Sep. 28th, 2011

seldomifever: (nekid b/g)
Blergerty blerg.

I felt myself sinking early this morning so I called my best friend and asked what was shakin and she said nothing so I invited myself over and she said swell and I drove to Seaford and we drank coffee and kibitzed and then she made me a real honest to goodness lunch with cutlets and veggies and potatoes even though I only make her tuna sandwiches when she comes to my house because I hate to cook and then I drove home and played house for the next 7 hours and I was the mommy and the kids were my children and I washed dishes and then made tacos for supper.

Also, I stopped following Andy Borowitz on Twitter and Facebook today even though I adore him beyond all reason. I don't know. Maybe my skin is too thin.

I can't remember why I ever stopped drinking. I've been thinking about spiced rum. But, you know, something a little better than Captain Morgan's.


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