Nov. 23rd, 2011

seldomifever: (giles/ru)
Trying my best not to feel super pissy. It's only 4 in the morning - what is there to be upset about?

I guess the fact that I'm sitting here doing nothing and can feel hives itching to break out is getting to me. Why am I so allergic to everything? It's those damn dust mites, pooping everywhere, making me suffer. Death to dust mites!

Also, I had two bad days on my diet this week and it's only Wednesday and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Uh oh.

Also also, since we can't afford the outrageous airfare to Disney this year, we are thinking of driving. This vexes me. What if I get another DVT from a 20 hour trip? Eep.

Also also also, I am in so much pain whenever I exercise these days, how am I going to racewalk miles through Disney World in a few months? :/

Also also also also, I hate when people act like dicks. Why do they feel the need?


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