Nov. 18th, 2011

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Who's got a top response to a NY Times article? That's right, that's right. Do I come off sounding brilliant? Um, not so much, but, Dudes, the Times!

I am thinner. Took one solid week, but I'm finally seeing a payoff. Hip hip! I needed this. Makes continued self-denial oh so much easier.

What? It's Fanfiction Friday already? Please to reread Words Spoken and Unspoken by [ profile] beadattitude. BG + post-Chosen + Italy = <3! It's a well-known fact.
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First. I hate scouts. I hate the people in it, I hate how boring it is, I hate the endless obligations. Urg. I may be, for the first time in my son's little life, forced to make him choose another interest. Normally, I'm like, whatevs, but this is too suckwaddy for worms.

Next. Older son's strep seems to have turned into bronchitis again. He loves his hiking group and now he's probably going to have to miss it tomorrow. Pout.

Last. I don't watch enough PBS.

That is all.


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