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Dudes, Tony, Oscar buzz, huh, huh? That's what I wanna hear. Give our man his due. :D
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Walking Dead. Why is this season so stupid? I'm drawn to it but if it continues to bore, how much more can I take? S'not like Tony Head is there to compensate.

Washing washing loads of floody basement stuffs. Smells gross. Cannot wait until I'm saying, "Remember that time our hot water tank leaked all over our basement and we had to go through every single thing we ever owned? That sucked."

Tonight is parent/teacher conferences at both the middle and high school. I dread.

Homeland is still worth your time. Watch it, yeah?

I'm hungry. Dieting stinks. Being fat stinks worse. Still, I am hungry. And still, I am not thin.
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I love weekends. Don't even mind when they're busy.

Anthony Head's site said he'd be in Ireland for horsey-related public event yesterday, but cautioned followers that he was there on serious horsey business about horsies, fannishness would be unwelcome. So, um, why tell people on his fan page about it then? I'm not sure I see the point. To remind us how much he cares about horsies? Well. All right.

Netflix pulled Dick Van Dyke from its streaming list. Son went through immediate withdrawal. We had to turn to - gasp - dvds. How much worse is that? No little convenient synopses on the screen, forced to look up which ep is which on Google instead. The horror. Plus, in order to scroll from show to show we have to push a button and wait 30 seconds for the disc changer to rotate. And then the new disc needs to load and we have to sit through all the FBI warnings and intros afresh. Torment! The only bennie is since we own it, no one will ever be able to take Dick from us again. And that's a good thing.

Did I tell you that the man who evaluated the damage to our car recommended that our insurance co total it? Apparently, the guy who hit my girl was flying because he basically crushed our engine. And I guess since the car is less than ninety days old, we'd get full reimbursement. If they agree to do it, do we run right out and buy another? I - I have no idea. Right now we're down to two cars again and all feels right with the world, though I do miss the Honda, a lot. Zippy cars are fun.
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Hm. Don't think I care too much for this new timeline over on FB. Do I really want to know that Anthony Head read an article on Kirk Cameron's sad birthday photo? Fills me with all sorts of strange images - an actor's worst fears come to fruition, Tony reads headline in mild state of panic. And how far will this timeline thingy go? Will it tell me when he reads about viagra or hair loss remedies or cold sores or foot fungi? The latest men's fashions, perhaps? Or, even worse, that maybe he wakes up every morning and quick checks to see what new vids have been uploaded on Tube8 before starting his day? Good God. I think Facebook assumes too much. Do we really want to know all the intimate details of our flists interweb habits? Um, un-uh.

So. In lieu of a lovely family vacation in Italy, Joss decided to spend two weeks filming Much Ado in his house in LA, and Anthony Head, who was supposed to play Leonato, dropped out of the production only days before filming was to begin. Most sad making. Instead, I guess, he left to work on some 24 hour play jabba at the Old Vic. Does this bring him closer to getting that gig on Broadway that I've set my sites on for him? I think he ought to ask himself that every time he makes a career decision: will this please Jennifer? Does it bring me closer to making her dreams come true? Yes, yes. That could work for me.

Oh my God. And I nearly forgot to mention that I finally got around to watching Sherlock. Dudes. Fabulous! How could you all have failed to mention this? What? You did?
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I guess you should just avoid tumblr altogether if you don't want tv shows spoiled for you. )

Um. I'm can't even.

Why is it pissing me off that I can find no live coverage of Occupy Wall Street? Where are the news organizations? I see their cameras, but no footage. :\
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You want to hear more thoughts on Homeland? Sure! It's well told, well acted, but somehow a bit too heavy-handed. The material? Dunno. Maybe if I had been a fan of 24 I'd sit back and enjoy the ride. I think I'll do just that and then decide how I feel overall. Still, it's butt better than anything else I've seen in forever, so. Yeah.

Erm, Tony Head on Craigy Ferg? Well, adorable, but can he ever really not be? I was left wanting more. His Jonathan Ross interview was a thousand times better and more in-depth and satisfying. For a guy who has been on Merlin, Free Agents, and Late Late all in the past month, I think he's only accumulated about 10 minutes of total screen time. :/ Also, watching him last night, I suddenly felt through. I don't know. Being a fan is such an empty experience.
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I seriously need a second tumblr account so I can like and reblog pervy pictures as well. Also, I apologize for my use of GIFs. I hate them too. Mostly.

Tony Head's Late Late Show appearance has been shoved up to Oct 13. That's tomorrow, kiddos. I hope I remember. I have a mind like a sieve.

