Nov. 1st, 2011

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Grr. Some days I wake up wanting to tell the entire world to fuck off.

As I was dropping older son at the middle school this morning, the jerk who's been bullying him forever stared at us as son got out of the car. Bully then walked up to another kid and pointed to us. The other kid looked over. I waved enthusiastically. Mistake?

Husband is miserable. Has to keep flying to Boston on a moments notice. Work is hugely stressful right now and the accident has left him edgy. He's not yelling. More just...weepy. Somehow, it's scarier. Not that crying's that unusual for him - the two of us weep at everything - tv shows, kids' plays, circuses, commercials - but I guess, I don't want to find he's losing his shit, you know? There's only room for one crazy per household and the position is already filled. By me.

I was wrong. I don't really want to tell the world to fuck off today. I more want to hold it close, pet its hair, and tell it everything's going to be ok. I won't let anything hurt it ever again.


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