Oct. 20th, 2011

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So I get a call from the guy who runs the hiking program my son went on the other day. He said they were all talking about FB on the car ride home and he'd asked son if he had a FB account. Son said no, but he was on Twitter. Guy asked who he tweets with. Son said, "Pedophiles."

I had to assure the guy this was my son's idea of a joke - son thinks adults are whacked with their constant internet fretting - and he thought it was a funny response, like, of course, who else would he be talking to on the web except predators? Guy tried to see the humor in it. I'm not sure if he did.

My efforts to retrench have been thwarted by older son's sudden need for all new clothes. Thankfully, his older cousin's hand-me-downs have helped defray the cost, but I had to spend yesterday dashing from store to store, shopping in the men's departments, finding pants and shirts and coats that were suitable for the cold.

In other tragic my-kids-are-growing-up-too-fast news, older son now has one long lonely whisker growing on his chin. It joins the thin little Ronald Coleman thing going on on his top lip. Isn't 13 a little young to start needing a shave? Also, he's got an Adam's apple nearly as big as Ichabod Crane's. Yikes. My baby's been replaced by a man. And suddenly my little house is filled with all these adults.


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