Today is all about the cleaning and the organizing. I'd rather be doing just about anything else, but my house refuses to look after itself. It's a dick that way.
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I just watched the 2nd and 3rd episodes of Free Agents and I actually smiled. A lot. I'd say it's getting better. Now if someone would just sneak up behind its editor, cover his mouth with a chloroform-soaked cloth, and drive him to, say, the top of a volcanic mountain somewhere in a remote part of the Andes - like that place they went that time in Top Gear where they could hardly breathe and had to turn around because they thought they might die - and abandon him there, the producers could hire someone competent to re-edit and they'd have the potential for a darn fine show. Oh and also, what the heck is Free Agents doing on at 8:30? There are small children up at that time. What rocket scientist runs programming at NBC these days? Obviously a relative of the editor or whichever numbskull is ultimately to blame for that hatchet job they do on the footage each week. Oy.

I can honestly say that I will be sad to see it go. But not the editing. Cause that's fer shit.

Update: Saw ep 4. Show is definitely improving with age. Even seemed less choppy than usual. Someone must have already dragged that guy to Chile.
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The Fisher Heads are asking people to tweet about #freeagents in an attempt to stir up a groundswell before the show's pulled. Tony (or Sarah - she posts so often under his name, it's geting harder to distinguish between the two) writes, "Buffy will always be there - Free Agents may not." Are you up for giving a plug or maybe watching the show tonight - if only to get Tony to stay in LA through his October 18 Craig Ferguson interview (<3!)?

Um, when is Free Agents on again? My dvr knows, but I seem to have forgotten.

Ooh, just read they get credit if you watch it on You could click and walk away. :)
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So, no Tony Head on Craigy Ferg last Friday night. Bumped for James Woods? Sad, sad. Oh, well. Another reason never to tune into network television.

Ooh, piece of candy!

What's on the agenda for the day? Cleaning! I spent yesterday scrubbing my fridge and clearing out the cabinet beneath my kitchen sink and rearranging my hall closet. Why, yes, I am the most amazing Hausfrau. Laura Petrie has nothing on me. Except maybe all that dancing. And fitness. And youth.

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Free Agents. Why does it take place in Portland? To give Hank Azaria an excuse to walk around in comfy clothes instead of business attire? Did I like it? Eh. It was all right. Wasn't funny, the camerawork was a little annoying, but the main characters were likable enough. Only thing is, these days it takes a lot for me to get hooked on a new show. Takes even more if the show is not made for cable television. So, it remains - the two minutes of film time Anthony Head received would be my only reason for tuning in again.

I already miss Merlin.

The one good thing about ASH wasting his talent in LA is that he's going to appear on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Friday. Should be fun since they're oldey timey friends. And because Craig is the only funny person left on late night teevee.
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What news?

Well, there's this. Mmm, I love Schweddy balls, don't you?

Then there's this. "Did you ever want to hear Giles talk dirty?" Yuh-huh. But how dirty will he actually get to talk at 8:30pm on NBC, hmm? Not dirty enough for me, that's for sure.

Next, younger son has fallen in love with The Dick Van Dyke Show which I'm certain now places him well ahead of the others as my favorite. I can't believe he's going to stop loving us in only a couple of years. *smooshes him now while I still can*

And lastly, Bombs May Explode in Demented September 11 10th Anniversary Memorial. Jeez, crazy terrorists, you don't need to kill us again to keep New Yorkers frightened. I've been shaking in my boots for a decade with no sign of relaxing any time in the near future. Maybe you should blow up someplace else this time around. Please?
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School. I hate it now more as a parent than I ever did as a kid.

I dread the first day. And the second. And the third. The fourth and fifth are weekend days, and thus less dready, but then the sixth through the tenth will most likely cause me angst.

So Anthony Headery's wifery finally started a fan page. Does this delight us? Meh. He never posts either way. Maybe something new and shiny will inspire he. But this time, he ought not let his guilt get in the way of enjoying his much deserved fannish squee. No apologies for not posting more, son. Just be. It's the internet, for Christ's sake. We're used to neglect.
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Watched this short interview with Emily Head. Holy lookalikes, Batkids, it's like watching a mini female version of her dad. Neat! And somewhat unsettling.

Erm, let's see, what else? Have decided to add stories in which Giles is referred to solely as Rupert to fics I can no longer read. The field is narrowing - and beggars can't be choosers - what's wrong with me? Dunno. But his name is Giles. You can refer to him as Rupert here and there, but exclusively? Meh. That's like reading those fics in which Buffy is called Elizabeth. Why not just decide to call Xander Alexander as long as you're making shit up? It is his real name, after all.

Ooh, I'm on a roll. Whoever should I alienate next?

I know: people who ask me to repost shit on fb. Stop. It just makes me hate you.

Huh. There's a day's work for you.
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Shopping has cured me of the blues. A bit. I think if I hit a few more stores, I may feel downright giddy.

Am trying to write drabbles, but they are a struggle. Will pound away over the next few days and see if there is a chance I can string a hundred words together in some form that makes sense. Woez.

Have been pouring over a ton of old ff. It is inspiring me to work on longer fics. They're so much fun to read!

