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So my fb friend - you know the one I've complained endlessly about for her incessant platitudinizing postings and general overbearing cheeriness - yeah, well, just lost her husband to pancreatic cancer. I swear this woman is competing with Job for the How Many Shitty Things Can You Have Happen to You Award. She's lost her parents, two brothers, her sister-in-law, her nephew, and now her husband and she's only 44. Christ. Is she being given only what she can handle? Is this meant to be? Does everything happen for a reason? No. No. A resounding no.

And now for something completely different. Do you ever wonder who wrote Shakespeare?
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First. I hate scouts. I hate the people in it, I hate how boring it is, I hate the endless obligations. Urg. I may be, for the first time in my son's little life, forced to make him choose another interest. Normally, I'm like, whatevs, but this is too suckwaddy for worms.

Next. Older son's strep seems to have turned into bronchitis again. He loves his hiking group and now he's probably going to have to miss it tomorrow. Pout.

Last. I don't watch enough PBS.

That is all.
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Who's got a top response to a NY Times article? That's right, that's right. Do I come off sounding brilliant? Um, not so much, but, Dudes, the Times!

I am thinner. Took one solid week, but I'm finally seeing a payoff. Hip hip! I needed this. Makes continued self-denial oh so much easier.

What? It's Fanfiction Friday already? Please to reread Words Spoken and Unspoken by [ profile] beadattitude. BG + post-Chosen + Italy = <3! It's a well-known fact.
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Til then?

Finally got my bottom over to Tent City to buy scouts uniform. Crikey, that org is expensive. $200 to join, $200 for popcorn fundraising, $100 for uniformy stuffs. I asked my dad how he ever afforded scouting as a dirt poor boy. He said he delivered for the local pharmacy a la George Bailey so he could pay his way. Daddy loved the scouts. Destitute inner city youth camping in the great outdoors. Gave him hope, and purpose. For my kid? Um, not so much.

What's on the agenda for today? Bloodwork, cleaning, therapy, dieting, lessons, laundry, other words, FUN. I am making great progress sorting. Will have loads to donate when the veterans come knocking next week. Hurray!

It's supposed to get very cold tonight. Gonna feel like it's in the teens. I'm not ready.
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Thinking thin. Not actually losing weight, but, goshdarnit, I am counting every last little calorie that goes in. One day, I'm sure to wake up skinny.

Everyone's been/is still sick. No fun. Suffering is terrible. Blahbittyblahbittyblah. I hate schools, festering halls of ick that they be. We won't see well again until June. God bless Captain Summer!

Best thing I read today: "The point of play is that it has no point." I'm all for unstructured fun time. Mebbe too much so? Nah.

Eh, probably.
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Dudes, Tony, Oscar buzz, huh, huh? That's what I wanna hear. Give our man his due. :D
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Ok. So. I knew we got a really good deal on our car, but what I didn't realize how much we paid under market value. It's possible we might receive a check for more than we paid. Crazy. But just as well. We'll be paying that back to the insurance company in spades from now on. Just adding our daughter to our policy has already doubled our rates.

Pup looks good today. Whew.

Younger son is going to attempt his first sleepover ever tonight. I know he can handle it, but will he? Or will his fear of zombies cause us to have to come rescue him in the middle of the night?

Older son needs boots, sneakers, a new winter coat, a pile more shirts...mucho expensivo, that boy. He hasn't grown this fast since he was a baby. Then he spent a good number of years stuck in size 4s. He was so tiny for so long.

We're taking daughter to her first college visit on Sunday. Princeton. Hrm. Sounds expensive.
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Ruh-roh. Our dog vomited twice tonight. For a normal dog, this would not be news, but for ours, serious yikes are in order. The last time he hurled, he needed emergency surgery - twice - and saving him cost us $12,000. We've only just finished paying it off. Did he eat something he ought not have? Stupid dog. I love him to bits.

