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A recent conversation with my therapist~

Me: I'm tired of being broken.
Him: You're not broken. I know broken and you're not. You are neurotic as hell, but you're not broken.

Hehe. It's funny because it's true.

I want to lose myself in the spirit of the holidays. I want to listen to Christmas music and decorate and bake and feel all peaceful and happy inside, but I'm afraid if I relax, something will get overlooked. It'll be Christmas Day and it'll turn out I forgot something essential.

Also, I must recommend if you ever have children, not to have any near the holidays. It really fucks everything up. How can I come up with enough stuff for my little guy? Although, when I asked him what he wanted, he did said, "I pretty much have everything already." Bless his little heart. But will he feel that way when he's got only two presents to open? Somehow I doubt it. *fret* *fret*
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Our overnight at the museum was much less painful than I'd anticipated. Had enough fun to say I'd do it again some day, which is about as high praise as anything's gonna get out of me these days. Daughter had a lovely time at the Bat Mitzvah, which turned out to be right across 77th from the Natural History, so she just walked across the street and met us afterwards. She thought hanging out in the city on her own was just the bee's knees.

God, I'm so far behind in everything this year. I haven't even gotten to my Christmas cards yet. There are still a million trillion things to do in the next ten days and husband and I are both so exhausted, we can't seem to find the strength to finish decorating the tree. Or start, really, since we only just got the lights on it last night. I'd like to be able to savor this time. Enjoy holiday music, bake cookies, build ginger bread houses, and instead I'm trying to play catch-up on housework and laundry just like every other time of year. :(

Guess I'm gonna have to just slow down, break out the Bing, and remember - this is supposed to be fun. Dammit.


Nov. 30th, 2008 09:52 pm
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Husband and I house hunted all weekend, giddily leaving dei Kinder with the in-laws whilst we skeddadled skedooed throughout the Happy Valley for hours on end. Was like taking a mini-tour of our early sex lives: "Ooh, and that's where we..." Each house had its charms and its deficits. We're continually forced to redefine our needs and desires. At this point, I'm ready to make bids willy nilly just to free ourselves from The Search. Nearly any of the houses we visited would make fine second homes if we could only get the owners to take about 50 thou less than asking.

Our most beloved Christmas tree farmer squeaked another year out of his tired old field, so we were delighted to leave South Deerfield with another perfect balsam today. Can you believe tomorrow is already December 1st? There's much to do, but I find I'm actually looking forward to the holidays in a way I haven't for years. I can practically hear my grinchy heart whalping as it thaws.

Oh oh oh and I read the best book this weekend: Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. It's been ages since I've enjoyed a story this much. Could hardly put it down. Wonderful, wonderful!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we enjoyed ours. :)
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Four o'clock and I have not made much progress on today's to-do list. Spent three hours at the mall with my daughter buying my husband many gifts instead of just the two I'd originally planned. We wore ourselves out and now I still have to return tomorrow morning to finish. Looks like both boys have strep, and littlest has new ear infection in the other ear this time. Hubby added lawn decorations (in our case, dirt decorations, since nephew worked too slowly for grass to get planted until the spring), which makes us look much less trashy. Between the dirt lawn and the chopper Santa, we looked quite spiffy. Not that there's anything wrong with dirt or choppers...Then, we all ate Chinese food and husband and I took a nap. Sleeping has cut into list-completing time. Major amounts of work left to be done. Now I'm logy and feel like doing nothing. But unlike us, Christmas does not sleep. Ready or not. It's driving the children crazy that we're so far behind in everything this year. I'm off to climb through cubbies to see if I can dig out the ornaments and lights and village, while my husband's off at the pharmacy, pet store, and dry cleaner. He will be most happy and surprised to find he won't have to do it. I aims to please! Well, mostly.
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Bibbity bobbity boo fucking hoo. I am beat. This Christmas is wiping the floor with me. Poulet sans tete, mes amies. Been dragging poor sickies around to doctors and poppin' into stores, cause they tease me into believing they'll have one thing I need, but, alas, hardly ever do.

Christmas village remains in attic cubby hole and not on entertainment center where it belongs at this time of year. Tree lies on the side of the house in the mud and now in the wintry mix as well. Gifts and cards? Well, alls I can say is I canna find my address book (again!), so I can only think of fifty peeps off the top of my head. I'm off by at least ten. You know I'm missing someone crucial, too. Must find it. No real hurry, though. I've yet to print (or even pick) picture of the bubbies. I'll be Target bound one of these days, armed with digital photo card and a visa, so I can finally finish stuffing cards with said pics one of these days when I'm not bound to a sniffling, coughing little blond boy, who has been hacking up a lung for a month now. Poor fella. Kindergarten is petri-dish-esque breeding ground.

I have run smack into a wall made of man and women bits that feels like it reads like a technical manual. I wish I could just let go and finish this damn story. It was so much easier when I stuck to deadlines.


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