Ooh, and I saw Cowboys and Aliens last night. Spent most of the movie awed by Daniel Craig's penis and bottom as they both did excellent work in that film. Oscar worthy? Let's just say I wouldn't be disappointed if either one were nominated.

There are lots of ASH interviews bobbing about the nets. I, of course, cannot watch any of them because my mifi blows giant chunks this year. But I love when he's in new shows and suddenly the media is fussing over him again. <3 <3
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Heh. So Tony Head is going to be at the San Diego ComicCon and will then start work on Free Agents. I'm getting good at guessing where he'll show up next.

Um, that's kind of unsettling, actually. Hrm.

And, guys, I want you to know that I do not care if you disagree with anything I say here. I am not offended by dissent. Makes the world go round, but please try to be conscious of other people's feelings, because I seriously despise f-locking right under other friends' nosies. Horrid practice. And one that should be resolutely discouraged, imo.

If livejournal has taught me anything, it is that silence speaks volumes. No comment is the same as saying, I thought this was crap. Or possibly, I got busy and completely forgot to respond, or, I'm a control freak who gets off on playing mind games. But whichever it means to you, trust me, your message will be received. If you say nothing, no one will accidentally feel you agreed with or liked something. Still, I'm all for speaking your mind, so please feel free to ping me your annoyance any time. I'm up for it. :)

Ooh, and today's the 11th. Happy Birthday, [ profile] littleotter73! Hope you have a fabulous day, hon!
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Well, kittykins, we hit the last day of school. More of a whimper than an alley-oop. And all the Kinder are super crankypants. But we shall rally, and happiness shall reign in the kingdom whonce more.

Has anyone noticed how much time Anthony Head seems to have on his hands these days? Bad newseth for Uther, methinks. Shouldn't he be in LA filming Free Selve-Absorbed Somewhat Shitty People by now? He'll prolly show up for the Comicon and never leave.

Peter Falk died today. Most sad making. I've loved him all my life. Used to watch Columbo with my mom when I was wee little and then watched it with my own kids when they were wee little. Did I ever mention my doctor is exactly like Columbo? Only picture a white rumpled jacket instead of a raincoat and you pretty much have it. He does all the mannerism - it's a hoot! Only my doctor doesn't speak in complete sentences. He's all mumbly. Does a lot of poking and playful tousling, while blurting out random words. I'm always shocked when he calls me on the phone and sounds like a normal person.

He went on a half-articulate mini rant (filled with the usual gestures and grunts) this afternoon about the state of our country. Got himself quite worked up. Said some really awful things and a few things I agreed with. About ten minutes into it, I finally touched him on the shoulder, laughed, and said, "You're the nicest man alive - who knew you were so angry?" And he looked up in surprise and clear as a bell said, "I'm not angry" before grumbling and gesticulating once more.

But don't let him fool you. Anybody who is that down on everything and everyone is fucking po'd. He's as mad as hell, and he's not gonna take this any more.
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See, Tony Head's website promises news won't be delivered through fb first and yet! Seems they've got a lag between realtime and webtime. He needs someone clever like [ profile] antennapedia to set up a program thingy like she did for [ profile] giles_watchers, so even computer illiterates like me can post.

So what's our dear Mr Head going to be doing soon as his web person gets things up and going? Auctioning a coat to help a sweet boy get to America so's he can have an operation to fix what ails him. I am tempted to actually bid this time. I like the cause, I like helping kids, and I like the idea of owning a jacket that once belonged to Anthony Head. What do you think, guys? Would you be interested in owning his old Rocky Horror Show tour coat? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Hm. What else? My shriend just joined Twitter and that makes me happy. Now I know two people there. Awesome!

Also, older son was home sick today and for the first time in ten years was upset he missed school. Keeps asking if he could please go in tomorrow. It's called progress, kiddos, and it fills me with glee! :D
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I just read that HBO and BBC are remaking I, Claudius. Not sure that's necessary, the original is still fabulous, but! Alls I can think whenever watch or hear of a new show is, if Anthony Head were in this, it would be so much better. Plus, how awesome would it be to have him dressed in a toga, or better yet, as some sort of centurion? Humina humina.
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I had another Anthony Head dream. He'd had enough of the people he met at conventions and basically stood in the middle of one and quit. It was weird. And I felt guilty for being one of the fans he couldn't stand. I never meant to be a jerk, and yet!

Crazy, buzzy weekend. Daughter had achievement tests and parties and needed hair salonages and mani/pedis, et al. And then yesterday was twins' and my dad's bday bbq. Sadly less fun since my sister gave up her house. But also because I have something seriously wrong with me and spent the weekend feeling crampy and miserable. Meh. I've gotta call a doctor.

I knew that German e coli outbreak would be tied to sprouts. It's *always* the sprouts. Except when it isn't.

Today is going to be a good day. Say it with me: Today is going to be a good day. Right.


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