Sep. 30th, 2011

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New fabulous piece by [ profile] antennapedia this morning, cats. Check it out. I point you to it in case you are not on her friend's list (why aren't you? She talks about far more interesting things than I ever will), since she no longer posts to BG sites and Giles Watchers doesn't come out til Sunday.

I am feeling much much better today. I had a good therapy session in which I bawled like a baby OVER NOTHING! And shrink, who is an old soul who knows exactly how to handle me, said all the right things. It's nice when someone gets you so completely. But none of his wise words proved half as effective in curing my blues as waiting in a 3 hour line at the dmv. Hard to be sad in such a depressing place. When you wait that long with other folks, you start to form a community of sufferers, all pulling for one another. Takes you out of your head, which is exactly where I need to be - as far away from myself as possible.

All right. Today, I'm going to clean, take my daughter for her first driving lesson, gulp!, and then help her get ready for her fancy shindig. The limo's leaving at 4:15 to take them to Nobu 57 and then to the theater at 8. Neat!


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