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Just finished reading The Bell Jar. Wonderful! How have I made it through 40 years without Sylvia Plath in my life? I didn't find it depressing at all. A little sad, considering, but overall just a fantastic read. Must pop over to B&N and see what else I can get my hands on. Or maybe I'll hit the library. I am trying to retrench.


Apr. 19th, 2009 06:54 am
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Just read this article in the Times about DNA databases. In short, it reports the vast expansion of the FBI's DNA collection, which includes people who have not been convicted of any crimes. We're told it's for our well-being. We'll be safer this way. The last line of the article quotes one prosecutor as saying, "If you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear." Really? I suppose that's because the wrong people are never convicted through DNA evidence.

Good grief. I should never read scary speculative fiction novels like Fahrenheit 451 or The Handmaid's Tale. They make me feel extra jittery. Which, I suppose, is the point. But if we ever teach apes to speak, let me be the first to warn against also teaching them how to shoot. Trust me. Guns and gorillas are unmixy things.
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Finally finished The Handmaid's Tale. I loved it. Makes me wish we'd studied it when I was still in high school. It might have helped me come to terms with feminism and sexism at a much younger age. I knew something was wrong with the fact that the girls teams were always forced out of the gym when the boys teams needed it, but I hadn't truly understood just how often we were made to feel worth less until college. It's weird, too, because my mom was so progressive for our town, working for the League of Woman Voters, buying gender-neutral toys and records like "Free to be You and Me...", but my parents were just happy that our school complied with Title IX at all. They'd say, "None of your sisters got to play basketball. They didn't even have girl teams in schools, then. Can you imagine?"

I think about women today. How sexism manifests itself. How we continue to participate in our own oppression. And every time I read a headline about someone with a label like "Octomom", I cringe.
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Husband and I saw Watchmen this morning. We were the only people in the theater who laughed. I'm not really sure how to interpret that. The film had more gore than usually suits us, but as seasoned delicate flowers we are used to spending a good deal of time wincing and covering our eyes. And I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is America's answer to Javier Bardem, if, you know, Bardem were a question instead of an actor. Ooh, now I really can't wait until Lost Girls comes out.
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My daughter's friends really need to learn phone etiquette. Thirteen yrs old and they're like talking to toddlers. The phone rings. I answer, "Hello?" They say, "Hello." And then there's complete silence. Hrm. I guess it's better than when they demand, "Who is this?" Hey, kid, you called me, remember? Oy.

I'm considering ordering the Times for home delivery again. In the past, we've always found it to be too much paper. We can never keep up, and just end up recycling most of it, until eventually it gets to the point where we don't even bother removing it from its delivery bag before chucking it in the bin. But our hotel delivered one gratis every day, and, I've gotta say, I am hooked. Even before this weekend, I've been hankering to get my hands on the puzzle again. No matter how many years I work on it, I can never seem to get past Wednesday's. One's ability to finish the puzzle could be used in lieu of IQ tests, and, as in real life, I seem to fall short. My parents, of course, never have any trouble breezing through the week. In fact, they are so much smarter than me, they might even be much smarter than I. But I say, fuck that. Fuck, fuck, fuck


I have been working forever on a response from a simple prompt over at ye olde [ profile] mmm_smut. I am beginning to doubt I will ever be able to finish it. Must I complicate everything?

yes. yes. most emphatically, yes.

Finished Nora's book about her neck. Found it mildly entertaining. Honestly, it's the only book I've read that left me thinking I could have done just as well as she (er, her), if not better. But then, no one really cares what I have to say about handbags and manicures and child-raising, as demonstrated by my current lack of readership. Also, I found her a little difficult to relate to, inasmuch as she is really from another generation. Interned for Kennedy for chrissake. She's also very wealthy. And a Manhattanite. And, although she is clever, she is no David Sedaris, and I guess that's where she lost me.


Nov. 30th, 2008 09:52 pm
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Husband and I house hunted all weekend, giddily leaving dei Kinder with the in-laws whilst we skeddadled skedooed throughout the Happy Valley for hours on end. Was like taking a mini-tour of our early sex lives: "Ooh, and that's where we..." Each house had its charms and its deficits. We're continually forced to redefine our needs and desires. At this point, I'm ready to make bids willy nilly just to free ourselves from The Search. Nearly any of the houses we visited would make fine second homes if we could only get the owners to take about 50 thou less than asking.

Our most beloved Christmas tree farmer squeaked another year out of his tired old field, so we were delighted to leave South Deerfield with another perfect balsam today. Can you believe tomorrow is already December 1st? There's much to do, but I find I'm actually looking forward to the holidays in a way I haven't for years. I can practically hear my grinchy heart whalping as it thaws.