Our car has officially been totalled. :( & :) I loved that car. But I don't think I wanted it back after it was trashed.

Spent a loverly day with my friend. Everybody ought to have their own one of her. She'd make us happy.
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Last night's p/t conferences went well. My kids are smart, funny, well-liked, and talented. Did I need strangers to tell me that? Not really, but it is pleasing when other people see they are super fabu. Cause they are.

Today is so much about the house repair/cleaning it's hardly worth leaving my bed. Don't wanna. But how the heck else is this stuff going to get done unless I do it? Meh. When did life stop being fun?
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Walking Dead. Why is this season so stupid? I'm drawn to it but if it continues to bore, how much more can I take? S'not like Tony Head is there to compensate.

Washing washing loads of floody basement stuffs. Smells gross. Cannot wait until I'm saying, "Remember that time our hot water tank leaked all over our basement and we had to go through every single thing we ever owned? That sucked."

Tonight is parent/teacher conferences at both the middle and high school. I dread.

Homeland is still worth your time. Watch it, yeah?

I'm hungry. Dieting stinks. Being fat stinks worse. Still, I am hungry. And still, I am not thin.
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I love weekends. Don't even mind when they're busy.

Anthony Head's site said he'd be in Ireland for horsey-related public event yesterday, but cautioned followers that he was there on serious horsey business about horsies, fannishness would be unwelcome. So, um, why tell people on his fan page about it then? I'm not sure I see the point. To remind us how much he cares about horsies? Well. All right.

Netflix pulled Dick Van Dyke from its streaming list. Son went through immediate withdrawal. We had to turn to - gasp - dvds. How much worse is that? No little convenient synopses on the screen, forced to look up which ep is which on Google instead. The horror. Plus, in order to scroll from show to show we have to push a button and wait 30 seconds for the disc changer to rotate. And then the new disc needs to load and we have to sit through all the FBI warnings and intros afresh. Torment! The only bennie is since we own it, no one will ever be able to take Dick from us again. And that's a good thing.

Did I tell you that the man who evaluated the damage to our car recommended that our insurance co total it? Apparently, the guy who hit my girl was flying because he basically crushed our engine. And I guess since the car is less than ninety days old, we'd get full reimbursement. If they agree to do it, do we run right out and buy another? I - I have no idea. Right now we're down to two cars again and all feels right with the world, though I do miss the Honda, a lot. Zippy cars are fun.
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Some days I feel like the last person on Earth who hasn't read a David Foster Wallace book, but I'm not sure I really have the heart for it. After reading about his life and tragic death, I can only think of my son whose talent and beauty are being crushed by the same debilitating disease Wallace had. DFW didn't just kill himself because he was depressed. Depression killed him, much as ALS or cancer might have. I wish reviewers could get that straight.

Writing. Argh. I'm so far from where I want to be. What bothers me the most is that I can see just what's wrong with my work and yet I still can't seem to improve. I'm tired of not being better already.

There's a gathering near the county seat maƱana to show solidarity with our OWS brethren. I will not be attending. Our Saturdays are way too busy for protesting, but my heart will be with them. Plus, I am probably the only person in America who never ever ever wants to be on tv. It's honestly a worst fear of mine. I'll protest from the quiet of my house, thank you very much. I can send pizza.

It's Fanfiction Friday. Today's rec: Share-a-Braininess by [ profile] 47_trek_47. That's the stuff. Want. More.
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Parents who whinge about candy at Halloween are annoying. Once a year is not gonna kill you or your precious spawn. But it does let your children know that tasty foods actually do exist, and that's really what's upsetting you, isn't it?

When my daughter was four she once shared this little bag of potato chips with a girl she'd met on the beach. The kid took one nibble of a chip and glared at her parents - I could be eating *this* and you've been feeding me rice cakes? But she'll live forever and I guess that's all that matters. Good for them!

