neglected. Pity me.
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Fuck fucking Joss.

I'm bitter.

Edit: Okay. This makes me feel slightly better - especially the "Tony has this cool sexuality" line.
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Just read this funny piece in The New Yorker. S'even funnier because I amuse myself daily by saying, "God's punishing you" whenever something slightly crappy happens. My sense of humor definitely leans towards the dickish at times, but my intentions are always benign: "What? It's funny!" And in humor the ends do justify the meanies, I mean means, wouldn't you agree? Eh, probably not.

I'm gonna swing by Amok Time this morning after I pick up my daughter from tennis practice. I'm pretty sure today's the day the new Buffy comic's supposed to be released. I'm afraid once I read it whatever horrific event Joss has now chosen to inflict upon us will be burned indelibly into my brain, but there's no stopping the inevitable. Might as well suck it up and tear through it in one swift motion, don't you think? It won't hurt any less, but the sooner I accept the pain, the sooner I can learn to live with it.
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Good grief. Beloved is driving me bonkers with the new house obsession. He's chattering at me all day, and I can't concentrate on writing AT ALL. He's a bit of a nudge, and can't stand when I'm not paying attention to him. Pesky ansky. But he's cute. I think I'll keep him.

I'm making very little progress on my story and the clock is a ticking. I'm on my fourth version of absolute garbage. I need a good brainstorming session to bounce me out of this rut. This is not that difficult. I am the master of the mountainous molehill. Need to snap out of this already. Must not implode.

I think I forgot to finish reading last month's Buffy comic, because I missed something crucial. My daughter's all "don't you remember..." Um, nope. I actually enjoyed this one, though, which is unusual, since I despise the comics. Joss is finally getting to the good stuff.
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I don't know what to think about all of this sudden interest in Faith/Giles stuff. Husband thinks Joss made Faith such a big part of the comics 'cause he's gonna be working with Dushku again. Always business-minded, my bubby. Husband also says Joss couldn't make something between Buffy and Giles even if he wanted to, because most folks would freak.

I used to enjoy F/G as an entertaining substitute for B/G. Now, I can't even bring myself to consider it. It's like reading post-series Giles/Ethan. Nuh-uh. I cannot get my head around that. Choices are Buffy or drying up like an old eunuch. Freckin' reckin' Faith.

Oh, man, and how incredibly horrible is it about Heath Ledger? Did I ever mention that my oldest nephew, the one who was here all summer, looks just like him? A brown-haired version, but serious separated-at-birth similarities.
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I just re-read last Buffy comic. Makes me queasy. But there are folks who deny the entire existence of the last two seasons of the show, right? I can pretty much make up whatever I want to be true until they explicitly write otherwise. Even after. O, the burden of believing in fantasy realities! I almost died when Rhett left Scarlett when I was a kid. Every time I read the book or saw the movie, it was just as painful as the first. Couldn't he see she didn't love that jerk Ashley anymore? I know the book is considered racist prattle, but I liked it. And Professor Oates isn't the boss of me.

Husband read over latest version of third story part. Made some helpful suggestions. I chopped out a giant chunk I was most attached to, but you need to dump the ballasts if they're sinking the boat. May be a way to weave it in somewhere else. Part two? Possibly. That is still under major reconstruction.
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Hmm. Don't know what to make of last Buffy comic. Can't say I'm pleased. I really should quit before it's too late and something happens that I couldn't bear. But I won't.

I'm not super pleased with much of anything these days. Buffy, fanfic, LJ. I don't know. Things are changing and I have no idea where it's gonna leave me. I'm getting antsy. Need more. Not sure what I need more of exactly, but fulfillment is my fair-weather friend. Why can't I be satisfied? Isn't there some sort of blissful, womb-like stasis, where you're left feeling complete and at peace? If it exists, it's always eluded me. Most I've ever known is weeks, maybe months at a time, but it always vanishes, refusing to be owned. At least by the likes of me.

So, I am going to deal with the laundry that has begun overflowing out of the baskets and onto the floor. And then I am going to sit down with my Christmas list and cards and get crackalackin. I will write them as I watch something that I've seen a zillion times, but not for a long time now, like To Have and Have Not, or maybe Manhattan. I will finish the last bit of my story. And I will learn how to work delicious. I will play fetch with the pup, who needs to run. I need that, too, I guess.
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Just read new Buffy comic. Giles-y goodness, hmm hmm. The only thing I will spoil is that he is wearing the most hideous yellow submarine sweater. Even on the show, he didn't dress that badly. I kind of find myself wishing Joss had never started up this story again. And I dread "Ripper", even though I'd love to see ASH reprise the role. I'm not sure I trust Joss not to screw with things too much. Everybody always goes on and on about Marti Noxon ruining the last two seasons of Buffy, but I think Joss is to blame. And ASH leaving, which, okay, may have been understandable on a personal level, but sucky for the rest of us. He used the US marketplace to revive his career and then dumped us when hire-ability was assured. Plain and simple. I love him anyway, but I'm not in denial over this. He's a person--it's his right to make whatever choices he wants, but that doesn't mean he didn't let the Buffy world down. And Joss? Look at the choices he's made in comic storyline. I shudder to think where he'll take us next. I think he spent way too much time on his other shows in the end to give Buffy what it deserved. Now, I can't even guess what he's thinking.


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