Oct. 23rd, 2011

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I'm beginning to miss Merlin, even though it is ridiculous beyond words, but I'm trying to wait for it to come to Syfy, so's I have something to look forward to. Sometimes delaying gratification makes life oh so much sweeter.

I'm growing tired of all our clutter. Maybe it's time to just rent a dumpster and chuck it all. I wonder if there's anything I would truly miss. Hrm.

Today we are having a playdate with my parents and my sister's family. This means driving far and eating out at a super yummy restaurant. I'm trying to plan how to get through the day without turning it into a diet!fail disaster. I'm thinking soup and dessert and diet coke. It could work.

I have not cooked all weekend which is trouble because I bought many ingredients for several meals. I think I'll knock them out this morning and then freeze them for the week. My renewed housewifery efforts are already growing tiresome and I've only been at it a few weeks. That's all right, right? It takes time to adjust. I can do better.


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