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Happy Birthday, [ profile] glimmergirl! *smishes you*
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Happy Thanksgiving, flist! And Happy Birthday to my dear LJ friend, [ profile] antennapedia! Hope you have a wonderful day, hon.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] froxyn! I hope you're having a great day!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] divadea! I hope you have a wonderful day, hon! :)
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Well, well, well. I've spent nearly two years dreading this day, and, yet, now that it's finally here, 'tain't no big whoops. A couple of days in a five star hotel overlooking Central Park definitely helped ease the pain of turning forty. I could get used to having people eager to wait on me hand and foot. It doesn't suck. And even though we'll be paying off this trip for the next few months, it was well, well worth it. Everything was perfect - the room, the view, the service, the food, the drinks. And Equus had to be the best play I have ever seen, hands down. I loved every second of it, and that's saying a lot, because I am usually pretty good at finding something to hate. Lately, I find the city to be rejuvenating in much the same way I've always found the sea to be. Not sure why, but I'm loving it. Definitely must take better advantage of the fact that we live only a few miles from the most beautiful beaches in the world, and 25 miles from the most exciting city. I feel very fortunate to live in New York. It's da bomb.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] missparker and [ profile] rumidha! Hope you both have a fantastic day and a wonderful year ahead.
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On evenings like these, I always think of the last bit of James Agee's Knoxville: Summer 1915: )

Love love that poem and summer nights and gathering with my family in celebration. At least I think tonight was a celebration. Went to [ profile] sczsister's house for a going away party for three of her four children. They're headed off to colleges in Canada, California, and Massachusetts. We'll really miss them, but even though they're leaving, I don't feel like we'll never see them. One thing I've learned is that life rarely moves forward in a straight path. Children who leave do come back. I went to UMass the fall after high school, withdrew at the very end of my second semester, went to SUNY Stony Brook for a year, left school altogether for a few months to wait tables, and then returned to UMass to finish my degree. Not that my story is typical, and I certainly hope they have more direction than I did in my youth, but you never know how things will work out. I'm happy for them. Excited they're entering this awesome new phase. And college is wonderful. Wish I could have dragged that part of my life out for even longer than I did.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] lilachigh! Hope you have a wonderful day!
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Happy Birthday to the lovely and talented [ profile] khaoschilde. Hope you have a great day!!
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My back has been killing me for a week now. Between the hotel bed and the shoveling and handling my extremely impish pup, I have strained the muscles that have given me troubles on and off since college. And I can't take the meds I used to, cause of my stoopit blood thinner. (freckin' reckin') Also, I am, how do you say, grody to the max, cause I am unshowered today. (grumble, grumble)

That's it for the whiny part of my post...hmm...or is it?

I'm having difficulty keeping up with housework since my back's giving me troubles, but also because I really, really despise cleaning. So boring, I want to pluck my eyes straight out me head. Would much rather spend the day reading prawn, er, working on my ficathon story. Ultimately, I believe beta was correct in initial assessment. More must be added and I need to finish it already.

Oh, and the other thing that's been kind of hellish of late is that everyone in my house has been taking turns getting up at all different times throughout the night. And last night, when littlest joined us at 1:30am, husband had left Lies My Parents Told Me on extra loud, so I couldn't fall back to sleep. Quite disorienting to wake up to that ep. Does not make me happy to see Giles betray Buffy again. It makes no sense that the Scoobies trusted her judgment for all those years when it came to everything, and suddenly in the seventh season, stop. Why, I ask you, why? And, of course, it turns out she's right about everything, as always. Stupid Scoobies. I made up for angsty ep by watching Starstruck on cable. I loves that silly film. Dig my favorite song from it. Never thought I'd miss the 80's.

And last, but not least, I would like to wish [ profile] ladyforash the happiest of days on this, the day of her birth. Happy Birthday!!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] glimmergirl! I hope you have a wonderful day!
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Hey, today is [ profile] ishtaritu's birthday. Happy birthday, Rainne! I hope this year is a fabulous one. 30! Woot woot!
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Happy birthday, [ profile] scratchingpost1! Hope you have a wonderful day, and many, many happy returns!
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'Nother bad dream. I'll spare you the details, lest I bore you to tears. One of those weird ones where pediatrician owns a restaurant/hospital then morphs into my beloved teacher friend. Horrible angst ensues. Getting tired of this. Very, very tired.

We went to my parents' house last night. They made us a lovely supper, and then we played Quiddler. Tons of fun. Everyone must run out and buy this instant. Spending time with the folks is always wonderful. They're probably our favorite couple to hang with. Sounds odd, but they're awesome when in friend-mode.

I'm working through the kinks of my story. Hopefully, I will finish it today. Please let it be done already.

Ooh, and it's [ profile] adarog's birthday today. I hope you have a wonderful day!
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Oh, buggity boop! I am getting tired and have much, much left to accomplish on this eve of my littlest's sixth birthday. We need to ready party supplies and goody bags and presents still. And I am making like a bee on story that is prolly nearly 1000 words longer than yesterday, and still no where near completion. Husband approves, but is getting antsy. Thinks it's a little too talky for his taste. It's a fine balancing act I'm attempting: rhythm, tone, silly, sexy. Takes a while. Maybe someone more...efficient?.. would be up to a post-coital chat by now. But not I. Gives me fits! I'm at 7200 words, though, which is an all-time high for me. Normally, I would have thrown in the towel by now, so hooray! I say.

Back to the salt mines.


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