Nov. 3rd, 2011

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Parents who whinge about candy at Halloween are annoying. Once a year is not gonna kill you or your precious spawn. But it does let your children know that tasty foods actually do exist, and that's really what's upsetting you, isn't it?

When my daughter was four she once shared this little bag of potato chips with a girl she'd met on the beach. The kid took one nibble of a chip and glared at her parents - I could be eating *this* and you've been feeding me rice cakes? But she'll live forever and I guess that's all that matters. Good for them!

Plumber is finished. Said our hot water heater looks pretty good and that once he replaced some pipe and added a doohicky, thing would continue to serve us well. All righty. I like this guy. He calls back, shows up when he says he will, and charges a reasonable amount. And best of all, he says things like, "Okie dokie." Win!

Now, I just have to spend the next million hours throwing away everything I dragged out of that shitty basement room and I'll be all set. Yay!


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