Nov. 10th, 2011

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Ok. So. I knew we got a really good deal on our car, but what I didn't realize how much we paid under market value. It's possible we might receive a check for more than we paid. Crazy. But just as well. We'll be paying that back to the insurance company in spades from now on. Just adding our daughter to our policy has already doubled our rates.

Pup looks good today. Whew.

Younger son is going to attempt his first sleepover ever tonight. I know he can handle it, but will he? Or will his fear of zombies cause us to have to come rescue him in the middle of the night?

Older son needs boots, sneakers, a new winter coat, a pile more shirts...mucho expensivo, that boy. He hasn't grown this fast since he was a baby. Then he spent a good number of years stuck in size 4s. He was so tiny for so long.

We're taking daughter to her first college visit on Sunday. Princeton. Hrm. Sounds expensive.


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