Oct. 8th, 2011

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People are always hoohaaing over The King's Speech. Drives my sister, who is a speech pathologist, bananas. It's been proven time and again that stuttering is not the result of childhood trauma. I'm shocked. A movie that is not based in reality? Sister reminds me of physicists who cringe every time they hear an explosion in a scifi film. But - but there's no sound in outer space! For most of us, there is. Scientists. Always trying to ruin our fun with facts.

Today! Have to run our new car back to Honda. Couple things are wrong with it. I am trying to steel myself for an argument, but I'm so not in the mood to have a cow. I hope they're cool and just take care of shit. I don't want to have to be all argh.

Yesterday! I went to the mother's meeting after son's first day of scouts. I know most of them, they're nice women, but they're all really good friends with each other. I felt a little awkward. Plus scouts. Why am I so put off? My girlfriend said, "Because they're religious homophobes?" Sure, but is that the only reason? Or is it because I am not a joiner - really more of a hide in my houser? My therapist thinks I need to put myself in more situations that take me out of my comfort zone. Push the boundaries, takes more chances. My insides recoil at the thought. And it makes my stummy hurt.


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