Oh oh oh and I read the best book this weekend: Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. It's been ages since I've enjoyed a story this much. Could hardly put it down. Wonderful, wonderful!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we enjoyed ours. :)
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We drove into town this morning, where we spent too much money on t-shirts for our girl and ate too much food at George's Pizza. We also spoke to our real estate agent today. We've decided to put in a back-up bid on the 5 bedrm Cape near the bike path in Eastham. Technically, they've accepted another bid, but the would-be buyers are already out of contract, so we'll know within a couple of days if we have a chance. She said that the sellers would love for us to buy their house, though, because they thought our family was sweet and that our children were very well behaved and polite. Old folks always come up to us at restaurants, etc., and tell us how impressed they are with the children. I think that's because most people take one look at a group of kids and wish they were sitting in another area of the restaurant, but then when they're done eating and realize their meals were not disturbed by a bunch of whiny pitas, they feel compelled to say something.

We're prolly going to leave the kids with my sister on Wed and check out a performance by the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater. We've never been, and it seems like fun, so we thought we'd give it a shot. Mostly, I just want to see if I can get my hands on an "I support W.H.A.T." sticker for my car, but I fear I'll have to actually donate fifty dollars to get one. I'm on a quest to decorate our new car top carrier with only the grooviest stickers. How many people would have that one, eh? Also, Wellfleet Public Library? Pretty damn exciting, if you ask me. I wonder if we could get something special if we go to the free Shakespeare performance under the tent across from Mayo Beach. My husband said, "I thought you swore off Shakespeare", but I think I could suffer through another performance of the Tempest, if there was the promise of a sticker somewhere in there. Also, I just read this book called Dating Hamlet that I got from the library, and it's made me rethink my earlier position.

No news or opinions on ODD, huh, cats? I think archivists have a social and moral obligation to give people the chance to take over their sites if they get tired of running them. Not that I know a thing about maintaining websites, but I certainly could help finance them, if given a chance. I think we need a comprehensive site where all btvs stories are archived, whether we can get the authors' permission or not. In fact, I think that trying to maintain control over one's work after it's publicly posted seems to go against the very nature of fan fiction in the first place. Or is that just my desperation to keep every single word alive forever talking?
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We finally made it over to the public library yesterday, after about a week and a half of talking about it. There was a crowd gathered on the porch by the entrance, waiting for the doors to open. Turns out the library is quite the hot spot. Literally. Everyone was there for the computers or the wifi. We were there for the novelty and the middle school summer reading list and the free passes to Plymouth that I completely forgot to ask about. We left with two much-needed books for our soon-to-be eighth grader, three for the littlest, and two YA titles for me. Also helped support the library by picking up a neat canvas tote and sticker. They're trying to raise $30,000 to go solar. Why doesn't our library at home ever do progressive things like that? Something to bring up with the local ptb, perhaps.

We drove through a neighborhood in Eastham yesterday that overlooked a marsh and Rock Harbor that was to die for. And the houses only run about a million and a half. That shouldn't be too difficult to swing when I come back in my next life as David Sedaris. Or maybe if I scrimp and save, and sell my children to the highest bidder, I can have it in this lifetime, too.

Husband wants to look at houses again. He tells me he's going to call realtors today. Not sure why the idea of looking at things we cannot afford depresses me so. He sees it as good fun. I find it anxiety producing. As it is, I've been waking up at four every morning in a state a panic. Not cool. A definite sign that I am not exercising enough up here. Moving frees my brain, and the past week has been a bit on the lazy side. Maybe we'll hike the Fort Hill trail today, if it's not too sticky.

Came across this website after looking up le petit mort, and then following the links. "See also" has taken on a whole knew meaning on the net. Who on earth would have imagined there would be sites devoted to this crap? Fucked up.

(This post's title is brought to you by Scott Nash's Tuff Fluff, and by the number 3. Both big hits with the boys.)
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I finally know what I want to be when I grow up: David Sedaris. Hm. Guess that's more of a who than a what. I've been reading his essays in The New Yorker for ages, and I just started his latest book, When You Are Engulfed In Flames, today. Funny funny. More clever than...hmm...what's something that's really clever? Think think think. Um, okay. I got nothing. So maybe I won't be David Sedaris in this lifetime - it's still something to aspire to in the next.

Yesterday at the Apple store I fell in love with these headphones. I didn't buy them. It's impossible to justify the expense. But then today, when I saw them again in Target--my favorite headphones, in my favorite store, reduced!--I realized it must be a sign that the retail gods want me to have them. I was strong, I resisted. For now. It was no easy task, though. I'm fairly certain that they may just be the one thing on this earth that could honestly make me happy forever and ever.

Got this Zombies song running through my head tonight. Groovy.


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