Plumber is finished. Said our hot water heater looks pretty good and that once he replaced some pipe and added a doohicky, thing would continue to serve us well. All righty. I like this guy. He calls back, shows up when he says he will, and charges a reasonable amount. And best of all, he says things like, "Okie dokie." Win!

Now, I just have to spend the next million hours throwing away everything I dragged out of that shitty basement room and I'll be all set. Yay!
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My hot water heater is leaking. Has to be changed asap. Thing is, the basement room it's in looks like it was lifted from an episode of Hoarders. Thankfully, a lot of the crap is empty boxes husband's apparently been stacking down there instead of chucking. I've spent the entire day clearing the room out so the plumber can work. Woez.

On top of that, my gf and I had to quit our playdate this morning when I was suddenly overcome by nausea and yuked in a parking lot. I came home, rested a bit, and then was fine. Why, God? And, ew.

My whole body aches and I still have loads left to do. Meh. Don't wanna. I need a nap, desperately.
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Grr. Some days I wake up wanting to tell the entire world to fuck off.

As I was dropping older son at the middle school this morning, the jerk who's been bullying him forever stared at us as son got out of the car. Bully then walked up to another kid and pointed to us. The other kid looked over. I waved enthusiastically. Mistake?

Husband is miserable. Has to keep flying to Boston on a moments notice. Work is hugely stressful right now and the accident has left him edgy. He's not yelling. More just...weepy. Somehow, it's scarier. Not that crying's that unusual for him - the two of us weep at everything - tv shows, kids' plays, circuses, commercials - but I guess, I don't want to find he's losing his shit, you know? There's only room for one crazy per household and the position is already filled. By me.

I was wrong. I don't really want to tell the world to fuck off today. I more want to hold it close, pet its hair, and tell it everything's going to be ok. I won't let anything hurt it ever again.
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Zombie haiku!

A mom who hates Halloween too but for none of the reasons I do. (Hers are stupid. :P)

Read nearly a dozen wonderful old fics yesterday. Gosh, the world needs more BG stories in the worst way. There can never be enough.
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Spent a few hours in the emergency room today after my daughter who, after only having her permit for a month, had her first head-on collision. Everybody's fine, but our new Honda is not. Alls I can say is, thank heavens she wasn't driving a Suburban. It might have left the scene unscathed, but I'm not sure the people in the other car would have. Our insurance rates are about to quadruple. :/ But even worse, my girl is so freaked, she never wants to drive again. Everyone - emts, cops, drs, nurses - came up to her and said the most important thing she can do is get right behind the wheel again. Poor bubby baby. I feel so bad for her.
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Dig my French. Or, rather, Google translator's French. My French, em, how do you say, blows?

Snow! It's cold. I sent my older son hiking in this. Bundled him up, wrapped him in layers, and then sent him without hat or glubs. He came back freezing. Oops. Also, I think it's time we invest in new winter hiking boots for him. I can't afford to wait for his feet to stop growing before I get him some decent footwear. Though I'd like to. Nice boots don't come cheap.

Today my mom turns 79. We will eat Chinese food at their house soonly in celebration. Yay.
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Younger son is bringing a boy home straight after school today which means after a week of illness induced sloth, I must make haste and move like a wombat in a Usain Bolt race to create an environment suitable for playdating.

My throat hurts.

You know you're neurotic when...your therapist spends a good portion of your fifty minutes yelling at you. An old Jungian technique, I believe. But is it effective?

Aaand it's Fanfic Friday, so I bring you Summer Night by [ profile] glimmergirl. Steamy.

It's supposed to snow here in NY tomorrow. Snow.
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Oh noes! I completely missed wishing [ profile] il_mio_capitano a happy birthday the other day. Sorry about that. Happy Belated Birthday, you! xoxo

This morning I point you to [ profile] antennapedia's commentary on Emergence. I love this one, kiddos. Both the story and the review. Give it a look-see if you get the chance.

Wait. What's today, Thursday? My old arch enemy. We meet again.


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