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Coolest part about Buffy on Netflix is I can bounce around from season to season without having to figure out which disc has which ep. I just point and click - hurray! Lazy Buffy watching at it's best. But, to be fair, my head is so filled with pressure, it feels as if it could pop right off my body, like some sort of olde tyme water-bottle rocket. I needs the ease of no-thought teevee.

I would give anything for a new Buffy/Giles story right about now. Have been scouring the nets for ones I haven't read in a while, so they'll feel fresh. That's going about as well as can be expected, considering I've read everything about a gabillion times already. Still, one has hope.
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My husband turns 40 today. What are we doing to mark this momentous occasion? Nada, zip, bupkis. I am sick as a dawg once again with a head cold from hell. Poor hubby.

Watched Buffy vs Dracula today on Netflix. *sigh* I love Giles in this ep. Also love, love Buffy's hair. Kinda hate the rest of the season, though.
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I've had a splitting headache for the past two days and now both boys have a stomach bug. Mrr. But! Buffy is on Netflix on Demand and damn if that isn't da bomb, kiddelerinos.

Two new New Yorker cartoons for your enjoyment. Click on them und chuckle. Ja, das ist ein Auftrag, you Princesses of Livejournal, you Queens of the Internets. xoxo
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Merlin, Merlin, Merlin, you are forever stuck in dopey Disney mode, but tonight you've given me enough Anthony Head to make me happy, so I forgive you. Think I need to watch Buffy now to get everything I want - Anthony Head and wonderful storytelling. The only thing missing'll be sexy period costumes. Just need Giles dressed in a frilly pirate shirt to make my fantasy complete. :)
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We're watching OMWF. Yum. Every time I see Anthony Head, I'm amazed at how unbelievably beautiful he is. Finally got my husband to agree he's the prettiest one on the show. And he loves SMG. Sigh.

My littlest is very sick. 103 and vomiting. Terrible headache. I'm in hyper-vigilant mode. How else will I know if he's got something more serious than some lousy bug? I expect to be joining him within the next couple of days. I should never let him drink out of my cup. Drats. Right now babe's asleep. I hope he's better soon. Sometimes these things hit the young ones hard and fast, and then leave just as quickly as they came.

Poor Buffy. I can't get over how much shit this character is given. I think of all the fanfic that bashes her for not paying enough attention to Giles in the fourth season, etc. Boo fucking hoo. The girl's got a hard life. She deserves sympathy, not vilification.


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