Oct. 26th, 2011

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Hm. Don't think I care too much for this new timeline over on FB. Do I really want to know that Anthony Head read an article on Kirk Cameron's sad birthday photo? Fills me with all sorts of strange images - an actor's worst fears come to fruition, Tony reads headline in mild state of panic. And how far will this timeline thingy go? Will it tell me when he reads about viagra or hair loss remedies or cold sores or foot fungi? The latest men's fashions, perhaps? Or, even worse, that maybe he wakes up every morning and quick checks to see what new vids have been uploaded on Tube8 before starting his day? Good God. I think Facebook assumes too much. Do we really want to know all the intimate details of our flists interweb habits? Um, un-uh.

So. In lieu of a lovely family vacation in Italy, Joss decided to spend two weeks filming Much Ado in his house in LA, and Anthony Head, who was supposed to play Leonato, dropped out of the production only days before filming was to begin. Most sad making. Instead, I guess, he left to work on some 24 hour play jabba at the Old Vic. Does this bring him closer to getting that gig on Broadway that I've set my sites on for him? I think he ought to ask himself that every time he makes a career decision: will this please Jennifer? Does it bring me closer to making her dreams come true? Yes, yes. That could work for me.

Oh my God. And I nearly forgot to mention that I finally got around to watching Sherlock. Dudes. Fabulous! How could you all have failed to mention this? What? You did?


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