Nov. 5th, 2011

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I love weekends. Don't even mind when they're busy.

Anthony Head's site said he'd be in Ireland for horsey-related public event yesterday, but cautioned followers that he was there on serious horsey business about horsies, fannishness would be unwelcome. So, um, why tell people on his fan page about it then? I'm not sure I see the point. To remind us how much he cares about horsies? Well. All right.

Netflix pulled Dick Van Dyke from its streaming list. Son went through immediate withdrawal. We had to turn to - gasp - dvds. How much worse is that? No little convenient synopses on the screen, forced to look up which ep is which on Google instead. The horror. Plus, in order to scroll from show to show we have to push a button and wait 30 seconds for the disc changer to rotate. And then the new disc needs to load and we have to sit through all the FBI warnings and intros afresh. Torment! The only bennie is since we own it, no one will ever be able to take Dick from us again. And that's a good thing.

Did I tell you that the man who evaluated the damage to our car recommended that our insurance co total it? Apparently, the guy who hit my girl was flying because he basically crushed our engine. And I guess since the car is less than ninety days old, we'd get full reimbursement. If they agree to do it, do we run right out and buy another? I - I have no idea. Right now we're down to two cars again and all feels right with the world, though I do miss the Honda, a lot. Zippy cars are fun.


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